Sadie's Week 19 - 20 - 21 Update

Hi Friends,

How was your week?  Or WEEKS in our case?  We are an absolute mess lately.

Moving in about a week.  But beyond that ... we just need to make it until June!  Or at least that is what Mommy says.

So I turned 21 weeks on Monday!  And I have a big birthday this week - 5 Months on Friday.  Happy Birthday to me!  We will share my 5 Month Update soon.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 21 Update

Super Sadie at 19 Weeks:

Super Sadie at 20 Weeks:

Super Sadie at 21 Weeks:

Weight: I'm thinking I'm pushing 15 lbs now.  Or close to it.  What is your guess?

Height:  Maybe almost 25 inches?

Health: Knock on wood - I haven't even been sick yet (except a yeast infection diaper rash.  Well, that sounds pretty sick to me!)

Sleep: I slept pretty great with Mommy when she was home with me for Spring Break.  I need my Mommy!  But the good news is ... I am sometimes doing better with the Grandparents during the week.

At night ...many nights I sleep through the night (from about 8:00 pm until about 4:00 am when I want to eat - sometimes later).  Sometimes I wake up a few times.  Sometimes at night I go down right away and just sleep - sleep - sleep.  Sometimes at night I have a crying fit, but I eventually go to sleep.

One big thing that happened ... on the last Sunday of Spring Break (3/17) my LUCK ran out with my bassinet.  Mommy passed on my (and Max's) bassinet to a friend that is having a baby in April.  Bye bye Bassinet!  For now I am in my pack and play, and I haven't really had any issues with it.  Finally - hello, more room!  Mommy was sad though to move on from my bassinet.

But she is now going to start crib shopping.  We are looking for a modern white crib - not too terribly expensive.  Any suggestions?

Diet: Same - just Mommy's milk!

Social: I was super social Spring Break week as you might have read in our previous post.  This week I've just been with the Grandparents while Mommy is at work so I don't have anything new to report.

 I know I have spit up on my face above, and I know Mommy should have moved brother's Legos ... but either way, don't you love my flying picture?

Clothes: Mommy washed all of my 6 months clothes (I don't have too many - hint hint hint Tia Tam and Grandparents hahaha ... also Mommy said she is going to spoil me with some new clothes soon.  I do however have a lot from my brother, but Daddy keeps saying "she is dressed like a boy!"  No, I am just liked a mini human.  What does it mean to be dressed like a boy?).  I'm still wearing some of my 3 - 6 months clothes, but she put away most of my 3 months clothes.  Tear, Mommy says!

The 19th Week photo has an outfit from Gap.  The next two Weeks the outfit is from Carter's.  Mommy is a train wreck and put me in the same outfit both weeks. Actually she wants me to tell you, that she had a different / nicer (not just a onesie) outfit for my photos ...but I would either throw up or poo all over them.  Mommy said she snaps photos when she can since she is also busy watching brother!

Baby Gear: Ya Ya got the monkey I am holding in many of the photos - Miyim Simply Organic Lovie.  I love my monkey!  What type of lovie does your baby have ...?

Crying: Well, the opposite of crying - I am smiling and laughing in the photo above - at my brother of course!  He is really my favorite person.  I always smile and laugh at him.  Mommy has had a hard time getting a photo of me smiling (see: watching two babies), but she loves this one she caught!

Nothing out of the ordinary as far as crying for me... I sometimes still need to cry to go to sleep.  If I cry during the day it's usually because I am sleepy.

Likes: I LOVE eating my toes now.  I also love being outside.  I love when Mommy wears me.  I love to watch Daddy read at night during bedtime stories.

Postpartum: From Mommy - About the same.  Hair falling out, and now my face is breaking out - joy!  I'm still trying to now focus on watching my diet and trying to exercise more.  It isn't easy to fit it in - esp working FT!  Any tips?  (Working FT plus two babies = not easy.  Not fun.  Not ideal.  Anyone else agree?)

Milestones: I think the biggest ones are growing out of clothes (see above), and I am now eating my toes.  I think we forgot to write down the exact date of this.  Mommy says - Mommy guilt!  I also sat in a bouncey seat for the first time at Ya Ya's house.  Mommy's going to get a new one for our new (temporary) house.  Mommy and I think we had one more bigger milestone, but now we are forgetting. (See trying to juggle working FT and two babies, above).

What is Max Up To This Week?: He continues to be obsessed with trains.  Choo choo!  He also now likes Curious George in addition to Caillou.  And he's been playing in the Secret Garden at Ya Ya's.  Oh, he also (for the first time - without Mimi) went with Auntie Dana to play with Cousin R at their house for a bit.

How about you?  What are you up to this week?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family


We Need A Break After Spring Break.

Hi Friends,

How are you?  How was your weekend?  Were you on Spring Break last week?  How was yours?

We were absent from the blog world last week ... enjoying Spring Break with Mommy (me and Sissy). Mommy said we had two main goals last week: have fun with the kidlets (that is me and Sadie June) and purge / pack (and some other minor goals, but Mommy said we would have little time for anything else with our two main goals).

How about you?

We enjoyed so much that it would take us a long time to share it all with you (and the purging / packing ...see more on this below... is keeping us busy)!

The first Saturday of Spring Break we went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with Ya Ya and Pops (Sadie's FIRST Rodeo!).  We had so much fun!  I rode a pony, went to the petting zoo, saw all of the animals in the education area, went shopping, ate rodeo treats, went to the rodeo kids farm, and more.  Sadie had so much fun that she passed out in her Ergo.  Mommy really wanted me to wear my new cowboy boots and my cowboy hat, but she forgot she turned me into an urban baby.  The Wrangler shirt and jeans were about all this City Slicker could handle.

I also had SoccerTots both weekends, and park time.  (Slides are my new favorite thing).

Monday I went with Mommy, Sissy, and Ya Ya to the Kemah Boardwalk.  I had a blast!  It was my first trip there.  I rode the carousel, the hot air balloon ride, the plane - the plane - the plane ride, the train (which was probably my personal favorite), and we played games.  Mommy "won me" a puppy that looks just like Bean.  Won as in everyone walks away with a prize.  That's okay, Mommy - you did a great job!  I also played at their playground, ate lunch, and went shopping.

Tuesday we met Mimi and Auntie Dana and the cousins at Memorial City Mall for some fun.  I played in the play area, and the ladies tricked me into lunch at the American Girl store.  Luckily Mommy made up for it by letting me ride on the carousel.  Carousel!  TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Wednesday Mommy said she was going to stay in with us, but all of us got antsy.  Mommy's friend V came over, and we walked (yes you heard right), walked to Target and a few other stores.

Thursday we went with V to the MFAH to see the Prado show, and we had lunch with V at Shiva Indian Restaurant in Rice Village.  What did I think of the show?  Well, I personally liked looking for the dogs in the art.  Oh, and the hats.  Sissy on the other hand?  Disinterested.  Napped.  We were by far the youngest ones at the show!  Now the fun doesn't stop there ...

Friday we went with Mommy and her friends on a play date to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Did Mommy spoil us this week or what?  This was only my second time to CEC.  I can't wait to go back!

This past weekend was full of fun too.  Mimi, Peeps, Auntie D, and the cousins came to watch me play soccer.  We celebrated Mimi's birthday afterwards at Ruggles Green (City Centre), and played in their "grass" area.  Everyone is having a blast until you fall flat on your forehead.  Mommy made up for it - she bought us sweets at SWEET.


Enjoy a photo from the rodeo!  More photos to come soon.  As we mentioned before... very busy with purging and packing.  We are moving to our temporary home in less than two weeks.  Eep!  Mommy and Daddy are calling it our "resort" while our home is being built (aka an apartment with a pool - I'm not fooled).

With that being said, all of Mommy's technology is FULL - computers, iPhone, iPad, so we have a lot of work to do also on files with the tech so we can share more photos (easily).  Please be patient as we do these big transitions (moving - and organizing files!).

Stay tuned for our next stop this Wednesday, and Sissy's big update(s) on Friday!  Enjoy a photo from the rodeo.

How is your week so far?

-Mad Max

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Sadie's Week 18 Update / Happy 4 Month Birthday

Hi Friends,

How are you?

My (Sadie's) Week 18 / 4 Month Birthday update is overdue!  (I wanted to post it this past Friday).  I don't know about you, but we are all running on fumes around here for various reasons ... and Max was sick at the end of last week (and still fighting a cold now).  The GOOD news is Mommy's Spring Break starts this next week!  Much needed.

Needless to say, our weekend was somewhat uneventful because of Max's sickness last weekend.  We had to miss soccer, but we found the apt we will be staying in temporarily while our house is being built.  We are moving (as long as everything goes through with the house) at the end of the month.  I don't know if we even mentioned to you that our house was sold in ONE DAY.  That must be a record!  Mommy is starting to think of ways to organize / decorate the apt to keep us all sane without spending too much time or money on it.  Any suggestions?

Other than that, we mostly stayed at home since Max was sick.  Oh, Mommy and I did have a baby shower on Sunday.  Have you been to any celebrations lately?

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 18 Update / 4 Month Birthday

First, I PROMISE I smile AND laugh.  But sometimes I like to be real serious.  And Mommy just takes my photos when she can - she is watching my goose of a 2 year old brother, yah know!

Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz (We saw the doc on 2/25 for my 4 month check up so we know my stats exactly!  I'm right around average for both weight and height.)

Height: 24 1/2 inches (Over half way to be able to ride roller coasters!  Says my Daddy ...)

Health: Tip top shape.  We are hoping I don't get what Max has!

Oh, by the way... this photo session shows that Mommy said - no more blanket next time.  Mommy said that I am getting too big and active, and I just make a mess of it!  See above.

Sleep: Same.  Same.  Same.  Oh, one thing is Mommy talked to my doctor about my nap issues at the Grandparents house during the week.  The doc said (who is a believer in CIO) CIO is ONLY for the nighttime.  The baby should decide when the baby is ready to sleep during the day.  She also said I need at least 3 quiet times a day (at least 45 min each) whether I sleep or not (put in a crib / pack and play etc).  What do you think about this philosophy and advice?  The Grandparents keep trying their best!  I'm still sleeping well through the night most nights.

Diet: The doc said I can have food now!  Way to deprive me, Mommy and Daddy ...haha.  I'm still doing Mommy's milk only.  They want to wait so it doesn't affect Mommy's milk supply.  However, Mommy did let me try a teeny tiny bit of her sweet potato the other day (well two days) - delicious!

Social: As mentioned above, I wasn't too terribly social last weekend (or with the Grandparents).  I did however meet some of Mommy's co-workers (and see some of my baby friends) at the baby shower last weekend for the first time.

Mommy likes to call the photo above - Grumpy Cat!

Clothes: Still the same.  But some of the 3 months only clothes are getting too tight.  Mommy is going to break out the 6 months clothes soon - probably this week (Spring Break) when she is purging and packing.

Baby Gear: I started using the Bumbo at Ya Ya's house!  Finally.  Able to sit up.  We need to get a new bumbo for our house, but we may wait until we move - we'll see.

Crying: Nothing out of the ordinary really.  More at the Grandparents.  Sometimes at night.

Likes: I love when Mommy and other people sing to me.  I also love rolling over a lot now.  And I love grabbing things and grabbing my toes!  I'm trying to eat them.

Postpartum: From Mommy - about the same as my update last week.  Things have been CRAZY for me lately - and exhausted, but I'm going to get back into the swing of the gym and such Spring Break week.  I'm going to try not to let other things interfere in the future so I can stay in the routine of it.

Milestones: I rolled over back to front (the harder way) on 2/24!  My doc said that was ahead of schedule since that happens around 5 or 6 months.  I'm quite the mover though.  I also keep grabbing my toes, and I'm trying to put them in my mouth.

A few photos below from my 4 Month Doc Appt:

Hey Ladies, isn't this the best scale ... ?  I weight zero!  Haha.

Mommy asked brother to lay (or is it lie?) on the floor near me to take a photo.  This is what he did.

What is Max Up To This Week?: Max has had a lot of milestones lately himself.  Last night (3/6) he said "I love you!" twice on the phone to Mommy!  And Max says new words and phrases daily.  We can't even keep up.

What about you?  How have you been?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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next stop: Can I Get A Yeehaw?

Hi Friends,

Update: Mommy and I added on a LOT to this post, and then it was lost ...which makes it very fitting that the original first paragraph was this:

How are you?  Mommy said she is having a CF week so this is going to be short.  Whatever that means!  I'm having a great week playing with my f*cks and b*tches.  Trucks and bridges for those of you born yesterday.

So anyways ... what is your next stop this weekend?  If you are in Houston, are you going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?  If you are not in Houston ... and plan to visit Houston sometime, RODEO time is the best time of the year.  See us (me and Sissy) below in our rodeo gear before the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo parade last weekend.  (I am in ... we think a Carter's shirt and Wrangler jeans.  Sissy is in an outfit from Sheplers).

We actually don't plan to got to the rodeo this weekend, but we do plan to go the following.  What are your plans?  Our plans are the usual SoccerTots, church, Whole Foods (they are having a Street Food Festival too!) ... and Mommy and Sissy have a baby shower to attend.

New Update: I started feeling sick (a cold?) on Thursday ... it may be a weekend of being sick for me.  I guess Mommy was right about washing my hands at the Zoo before I ate my snack.  She always gets me!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

-Mad Max

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