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More from Mad Max soon!

-Mad Max


One Lovely Blog Award

Mad Max would like to give a huge shout out to Auntie Tam for her One Lovely Blog Award!  Congrats  Auntie Tam!

And thank you for passing on the award to me, Super Mad Max.  I'd like to call it my Super One Lovely Blog Award.

Stay tuned fans for Mad Max's One Lovely Blog Award posting this week.  7 Things About Me.  And 15 Blog One Lovely Blog Winners.  Will you make the list?

And if you have any blog recommendations on blogs I should follow comment on this posting!

-Mad Max


Hipster in Training

Actually ... really ... am I not the Original Super Infant Hipster?

Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy took me to my first Hipster Bar this past Friday - Moon Tower Inn for "Auntie" Jessicana's and "Uncle" Jason's Bdays.

Crave Cupcakes for their birthdays ... don't worry, Mad Max didn't jack any.  Promise.  Ahem.

Mommy, please go get me a PBR!  By the way, my Super Infant Hipster Hoodsie is from Threadless.

Here I am with Daddy ... we would have stayed out later, but I left my skinny jeans and angst at home.  We hope you had a great Bday - J's!  Love you.

-Mad Max

Hoppy Easter: Part II

Have you seen my social calendar lately?  Me either ... it's buried under all of my events!

Easter Sunday with Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy was great though ... very eventful from my first church experience and Easter Sunday Service at St. Luke's ("Auntie" Alicen's church).  I accidently fell asleep, but instead of getting in trouble ... grown-ups found it amazing and "cute."  Odd, I say.

Here are a few snapshots outside of church:

Wow, nothing like munching on your hand for a portrait.

Mommy ... Mommy, I think it's time we get a spray tan, no?  Here we are with "Auntie" Alicen.

After church we headed to spend quality time with Gma and Gpa A ... and then Gma and Gpa J (and of course Auntie Dana and Cousins Corryn and Ri!).  They love them some Mad Max time on Easter!

At Gma and Gpa As:

At Gma and Gpa Js:

Thank you for all of the Easter celebrations, cheer, and gifts!  Mad Max loves you (despite my tears and my sometimes crab apple attitude!).  And thanks to Gma and Gpa A for my Easter Sunday outfit (found at Macy's).

-Mad Max

Hoppy Easter: Part I

This weekend I celebrated my first Easter with Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy (and family).

Daddy treated Mommy and I to the Members Event "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" at the Houston Zoo on Saturday morning.  We love animals and supporting the Houston Zoo!  At first all we saw was the "To Catch a Predator" type Bunny ... but then the real Easter Bunny came out, luckily.

Here we are before the event ...

Is it just me, or do I look about 5 years old now?  Super.  Infant.

Baby Easter Bunny:

If you're trying to tell me this is the Easter Bunny ... I don't want to see what the "real" Santa Claus looks like ...

Super Easter Bunny above ... hey, Bunny ... we have something in common.  I am a Super Infant - Mad Max.  And a special thank you to Gma and Gpa J for my Houston Zoo outfit and Easter bib: Designer Unknown.

-Mad Max


The day it all began ...

I blame Train Wreck Mommy for my lack of blog updates ... between her school, entertaining Gma A aka Gramby, and my social calendar... I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I would have liked.  But I am getting caught up this week / weekend!

Starting with the day it all began ... the photo below is of me and my first day w/ Gramby.  Poor Mommy!

Much more to come!  Follow me, stay tuned, and visit often!

-Mad Max


Weekend Vid Chats with Auntie Tam

Check out Auntie Tam's blog posting from last weekend of our video chat: walks with Bella.

Aren't we funny?

I can't wait to chat with you again, Auntie Tam!  Maybe the evening of Easter Sunday!

-Mad Max

Piggy Bank

Are you a penny pincher like my Daddy?  Haha, love you Daddy ...

If so, you will like this link from BabbleTop 15 Deal Sites for Families

More soon!

Mad Max


My Guest Post on Auntie Tam's Blog

Have you read Auntie Tam's blog lately?  Are you following her?  Are you following Mad Max?

Don't miss out!  I was the special guest blogger today!  Check out my post at: walks with Bella.

Thank you for having me, Auntie Tam!  I love you!  Let's do this again soon.

Mad Max


A Baby Cougar's Party

A few weeks ago I was invited to my first birthday party for Jocelyn's 1st Bday ... (Jocelyn's a cougar baby!) ... Jocelyn stole the show of course (being that it was ... her birthday), but I liked to impress the ladies with my gym skills.  Jocelyn's party was at The Little Gym.

Here I am above with Birthday Girl Jocelyn ... her Mommy "Auntie" Steph ... and of course Train Wreck Mommy.

Um, Dad ... I don't think this is the balance beam.  I can take it though.

Here I am above sitting down with Daddy, party guests, and the super excited high-pitched teenage workers.  Scary.

Jocelyn can hula hoop ... that's right!

Watch my balance beam tricks below.

High bars.  'Nuff said.

I met "Auntie" Tiffany for the first time at Jocelyn's party.  We had a great time throwing blank stares at each other in response to the teenage party throwers antics.  Blank stare.

Jocelyn, come visit Tejas again soon!  Happy Birthday!

-Mad Max

Where is Mad Max?

I'm here!  I'm here!  Train Wreck Mommy has been hogging all of my computer and blog time for "work."  Priorities Mom, really.  Daddy, daddy ... I need my own, iPad, please.

Good news though ... Mad Max is going to do some fabulous blog updates very shortly, stay tuned!  I did a guest blog for Auntie Tam that will be posted tomorrow:

Be sure to check out her latest post from Saturday of our vid chat.  I love my vid chats with Auntie Tam!

And in the meantime, get some good laughs from the spoof website: TMZ for Kidz.

-Mad Max


Max Ernst, Mad Max, and More ...

I just wanted to share a quick preview of my first visit to an art museum ... The Menil Collection ... from this past weekend (we have more outside and legal photos to share soon).

I was really enjoying playing Mad Max the Art Critic until I fell asleep.  Nothing like nap time to make you forget a good outing.  One of my favorite artists is Mark Rothko, but here I am below with some works by Brice Marden (before Train Wreck Mommy almost got us arrested for taking illegal cell phone pics in the galleries ... hello!  Mommy use to work here.  I think Super Mad Max can take a few photos and give credit where credit is due).

-Mad Max the Super Art Critic ... what am I looking at?  What do I see ... ?  What does the gray mean? ... Is it just gray I see?  How does it make me feel?

Big D Fans ...

Last weekend I had some special visitors come into town from Big D, "Auntie" Meredith and "Uncle" Randy ... and they also came with good news - they are going to have a future "cousin" for me to visit towards the end of this year!  Congrats!

Mad Max loves having Super Baby Friends in every city.

"Auntie" Mer is beside herself.  Of course!  We missed you Auntie Tam.

Thank you for my stylin' outfit and socks "Auntie" Mer and "Uncle" Randy!  I already wore them this past week.

We also went with Meredith, Randy and Gma and Gpa A to Candelari's.  Train Wreck Mommy said I wasn't ready for my own pizza yet.  Boring, I say!

But yum ... look at the sandwich Mommy and I had!

Look at Daddy's pizza ... pizza with no cheese!  Now that's funny.

It was so nice meeting you "Auntie" Mer and "Uncle" Randy.  I hope y'all come visit again soon!

-Mad Max

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