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Mad Max and Family is (mostly) from the perspective of a savvy and witty Super Toddler.  His new younger Super Sister is also sharing the limelight (due in late October 2012).

From "Train Wreck" Mommy: On January 7, 2011 he was upgraded from Super Fetus to Super Baby (and he's transitioned into the role of Super Tot).  He's not your typical tot.  He's very busy exploring the art world with "Train Wreck" Mommy.  He follows sports with "My Hero" Daddy.  He liked laughing at our late feline (we miss you, Hermann), but now he looks forward to laughing at his Super Baby Sister.

In Mad Max's own words ... "Now that I am a Super Tot, I keep busy with Eating, Activity Time, and Sleeping when I am not fighting crime.  I enjoy a good Scotch, reading the New York Times, and doing "meet and greets" with my fans.  Mommy's favorite trick of mine? I whistle."  And most recently?  I do stress face.  (Wouldn't you in this household?)

From "Train Wreck" Mommy: Max, Sadie, and I look forward to telling you the "untold adventures of Mad Max and Family."  We will share ideas for exploring culture in Houston (and in your city) with a focus on making memories + having a blast + learning.  Max, Sadie, and  I will also bring you everything you love in life for you and your Wee Ones up to Teens ... City Life & Culture, Style, Design & Decor, Food, Travel, DIY, and more!

I'm a true Texan at heart (Houstonian), but I started my career in Advertising / Media in NYC.  I'm back in Houston, but my love of NYC (especially Brooklyn) carries with me always.  I changed careers to Special Events / PR in the art museum world, and then I eventually worked in Museum Education.  I am now an Art Instructor (middle school and high school) at a charter school.  

I'm exploring my love of all things city and culture with Max and Sadie, and we look forward to sharing them with you!  Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

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-Mad Max and Family

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