Mad Max the Tech Wiz

Auntie Tam and I are starting weekly vid chats.  Next up for us .. possibly a Reality Show ... (watch out Kartrashians!)  Here are a few fun photos from our last session ...

Haha, see above ... Auntie Tam's face!!!  She was startled by my vomit face... takes one to know one, Auntie Tam!

I even wore a onesie and Converse socks Auntie Tam gave me... ick, vomit all over them.  Super Fashion Auntie Tam, I think I need more clothes!  Should we open up a store in Soho together?  Who needs Kim, Kourtney, and the other one... when you have Auntie Tam, Train Wreck Mommy, and Mad Max!

Even Cousin Bells got in the mix.  Auntie Tam, bring Cousin Bells to visit soon!  I still need to go meet Cousin Bailey Bean... I think next weekend!

Love you Auntie Tam!  Tell Uncle Michael to be home next time for our chat.  I'll be sure to save up some good vomit!

xo - Mad Max

My Daddy: The Marathon Man

Yesterday my hero ... my Daddy ran his first Chevron Marathon ... someday I will be a runner just like Dad.  (And a golfer just like Gpa A).  Daddy also is a triathlete and a scuba diver... !  Mommy, what have you done lately?  Haha, just kidding!  We make a difference daily at YES ... that is more than enough!

Mommy and I were sad we couldn't go cheer on Daddy yesterday (TW Mommy says it is not safe for me to leave the house until I am 6 weeks - 2 months... someone needs to remind her I am a Super Infant)... but either way, several people cheered him on (including "Auntie" Alicen and my photographer!)...and he did a great job!

Here is Dad before the big race at 5 o'clock in the morn:

Check me out... thanks for waking me up at 5 am!  Now I know how you feel, Mommy.

Here I am above with my Daddy, my hero... TW Mommy and Daddy didn't want to pick me up because they didn't want to wake me, ummm too late for that!!

And my photographer (her husband is a marathon runner!) saw and cheered on Daddy at his race.  She was even able to capture three photos of him!!  Here is one:

And finally, did I mention that Gma J did her first half marathon?  Wow, am I impressed!  Here is Gma J and Daddy after the race...

-Mad Max the Future Professional Athlete


AP English Here I Come ...

Mad Max is always working on improving his literacy ...

Gpa J was over yesterday helping Daddy install some new TVs (Daddy ... when do I get a TV?  I need to catch up on my Book TV!  Really.)...

And he was lucky enough to be here during my Bedtime Routine.  Gpa J read me one of my bedtime stories ... thank you!  (Why were you avoiding bathtime, hmm?)

Next up, TW Mommy just needs to install my Word Wall.

Mommy says sorry for the train wreck photos.  Sometimes the photos on my blog are taken with her cell phone!  More soon ...

-Mad Max


I'm Hoarding Train Wreck Visitors ...

I loved my train wreck visitors today!!

"Auntie" Norma and "Auntie" JCranc rolled in today ... Train Wrecks, did not disappoint.  JCranc was in full TW force today.  But TW or not, they brought Niko Nikos!!  Yummy!!!  Thank you ladies!  Mad Max loves the ladies who now how to feed us well.

JCranc ... She was very worried about her photos ... so of course, being worried caused them to look like this:

JCranc, Norma, and Mommy are three laughing machines ... all I have to say is, OMG I'm embarrassed, I'll just pretend like I'm asleep... and Mommy had to bring up hoarding poo again.  Enough is enough!

Look at the smile on "Auntie" Norma!  She must loveeeee me.

Here I am... Mad Max...thinking, who ARE these ladies on each side of me.  Just kidding ladies, love yah!  By the way, "Auntie" JCranc ... shoes = not allowed... but pants = required at Mad Max's house ... hahaha!

Come visit again soon!  I didn't even get to show you my magic poo tricks.

-Mad Max

When it Rains it Pours

I got more surprises this week! 

Check out the special personalized blanket and towel I got from Great Aunt Carol on my Mommy's side ... it has all of my special stats.  Thank you!

And being that I am a Super Boy ... this gift is just hilarious to me... my gf Jocelyn ("Auntie" Stephanie's daughter) got me a snot sucker!  TW Mommy has to suck my snot out!  How about that!  I'll make more snot just for you.  Thank you!

And just for fun, here is a pic from earlier today ... Activity Time with Daddy is the best time of the week!

-Mad Max

The Beginning of Maximino

Yesterday ... was it yesterday?  Or was it Thursday? ... Train Wreck Mommy is rubbing off on me...

Either way, I got to meet my Great Grandma Alcancia.  You know where Mad Max got his name?  My first name (Maximino) is from my (late) Great Grandpa Alcancia - Maximino.  He passed away even before my Mommy was born, but from photos he sure does look like my Gpa A.

Great Grandma Alcancia was a little rusty in holding me, but she did a great job!  I'm sure glad she got to visit

Close up of the star ...

By the way, TW Mommy said I could wear my PJs all day ... I mean after all, it was Friday (okay now I remember)... and she wears hers!

Gpa A brought Great Grandma Alcancia to visit ... he loves me!

-Mad Max


Nude Model

Today is a big day!  Not only am I three weeks old at 8:30 p.m. exactly ... (Happy Birthday to Max, Happy Birthday to Max ...), but my professional photos are now ready!

Train Wreck Mommy is going to get them sometime today.  My awesome photographer, Erin Carlyle, gave us a sneak peek by putting some on her blog.  Be sure to visit her blog, and comment on my posting (Baby Max) ... !  20 comments or more, and we get a free photo.  TW Mommy and I are aiming for 100 comments are more.

Mommy and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in Houston (newborns, babies, kids, families, etc ...).  Be sure to tell her we sent you!

More soon!

-Mad Max


Star Athlete on the Texans ...

A few poses from today ... thank you to "Auntie" Elizabeth ... she made my Mad Max Texan onesie!  Come visit soon!  I can't wait to meet my gf Anna.

By the way, good thing she made two outfits because I went through both of them.  Mommy may report me to Overeaters Anonymous for my spit up issue!

-Mad Max

Spa Day

Last night I got to take my first big boy bath ... aka Super Infant Spa Bath.

My hero, Daddy, gave me my bath ... and Train Wreck Mommy was TMZ... I had to censor some pics, obviously.  I can't be sharing my manhood on the Internet!

I look a little scared, but I think I get that from TW Mommy.  I'm actually just a natural, like Daddy, the scuba diver.

At one point, I almost went under the water!  Whoa, whoa!!  It's been a few weeks since I've been floating in water, so it was a bit of a shock.

All is good now.  I can't wait until bath time tonight.  And when are we doing scuba lessons, Daddy?

Also a big thank you goes out to Suzanne for my whale tub aka Super Infant Tub, and "Auntie" Alicen for my bath towels and wash cloths!

-Mad Max

All Good Doc's are Former Hippies ...

I meant to share this earlier this week ... check out the shirt I got from my new Doc ... a hippie once, perhaps?

She sure did give me an extra large shirt ... Obviously she heard I was a Super Infant.

-Mad Max


Love and Rock 'n Roll ...

I received a surprise in the mail today!!  Much needed after two crazy days with Train Wreck Mommy sleep training me.  Love you, Mommy.

"Auntie" Jax and "Uncle" Jeff sent me an awesome Swaddle suit and some organic onesies from Giggle.  I'm sure Train Wreck (TW) Mommy loves the packaging!  Check it out.  Thank you Jax and Jeff.  I hope you come visit soon from NYC!  Or I hope I get to go to NYC soon.  Mad Max is ready to hit the Hamptons this summer.

Today I wore my monkey and dot outfit from "Auntie" Brownie.  I didn't do so well with my activity times so far today, but don't tell Mommy I was hittin' the clubs on Washington last night.  Mad Max is tired.

Look at me!  Hey ladies, you made Mad Max a tired Super Infant today.

I also need to show you that my Super Rocker finally arrived!  Gpa A and Daddy went to pick it up this past Saturday.  It's perfect, isn't it Mommy?  I think it needs more of my spit up to be complete though.  Sometimes I just fly right out of my bed to lay in my rocker.  Seriously.

Hey, Cowie .... what are you looking at?  This is Mad's chair.  Love you, Cowie.

-Super Mad Max


The Hospital Can't Handle Me Right Now ...

Okay, this is my last hospital blog posting ... I'm a busy Super Infant ... so many stories!  So little time.

Here is what Daddy and I did a lot of in the hospital ... I want to be just like Daddy!  I even did lots of crying and explosive poos like Daddy... just kidding (that it was like Daddy).

Here is the Lambie my Daddy got me on my birthday!  Here is the hospital cake the hospital gave me.  Dad said we shouldn't eat it - poison!  Daddy wants me to be a Super Vegan... Train Wreck Mommy and I are trying (I can't get her to quit her non-vegan dessert habit yet!).

Here is our hospital room before we left to go home.  It wasn't 5 Star Resort Beach Front View or anything ... but we were pretty comfortable.

Here I am getting dressed by Gma A in my "take home outfit" ... I look thrilled, don't I? Why can't I leave wearing what I wore into the hospital?  Nothing but Mad Max!

See above.  Train Wreck Mommy loves me!  She even showered that day, hah!  Not such a Train Wreck after all.  Just teasing you, Mommy.

The happy family, and me, the Super Infant in a DRESS.  Kidding, Mom.

Bye hospital!

See above.  Mommy was not joking about her tree trunk legs.  Wow.  Good thing those went away already, right Mommy?  Maybe our trips to Target will be walking trips.

How many Super Parents does it take to put a Super Infant into a Super Seat?  That is the question.

-Mad Max

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