Mad Max Loves Showers

Mommy and I went to visit Daddy at work yesterday for my Baby Shower... (although you don't see me calling myself a baby here!).  Mad Max loves showers!!  And Mad Max loves Daddy's co-workers.  Thank you for throwing me a party!

Mommy also likes Daddy's co-workers... they said "wow, you hardly gained anything!  you only gained in your belly (belly = My House)!"... That's not what Mommy's co-workers and learners say.  (As a result... Mommy felt it was okay to eat two cupcakes and a bag of cookies yesterday... she put us both out in a sugar coma... that stomach ache wasn't fun, was it Mommy?).

My party was one year exactly to the date of Mommy and Daddy's Wedding Shower at Daddy's work.  What can we plan for next year?  I'm hoping Daddy gets me a puppy.  Maybe we can throw a puppy a shower.

Look at how excited Daddy is to open my cards and gifts ... those are mine, Daddy!  Thank you to everyone for my wonderful gifts ... clothes... and much needed items ... and my jogging stroller!  (I think Daddy got confused that the jogging stroller was for him, but Daddy... do you really think you will fit?).

Daddy's nice co-workers are below ...

Look at my awesome Diaper Cake made by one of Daddy's co-workers, Leti.  Isn't she talented?  Mommy likes it so much she doesn't want to take it apart.  Train wreck!  I can't poo poo in my diapers if they are in a cake.

Oh, you remember how Mommy loves cupcakes (see previous blog post).  Train Wreck Mommy LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes ... and the Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes at my party.  They were made by Daddy's co-worker, Jason ... his wife!  She even has her own bakery, Sinfull Bakery.

Mommy took some more photos of my Diaper Cake at home.  Oh, my brother the feline (Hermann)... do you wear diapers?  Maybe you should!  It seems more civilized than doing poo poos in a box full of natural wood!

Look!  Mommy even found a Mini Lambie in my Diaper Cake!

Thank you Daddy's co-workers, Hang and Kevin for planning my party... and thank you to everyone for my wonderful gifts (and for filling Mommy full of sugar)!  So many wonderful gifts, and it isn't even my birthday yet ... or Christmas!  I wonder what I can look forward to on those days.  Hint, hint, Mommy and Daddy.

-Mad Max

Mommy's Little Cupcake

If you know my Mommy ... you know she loves cupcakes!  And Mommy loves treating me with lots of cupcakes.  Daddy hopes I come out a linebacker, a kicker, or an NBA Superstar!

This past Sunday I made cupcakes with "Auntie" Alicen, Sandy, and Ashley... and "Cousin" Yvonne.

Mommy finally dusted off some of her wedding gifts and put her baking skills to practice!  Or as Daddy says... "training to be a good wifey!"... Alicen was the Master Baker, and "Train Wreck" Sandy and Ashley were "Duncan" and "Hines."

Alicen... showing her skillz with Mommy's Kitchen Aid mixer.

Sandy and Alicen in Daddy's kitchen!

Yum!  Mad Max loves icing.  Look at Mommy.  Is that apron flattering for my house, Mommy?  Let's think about that.  I look best in black.  I'm very goth.  A goth hipster fetus.

Mmmm, the chocolate cupcakes we made.  We put some fresh mint and peppermint on top of some of them.  Mad Max loves spices.

We also made Daddy VEGAN Chocolate Cupcakes!  Sandy said... "this batter looks wayyy too watery!!"... she thinks that was watery... think about how my cupcakes taste in the womb!?

(I only have so many more days or weeks of making fun of my womb).

-Mad Max


My Bed Before the Bed ... and My Mini Lambie Seat

"The Situation" has his shirt BEFORE the shirt ... but apparently I have my bed before the bed... Mommy and Daddy call it my "bassinet."  Aren't they silly?  They think I'm not ready for my big boy crib!  I think sleeping in my crib sounds much easier than breathing underwater for 9 months!  Try that, Superman.

Either way, Daddy did such a good job putting it together!  He's turned into quite a handyman.  Thank you, Daddy.  And thank you to "Auntie" ... LAR, Rita, and Michelle for helping Mommy buy my Bed Before the Bed.

This above is Daddy confused... looking at the directions.  Just kidding, Daddy.  Ahem.

Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Tada!  Look... it's my Super Bed Before the Bed.  Take that Cowie!  Cowie is keeping the peace between my Bed Before the Bed and My Crib.  My "Bassinet" also turns into a Super Duper Tee Tee and Poo Poo table (Mommy says "Changing Table.")... once I decide to exit the womb, Mommy says she will put it right next to her so she can watch me sleep.  (Crazy Train).

Mommy and Daddy love collecting things that they can sit me in.  What?  Is there not enough room for me on the couch?  But... Daddy's co-worker, Liz, got me a super awesome Mini Lambie Seat!  Mommy and Daddy's couch doesn't bounce - so take that!  Thank you!

-Mad Max

I Look Fly ... I Look Good

Mommy and I love Happy Hour in Sawyer Heights.

A few weeks ago we met Mommy's friend JPez aka Jennifer H at Liberty Station.  Mommy loved Liberty Station!  But Mommy was complain, complain about not being about to enjoy a Peanut Brittle Martini.  Oh, Mommy!  Soon enough.  I asked if they served their Christmas Ale in BPA free bottles, but the bartender looked at me like I was crazy (maybe because I am upside down?)...

I loved "Auntie" JPez.  Look at the outfit she got me.  I'll be so handsome.  Thank you!  Train Wreck Mommy didn't realize it was reversible until she washed it.  Again, Oh Mommy!

Thank you for the outfit.  I needed warmer clothes.  Sure it's Texas, but it's almost January after all.  I'm looking forward to our next HH with JPez!  But Mommy said I may need to have Daddy time for the next HH.


My Super Seat and Super Transporter!

Daddy put together my Super Seat and Super Transporter today!  Mad Max loves red.  Mommy picked them out with the help of Grandma Alcancia.  They picked the safest one for me.  But my question is...  how fast does it go?

The cool thing about my Super Transporter is ... it doesn't ALWAYS look like a Super Transporter.  Mad Max is the master of disguise.

Great job, Daddy!  Look at those Vino cup holders, Mommy says!

My Super Seat in Mommy's (freshly cleaned - thanks Daddy!) car.  Sorry the picture is dark.  Train Wreck Mommy used her phone for this one.

Thanks again to Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria Hermann for helping Mommy and Daddy buy my Super Seat and Super Transporter.

-Mad Max

My Lambies

Mommy finally finished my lambies in my nursery!  They match my Pottery Barn Kids crib bedding.

Here is Mommy, Daddy, and of course... Mad Max is a lambie:

Look at me above as a lamb.  Oh, Mommy!

-Mad Max

1st Annual Lights in the Heights with the Johnson Family

Mommy and Daddy took me to Lights in the Heights last night.  Daddy said we are going to go every year!  Mommy even walked 5,000 miles with her cankles for me (carrying vino, most appropriately).  I got to see Santa and pretty lights.  Well, let me rephrase that ... I heard Santa was there along with great lights.  It's hard to see from station -2 in the pelvis (you try it sometime).

At least I could hear the entertainment!  We also stopped at the Miller's house (Ruthie Johnson Miller ... Mommy's old co-worker from YES Prep SE) for a party.  Mommy's friend, LAR and others were there!  They had such a nice house.  Almost as nice as my womb house.  Mommy and I really enjoyed the peppermint brownies.

Here are a few of our fav stops:

Mommy, me, and VINO...

This guy they call "Santa" is quite the character.  He even had a cigar and bar trolley following him!

Mad Max loves the Gingerbread house.

I can't wait until next year!  Mommy said I might get to ride in a red wagon.  I'll zoom right past the beer smellin' frat boys and hipsters in leggings!

-Mad Max

My "Take Home Outfit" is NOT a Dress.

Mommy got me the best take home outfit ever!  Mommy loves nicely designed items ... especially if they come in nicely designed boxes / packaging.  Mommy, if I put my poo poo in a nice modern designed box, would you love it?

Mommy found my "Take Home Outfit" aka the fashion I will wear home from the hospital (is Vogue Baby reading this right now?  Maybe W Baby?  Or Esquire Baby perhaps?  GQ Baby?) at Giggle.  Followers ... take note.  Mommy bought organic cotton because she doesn't want me to be around the "bad, bad chemicals" as she says.

You know what Daddy said when he first saw it?  "Why is he wearing a DRESS!?!"... Daddy was right.  I do not... I said do not wear dresses!  But Daddy, this is not a dress!  It's more like a fashionable post-fetus sack.  I'm sure Marc Jacobs approved.

Look at my brother, the feline!  You don't wear clothes, feline!  Now go nap.

I hope train wreck Mommy remembers to take my outfit to the hospital!

-Mad Max

Rock Rock ... Rockabye Mad Max

Mommy has been M.I.A. again this week with her horrible cold and bloody nose (and wrapping up the end of the semester at YES).  Excuses I say!  Meanwhile, I am now in station -2, and I have much to update you on.

Daddy bought my rocker today (from Baby's 1st Furniture ... Mommy is not too impressed by their website, but she loves the store)!  Or rather, Mommy's Christmas gift.  Check it out!  I could live in this thing (Daddy wanted to make sure Mommy would be comfortable enough to sleep here... in case my crying is disturbing his beauty rest.  Oh, Dad!).  It leans back like a bed.

Mommy's Christmas gift won't come in for 4 - 6 weeks.  I'm due to arrive in 3 weeks.  Don't worry Mom, I won't cry too much.  I'm a super fetus.

More blog updates soon!  (Mommy finished my lambs yesterday).

-Mad Max
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