Super Toddler

As you know, Mommy and I like to do our New York Times reading in the morning.

We came across this 3-Year-Old Super Toddler yesterday.  Check him out!  Mad Max is impressed.

-Mad Max


Am I Dreaming ... or Do I Smell PIzza?

Now that I'm over 6 weeks old ... (7 weeks just yesterday), I'm more of a Social Super Infant.

Earlier this week Daddy took me ... and of course Mommy to one of Mommy's favorite places to eat in Houston, Star Pizza.  (And the bigger question is, where doesn't Mommy like to eat?) ...

See, here I am ... I thought I was dreaming about pizza, but then I woke up in my Super Sling (or Super Sack as I call it)... and Mommy was practically dropping pizza on my head.  Well, she was more careful about that since it was hot... but I did get a small taste of her Caesar Salad.  Yum!

-Mad Max


I'm Laughing With You

My hero ... Daddy does such a good job at making me smile.  Daddy and TW Mommy get so excited when I smile.  Adults!  They're very strange.

I promise I am laughing with them, not at them ... really!

-Mad Max

YES Prep Fine Arts Meeting ...

So now will you believe me how busy I am?

Earlier this week I had a meeting with TW Mommy, JCranc, and Colleen from the YES Prep Fine Arts Team ... thanks for meeting me at my house, ladies!

Mad Max laughs in the face of "maternity leave."

-Mad Max

The Johnsons and Cous Ri

A few photos from a recent visit this week ...

Come again soon!  I hope you bring that dino scream, Ri!  Wow.

-Mad Max

Super Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael's Big Visit II

Here's the crew on my roof deck.  I'm helping TW Mommy pick out patio furniture soon!  I need a name for Mad Max's Rooftop Lounge ... any suggestions?

The sky is falling!  Uncle Michael held me.  Don't worry, Uncle Michael... I know it's scary holding a Super Infant.  I could easily take you down!

Here I am working out with Auntie Tam during Activity Time.  More working out ... less goo goo gaa gaa, Auntie Tam!  Love you.

Aren't we a pair?  Please come again soon, Auntie Tam!


Mad Max

Super Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael's Big Visit

Super Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael came to visit last weekend ... so of course that means multiple posts much like my birthday.  Would you expect anything less?

Things got off to a rocky start with flights delayed, luggage lost, minds lost (Auntie Tam and of course Train Wreck Mommy), but it all came together once Auntie Tam met me!!  I hope you are planning your next visit already!

Wouldn't you expect a face like this from Auntie Tam as soon as she saw me?

Oh, I'm so excited that I have no idea what to do with my hands!

Auntie Tam, we have the same eyes!

Auntie Tam couldn't put me down once she got a hold of me.  I mean, can you blame her?

Auntie Tam, Mad Max, and Uncle Michael.  Day 1: Uncle Michael - The thought of holding me was as scary as the economy (or as scary as Auntie Tam is after her luggage is lost).  Day 2: ... (stay tuned!).  By the way, when am I going to get some mixed-race cousins?  Just throwing that out there.

Auntie Tam made me laugh and laugh during Activity Time.  I promise I was laughing with her and not at her, ahem.

 She taught me bad habits.  (Are you surprised?  You should see what type of trouble we are going to get into in Manhattan and the Hamptons).  This is the first time I sucked my thumb.

"Auntie" Erica and Sophia came to visit Gma and Gpa A's house too.  The ladies love me... the girls adore me... how does that song go?  Come visit us soon!

-Mad Max

walks with Bella

You must check out and follow my Auntie Tam's new blog walks with Bella.  And if you aren't "following" my blog yet, be sure to do so!  Let Mad Max know if you have any suggestions for blogs I should follow.

And a quick teaser ... Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael blew into town this last weekend.  A whirlwind of train wreck stories ... (Auntie Tam said to have a disclaimer: she is without makeup and clean clothes because her luggage was held hostage by the airline).

Here is my first photo ever with Auntie Tam.  Could she be any happier?  Most likely, not.

More soon on their visit!

-Mad Max

I Took To The Bottle So Well ... I Should Be In Rehab

This past Saturday ... Daddy gave me my first bottle since Train Wreck Mommy and I go back to work in about a month.  (She's claiming I'm not going to work, but we'll see about that!).

TW Mommy told Daddy ... "I may need to leave the room ... so he takes the bottle."

"If he doesn't take it, don't worry ... it's not your fault, we will try again."

"You should drop some milk on his lips first, so he'll try to latch on to the bottle."

And so on, and so on ...

Oh, Mommy ... I took to that bottle quicker than Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan takes to (insert your substance / debauchery of choice).

So when are we going out for (veggie) burgers and fries?

-Mad Max


Professional Bloggers Do Not Eat Baby Powder

So Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael were in town this past weekend.  I blame them and all my visiting fans for my lack of blogging lately!  Love y'all.

Before I get to some fan news that is much overdue ... some important news of the day.

I still plan to become a Houston Texan one day ... (don't worry, Dad).  And I still plan to go to Duke one day (don't worry, Mom) ... but I'm thinking in the meantime, I will also work on becoming a Professional Blogger.  Should I get on FB?  Twitter?  Order Super Infant Business Cards?  This morning Mommy and I were reading the New York Times as we often do during breakfast, and we came across Queens of the Mom-Blog Kingdom.  Umm, forget Mom blogs (borrr-ing!), what about Super Infant Blogs?

I think Mad Max should start following blogs.  Any recommendations?

In other news (to circle back to the title of this blog), TW Mommy has Dr. Oz (Wack Job) on ... and there are "stressed out Moms" addicted to eating baby powder.  Wow.  See what I mean ... Super Infant Blogs, so much better than Mom blogs.  Love you, Mommy!

And to catch up on my fans ...

Last week Gma A and "Auntie" Jackie (TW Mommy's Aunt) came to visit me!  We did some Activity Time, went to Paulie's for lunch, and went to see the new Baby's 1st Furniture on Kirby (and when we returned home I had a strong bottle of whiskey and beat them at poker).  Come visit again soon!!

Last Friday "Auntie" Alicen came to visit us too.  Thanks for bringing us delicious lunch from W Grill.  But I heard there were Margaritas to go ... ?  Mad Max likes them with salt for future reference.

Come again soon!  Or maybe I'll see you when you pick me up for March Madness.  You know I put the "Mad" in March Madness, right?

More soon!

-Mad Max


She loves me ... She loves me not ...

As we know, Mad Max has a lot of Valentines ... and I had a lot of hearts to break on Monday.

But I did get some very special Valentines that came to visit me on Monday complete with a Soy Chai Latte for TW Mommy and a Freebirds burrito ... so of course we let them in: Gma and Gpa Johnson and Cousin "Ri."  Thank you!

It's nap time.  Obviously.

She looks scared.  Do you blame her?  Love you Gpa J!

Mad Max sings ... "and we're cousins ... do do do cousins" or something like that.  Can you see any similarities?  Me either.  Hey kid, watch the socks!

Mommy also says I need a vomit rag under me at all times.  Hey TW Mommy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Remember Trimester 1 and 2?  Embarrassing to say the least.  And you've met my Auntie Tam right?

Who is 4 and 1/2 months and who is a little over 5 weeks?  And who hasn't had a spray tan lately?  Don't worry kid, I'll catch up!

Despite my appearance ... I loved my Valentine from Gma and Gpa Johnson!  A Grandson Valentine card, cash for the clubs, and a book that reads to me with their voices.  (Poor things, didn't know I already can read.  But Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael - can you make me one?).  Thank you!  I think I need more cash though.  Daddy already put my cash in his pocket.  Can't fool me!  The old "we'll buy things for Max with this" trick doesn't fly.  I have a wallet too, yah know!

-Mad Max the Heartbreaker ... Dream maker!

Gma A's Birthday and ... Dog? What is this dog, you say?

On Sunday I went with Mommy and Daddy to Gma and Gpa A's house for the first time.  Train Wreck Mommy ... you are doing so much better putting me in my Super Seat!  I think we are down to an hour!  Just enough time for a pitcher of Baby Margaritas.

We went to see them for Gma A's big ** Birthday!  Happy Birthday!!!!  I love you!  TW Mommy of course forgot to take photos of her gifts and ... here's the best part, her Crave Cupcakes we brought over.  I guess I am that distracting.

I got to meet a creature they call a "dog" ... aka my "cousin" Bailey Bean.  Cute, kid, but wow ...what is with the tongue affection?

I was obviously very entertained by my cousin Bailey Bean.  Love you!

I think I have stink eye in the above photo.  Train Wreck Super Infant.

Mad Max the Super Infant with Super Lips with the Birthday Grandma!

-Mad Max


First Outing, Fake House

On Saturday, TW Mommy and Daddy and I also lived on the edge and went for my first big public outing (besides my doctor appt. and famous modeling shoot) one day over 5 weeks (a week early of the recommended 6 weeks of hobbit living).  I won't catch some scary deadly disease.  I'm a Super Infant!

We went to Cricket's Creamery and Caffe in The Heights.  Mommy and I had to get our Strawberry Milkshake fix, and Daddy loves their vegan fare.

Can you find Mad Max?

Oh, Mommy ... it's like my house just moved slightly north.  Look at us together again!  So comfy.  TW Mommy was hoping my Super Sling would save me from any bad germs flying in the air.  Really, I think it's just a cover so I'm not swarmed by TMZ and all of my fans.

-Mad Max

My Fans, My People ...

On Saturday I had some very special visitors in town all the way from the North Pole (or OK / Denton, TX).

Daddy's Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria came down along with their family friends - Melvin and Vicki.  They came complete with diapers and diapers wipes (and flowers for TW Mommy), so they were let in the door (thank you!).  Mad Max goes through diapers like Charlie Sheen goes through ... well, that guy is a train wreck.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria (with Super Baby of the Year)

Melvin, Vicki, Aunt Maria, and Uncle Bill ... wow, did one person not get the memo on stripes?  Thanks for pulling through Mommy.

One of these things is not like the other ... can you spot the non-Pacific Islander?

Oh, and TW Mommy knows how to get dressed.  She's just wearing my Super Sling.

Aunt Maria does a great job of getting us in every photo.  Don't we look fabulous!

Hey Ladies ... you know I'm 1/4 Filipino too!

Come visit again soon!

-Mad Max

AP Studio Art Ready: Positive and Negative Space

I meant to post this last week or this weekend, but I've been so BUSY.  I am Mad Max.

Last week, Train Wreck Mommy and I worked on our AP Studio Art skills ... black and white images ... positive and negative space.  Mommy you are getting so much better!  Wink Wink.  I also worked on my Pre-Literacy skills.  But that is a daily task.

-Mad Max


My 1/12 Birthday

Feb. 7, 2011.  One month.  It was a blur.  All a blur.  As they say ... "it's my party, I can cry if I want to."

Oh, and did I cry.

Before I cried, however, I slept ... is there a better way to spend my 1/12th Birthday?  I mean, really?

I should mention it was a very busy and eventful 1/12th Birthday.  Train Wreck Mommy and I had important meetings (and you think I joke).  I had my Feedings, I had my Activity Time, and I had my Naps.  And Gma A came over to entertain me.  She pulls out the big guns!

She also took (along with Train Wreck Mommy) 10.5 billion photos of me.  The TMZ comes out when it's Mad Max's 1/12th Bday.

Here is one that Gma A took:

They keep wrapping this material around me that they call a "bib" to catch my excess liquids.  I'm a Super Infant!  The extra material should be a cape behind me!

"Auntie" JCranc also came over to have an important meeting with me regarding a proposal.  We rocked it, didn't we JCranc?  Thanks for visiting on my birthday.  We forgot to take a photo though.  TW.

The best part was when Daddy came home.  When Daddy comes home it's almost Man Spa Time ...which also = Super Infant Bath Time.  Who doesn't want that on their birthday?

Take a look at this face.  I may have a beard at the end of month two.

-Mad Max
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