2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip: OKC Bound

The Oklahoma City Thunder single game tickets finally went on sale today!  My Hero Daddy bought our game tickets for our 2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip for March.

You may remember our goal to see the Houston Rockets in a new city each year!  You may remember my first trip last year to San Antonio versus the Spurs.  Even though I (my house) was on TV, it wasn't as exciting for me.  Mommy's shirt usually got in the way of seeing the sights.

Wow, my house makes your head look small, Mommy.

The Thunder are Daddy's 2nd favorite team.  They are number 1 in the NBA ... more importantly, I am the Rocket's number 1 fan as you already know.

You can look back through all of my posts tagged with the Rockets!

Remember when I won Clutch's contest?  Wow, too bad I didn't win the ability to hold up my head and work out my chin!

So Mommy and I need to think more about preparing for the trip ... at least she already got me some Rockets surprises the other night at their shop ...

What else should I wear?  Pants optional?

But Train Wreck Mommy already started thinking about making sure I traveled in style ... What do you think about this (loved by celebs) Super Baby Suitcase by Beatrix NY?

My first question is .. will it fit my Scotch, NY Times, peanut butter, and pampies?  Really, that is all I need.

When is your next trip?  Where are you headed to?  How do you travel in style?

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Step Forward And Other Things I Did Without Scotch

How was your weekend ... ?  Mine was your standard weekend ...

Lots of eating ... yummm Mad Max loves oatmeal!  Check out my big bowl (joking, Daddy stuck his bowl in my photo).

Lots of drinking, ahem.

Lots of 'round town.  I had a YES Prep Family Meet Up at the Children's Museum with Train Wreck Mommy.  Thanks for all that joined us!  Joseph, great times in the ball pit.

I also managed to drive again.  Euro style.  Ladies kept hoppin' in the car with me (of course).  I kept honking and honking.  Poor Joseph was too busy playing with the wheels to notice my honking.

I played with my blocks aka prepared to be a future architect, possibly.

And finally ... drum roll, please ... I messed up my room!

Joking... I stood on my own this weekend!

Here is Daddy of course trying to capture a photo of this event.  Zoom, Daddy.  Zoom.

Well, really, not only that, but on Sunday morning a took my FIRST STEP all by myself.  Then I stopped.  I like to keep the fans waiting.  Plus, I think I needed more Scotch in my sippy cup.

How was your weekend?  Did you go any interesting places around town?

Or take any important steps forward?

More soon!

-Mad Max


Mommy Tips and Tricks: Registries

Something is in the water.  Everyone is pregnant lately.  Beware.

Several of our friends and fans have asked Mommy lately ... where did you register?  Mad Max is here to help get you started ... I'm going to show you some retro pics to go along with information on

Crancer is one friend above that is needing to / working on registering.  Congrats "Auntie" Crancer!  I can't wait to show Christopher the ropes.  Here I am with her in the hospital.  Looking a little bloated (me, not Crancer).

Train Wreck Mommy and I registered at Giggle.  If you have a super hip urban fetus that appreciates high design and eco-friendly items, this is the place for you!  What did Mommy and I like best?  Their super nicely designed website, uber easy to use, great registry checklist (we used it for all of the registries!), helpful reviews, and the products are just the best.  You can find products on here that you can't find anywhere else.  Some of the products you can find elsewhere for cheaper, so just do your comparison shopping.  Or hire an assistant like I did (thanks Mommy!).

One thing to note, they may not have a free-standing store near you, but who shops in the store now anyways?

Photo: I am in my Take Me Home Gift Set (Organic Cotton) from giggle.  This was one of our favorite items from giggle.  Mommy said (for us) a take home outfit is a must!

We also registered at Target.  This place is also great for your super hip urban fetus that appreciates high design, and Target basically has nearly everything you need.  (As I'm sure you already know).  Be sure you have a checklist before you start registering on-line because there is so much to choose from.  I think you already know why Target is so awesome.

The downside is they don't have as much in the store to look at ...but again, don't we all shop on-line?

Here I am above as a wee one (aww I know) in my Kolcraft Contours Bassinet.  A bassinet is a nice to have if your baby is in your room with you, and also Mommy was scared to put me in the big boy crib.  My bassinet right now is with Oliver.  He just arrived within the last week (Mommy's friend from work is the Daddy to Oliver).  Congrats!  Don't poo in my bed!  Haha.  

Don't forget to do your research on some products!  Gramby helped us check for safety ratings and reviews for some of the most important products on Consumer Reports.

We also registered at Pottery Barn Kids.  This store is great for your super sweet babies that appreciate quality and personalized products.  We did most of our registering on their website, but we also picked several items in their store.  They have a nicely designed and easy to use website.  And if you've ever been in their store, it's the same experience!  What do we like best about Pottery Barn Kids?  Mommy and I found my nursery bedding there: Sweet Lambie Nursery Bedding (Organic).  See photo above.

What else do we like?  Personalized items (and quality products!).

Downside ... there isn't really a downside.  Some of their items can be pricey, but they are worth it.  They also offer great sales.  Just do your research on items you can find elsewhere!


Mommy and I would also recommend: diapers.comLand of Nod ... and for your super luxury babies maybe Serena and Lily and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child (which Restoration may be along the same lines as Pottery Barn Kids, but we could be wrong).

Where did you register?  Let us know!

Contact us with any additional questions.

-Mad Max


Mad Max Makin' Music

As you probably know, music is one of my favorite hobbies!

I love playing piano with my Gramby (Gma A) ... and playing on my birthday piano at home.

Mommy and I go to music class every Sunday at St. Luke's.

I have lots of musical instruments even beyond my piano (like my Educo Jungle Music Set).  (Thanks Mimi and Grampi (Gma and Gpa J)!)

And of course Mommy and I listen to all kinds of types of music on our Pandora stations.

And then Daddy and I make music in our pampies.

How do you incorporate music into your life?  Please share your ideas!

-Mad Max


Mad Style: I Heart You.

I'll keep bringing you blogs while Mommy and I organize the rest of my birthday blogs ...

Hopefully I'll have them posted BEFORE February.

Speaking of February ... one of Max's favorite holidays is approaching.  Valentine's Day: I heart the ladies!

I know Train Wreck Mommy is already "surprising me" with the book, Max's Valentine.  Don't you love Max and his sister, Ruby?

(By the way, Mommy's not a surprise when it's on the kitchen table where I can see it!  Love you.)

Mommy is also getting more in the spirit of Valentine's Day this year (maybe because she loves me so!) ... and she was smitten with all of Target's decorations.  She plans to also show off her "baking skills" with "Auntie" Alicen and make some Vday treats (vegan please, Mommy!).

And finally, she ordered this Valentine's Day number for me from EtsyChic Couture Boutique.  It'll woo all the ladies, don't you think?

By the way, the photo is obviously not me.  And Mommy got me a personalized one.  Just.  You.  Wait.  Check out those rockin' lil' man leggings!

Hmm, maybe I need to rethink this.

Either way, Mommy wants to do a Valentine's Day photo shoot... any suggestions on what we should do or where we should go?

Where does Mad Max find love?

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment and let us know!  I look forward to hearing from you.

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Retro Edition

Hello World, I'm slowly but surely joining reality with catching up on my blogs ... 

So I begin my "Weekend Update" from LAST weekend in the ball pit at the Children's Museum of Houston (Thank You to Gma and Gpa J (Mimi and Grampi) for my CMH Membership!) ... 

At first ... I was thinking what the ... where the ... am I?

Realization hits ... yay, ball pit!

I shall throw these balls everywhere!  I shall put them in my mouth and get a viral infection!

Here I am "driving" a "car" at the museum in TOT SPOT.  Umm, Train Wrecks!  Where are my shoes?


Focusing on the ... well, not the road.

Now this was my favorite spot at TOT SPOT.  A DOOR!

Doors are my favorite at home.  I love to lock Train Wreck Mommy in the closet.

And I love to lock my brother, the feline, out of his room.

And let's not forget locking My Hero Daddy in the bathroom!

But check out this door, just my size!  A doorbell and everything.

I shall whistle at myself and get a viral infection all at the same time!

Wait ... a nasty fever comes with that viral infection?

Later ... 

Here I am with Daddy enjoying one of my favorite books (by Dr. Seuss of course) in my room.  Oh, and I am eating my Bible.  Of course.

Hey, hey, hey now ...

I finally get to use a real toothbrush with toothpaste!  

In the bathtub?

Daddy, I think I am ready to move out of my Whale"y" tub, by the way.

We had a busy weekend that weekend ... we also got a new jogging stroller.

Now ... I just need to convince Mommy to use it for jogging (and not to the ice cream shop).

Okay, now that we had two Weekend Updates in a row ... (and Birthday posts to come).. let's go ahead and ask, what are you looking forward to this COMING weekend?

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: My First Run And More

Hello Fans ... We've been the Train Wreck Family lately!  Mommy has been under the weather (of course!  She is back at school!) ... I had a nasty fever this week (turns out, a viral infection), and now My Hero "I don't get sick" Daddy is fighting a cold.

With that said ... Mommy and I are still working on my remaining 1st Birthday posts - stay tuned!  It's taking a while because of the amount of photos (and Mommy is slow).

In the meantime, it was quicker for me to put together the Weekend Update posts.  My first Houston Rockets Fun Run!  Okay, okay, Mommy and I did the walk with "Auntie" Alicen (and Daddy did the 5k), but still, I think it counts.  I beat Mommy!

Here we are before we left for the Rockets Run.  Wow, maybe next time I won't wear my PJ pants.  I'm wearing my Clutch Bear beads that I won last year from Clutch.  Mommy, open your eyes!

Here I am with Dada right before the run.

Auntie Alicen, me, and Train Wreck Mommy.

Daddy and his friends.

Deep thoughts by Clutch Bear's biggest fan!

And it begins!

Here I am surrounded by my girlfriends... aka the Rockets Power Dancers.  Am I already leaning towards blondes?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Train Wreck Mommy and I made it to the court!  (As did Alicen ... she is taking our photo).

What did I do after my F1RST big race?  This!  The rest of my weekend is pretty much a blur ... hung out at home, some errands here and there ... and I went on a long walk to the Heights on Sunday.

The Train Wrecks and I also did our weekly Sunday Whole Foods trip.  I picked up some peanut butter (my latest fav), and I wore my Owl(ie) hat from "Auntie" Alicen.  Daddy said I look like a girl, but either way ... do you know how many women stopped to gawk at me!  A few more than usual!

I wore it to SongPlay music class too.

OH ... in all the race hoopla, I almost forgot to mention ...

I stood up for the F1RST time without holding on to anything (and I clapped for myself).  Train Wreck Mommy was a little too slow in catching a pic or video *yet*.

How was your weekend?  Any big milestones?

-Mad Max


One Year Doc Appt: Dexter Baby

I think some might argue I am now a Super Toddler, but Train Wreck Mommy is in denial... (and she can argue that I am not toddling on my own yet, just wait Mommy!).

I have at least two blogs to finish about my big 1st Birthday Celebration, so stay tuned!  In the meantime ...

This week I went to the doc for my One Year appointment.  Somehow I ended up with my pants off?

This is my serious face with serious Dada.  Train Wreck Mommy seemed to have snapped only 50 pics instead of 100, so I think we are lacking on the awesome pics.  It's okay, Mommy!  Ahem.

Here My Hero Daddy is reading to me while we are waiting ... 

Umm, were did my pants go?

Obviously it's a really good book.  Hey guys, I'm reading Chapter books now!

Cold scale, no pants.  Not.  Working.  By the way, I don't think my red socks match the red in my shirt.  Wow.

I'm up to 20.125 lbs now!  Beat that!  Actually, the Train Wrecks thought I weighed more because I'm a fighter, but I'm solid ... but light.  I'm also up to 30".  Train Wreck Mommy said I can ride roller coasters in Disney World this summer!

Here I am right after they took blood from my finger.  It was so interesting!  We heart Dexter.

Everything after this point was a blurrrrrr .... there was waiting ... and more waiting.  There was poking and prodding and gushing over how I was a Super One Year Old.

A few tid bits to share ... The Super Doc said I had Super Blood!  Seriously.  Must be all that great vegan food Daddy makes for me.

She also said I could eat peanut butter (and almost anything) now.  (Wow, that stuff is good.  Mommy and Daddy treated me that night.)

She said I could sleep with a blanket now... (hello!)... finally, I am not shivering to death all night.  But really, who needs a blanket when you are a Super One Year Old?  But I've now been sleeping with a blanket that "Auntie" Viola made.

The doc also said I needed to wean from the bottle by 15 months (umm, not too sure about that... Scotch for life), and I needed to wean from the paci by 15 months or by 3 years.  We'll have to talk about this one later.  Finally, no formula (only Scotch), and I get to brush my teeth in the bath tub (odd, I know).

How was your last doc appt?

Friendly reminder: be sure to FOLLOW my blog on the main page, and leave comments!  I love to hear from you.

-Mad Max


My 1st Birthday Celebration: Details

Train Wreck Mommy and I literally have 1,000,000s of photos to go through for my 1st Birthday Celebration.  Wow.

I am going to start with focusing on the details of the party ... it's in all the details!

Mommy worked very hard with Gramby (Gma A), Mimi (Gma J), Auntie Tam, and "Auntie" Viola to finalize the details!  A special thanks to y'all for loving me, Mad Max, so much!  A few special shout outs: 

A special shout out to Gramby for going above and beyond and using her awesome crafting skills to make me many personalize items for my party.  She also made me delicious coffee cake!  You will see more below.  I don't know about you, but I like starting out my day with an double espresso and coffee cake.

A special shout out to Mimi for using her baking skills to bake me many, many, and many wonderful breakfast treats for my morning party at the Houston Zoo.

A special shout out to Auntie Tam for all of her help with the party planning and her delicious, um, (zebra print!) cake balls.  Be sure to check out her website for her new event planning and styling company, ever swoon.  (You can also find ever swoon on Facebook and Twitter!).

A special shout out to "Auntie" Viola for helping Mommy craft several nights, even though she couldn't even make it to the party (out of town).  We missed you!

And last, but not least... a special shout out to Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero Daddy for throwing me such a great celebration.  Enjoy the details below, and check back soon for more on my party!

Round tables: Since my party was at the Zoo, the theme was animal print / Zoo animals.  Gramby made the center piece signs (and Mommy made the Sophie and Max design throughout the party).  We also placed animals and animal cards throughout the round tables (loved by my young fans!).

The plants were from Lowes.  The animal cards were from Michaels, and the animals were from Michaels and Target (dollar bins!).  

Much of the other party supplies (table clothes, paper plates, etc.) was either from Green Party Goods or Arnes.  We tried to be as "green" as possible for the event.

On this table: Munny for my guests to sign; cakes; gift bags; animal masks; and 1 year photos.

My favorite: don't you love the sign of my name that Gramby made for me?  Great job!!   Do you think I should hang it in my room?

1 year professional photos by Erin Carlyle.  She rocks!

I will smile more next time.  Promise.

Mommy and "Auntie" Viola made gift bags for wee ones (under 3) and bigger tikes (over 3).  Don't you love the "Thank You" card they made for me?  Mommy made the design.  She's going to start working on designs for your young ones that you can purchase!  More soon.

Gift bag supplies bought at Amazon and Michaels.

The animal masks were a huge hit (more photos to come!).

Masks should be required at every party.  Who wants to be their own self anyways?  Really?  

Animal masks from Amazon.

Mommy and Daddy got me a delicious vegan cake from Whole Foods.  Cookies and Creme!

Candle from Whole Foods, and the customized Max cake topper is by Goose Grease.  They also made Mommy and Daddy's wedding cake toppers!

Guest cake from Whole Foods Market.  Guests describe it as "stupid good."

More food!

I have to point out the most important part of this table.  Gramby (of course) made me the awesome one year banner - a photo from each month.  She did a great job, and I love it!

We just ran out of room for our food!

This table had mini Crave Cupcakes (with the number 1), zebra print cake balls by Auntie Tam, and coffee cake by Gramby.

Mimi made me so much delicious breakfast food!  Thank you for turning your home into a baking factory!

I should also point out that Mommy found some organic juice boxes for the kids at Amazon.  

The happy, crazy family.

The Mad Max.  By the way, this was literally my first bite of sweets.  But not my last.

So what do you think?  Do you have any events coming up that you are planning?

Mommy is thinking about working with Auntie Tam (ever swoon) and another Houston friend to plan kids events.  Thoughts?

Be sure to click on follow for my blog and leave comments!  I look forward to hearing from you.

More soon on my special celebration!

-Mad Max

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