I Am A Robot.

Mommy and I have been busy wrapping up our Maternity and Super Infant Leave ... but don't worry, many blog posts to come!

Last weekend we went with Daddy to the First Robotics competition to see YES Prep SE's 2737 Robotics Team.

I rode in my new super carrier with Daddy: the Ergo Baby Carrier (organic of course!).  Daddy, you did a great job.  You only dropped about a gallon of sweat on me ... just kidding!

What is your favorite Baby Carrier?  (I prefer to call mine ... my Super Infant Carrier).

Here we are below at the Robotics competition at the George R. Brown Convention Center with the super Robotics Guru, "Auntie" Rita.  Nice goggles, right?  They believe in safety.  I believe in living on the edge.

Train Wreck Mommy with Super Rita.

YES Prep SE's 2737 Robot!  Great job, guys!

Super Rita below with Super Brian.

Look at me with the Robot (Insert my British Accent Here).

Afterwards we walked through Discovery Green (my first visit to Houston's Downtown Park).  Daddy, don't I blend in with the art?  

Art bikes!  Some of our favorite things - art and biking.  Auntie Tam said I get a bike for my 1st Birthday.  I wonder if I can ride one then?

Gonzo's art bike!  He's a graffiti artist that came to visit the Wizards at YES Prep SE.

-Mad Max


There's An App For That

Train Wreck Mommy needs this ... (and you might too!): Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms.

Not only that, but be sure to check out the The IPhone Mom's website.

Mommy, when do I get an iPhone?

-Mad Max

PS ... stay tuned for more antics with Mad Max ... including my F1RST Robotics competition!


#1 Super Infant Rockets Fan

Tonight (my Hero!) Daddy and (Train Wreck!) Mommy took me to my first Houston Rockets game (out of my house aka "womb.")  But ... it was actually extra special because it was Clutch the Rockets Bear's Happy Birthday Celebration Game (Happy 16th Birthday!).

Train Wreck Mommy loves Clutch Bear.  Ahem.  I'm the kid now, Mommy!  Just kidding ... you are never too old to be a Clutch fan!  I even helped Mommy recently win two prizes from Clutch's Facebook Fan Page this last week or so.  We won Clutch beads (for our photo caption) ...and I even won Rockets tix (Mommy took JCranc.. she needed a night away!  TW!) (for our photo with a caption).

Mad Max with the Clutch Beads

Here is the photo that won us Rockets tix (see Clutch's Facebook page for our winning caption!).  See me in my comfy house!?

Now below is a photo from tonight ... my new and improved house!  Just kidding.  Look at me in my Super Sling.  Mommy, I think we need a Houston Rockets RED sling.  Here we are below waiting for Clutch Bear (plus other Mascot friends) to come out so we can take photos with them.  Or maybe everyone standing in line is waiting to meet me.  Highly possible.  Mad Max in the hiz-ouse!

Mommy really misses her fav (former) Rockets player Shane Battier, but maybe our new favorite player can be Patrick Patterson!  Here I am above comparing my Super Infant feet to Patrick Patterson's feet.  What do you think, fans?  Almost there?  I also am wearing my Converse shoes for the first time (thank you Auntie Tam and "Auntie" Tiff ... I have two sets of shoes!).  I would have worn my Rockets onesy, but I already grew out of it (I am a Super Infant).

See there is P Pat above.

Anxiously waiting to meet Clutch Bear ... or is it the other way around?  He's anxious to meet Mad Max!

What do yah think?  I think Blake Griffin better watch out.  

Mad Max and Clutch!  Look at Daddy lurking with his arm ... safety Daddy!

Hey Dad, umm ... okay you can get me now.  I think Train Wreck Mommy got the photo.

Clutch and Mini-Clutch

Getting autographs from Rocky and Slamson.

And then Boomer and Coyote.

Wow.  Crazy Ramona eyes!

I'm mesmerized by the starting lineup.  Or am I working on a good poo poo?

Clutch and his friends entertained us with some great dunks!

And then there was a dance off between Rockets Power Dancers and the mascots.  Need I say more?

Great game!  The Rockets of course defeated the Utah Jazz.  Thanks for taking me Daddy!  It was nice to meet you Clutch.  I can't wait until Mommy and Daddy schedule you for one of my future birthday parties.

Here is some swag we got from the game tonight.  We got a Clutch Bear lunch box (perfect for my "lunches" I'm taking to Gma A's!) ... and Daddy bought me a new (Clutch Bear!) onesy since I grew out of my old one.  Thanks Daddy!

-Mad Max

PS ... Be sure to check out my other posts tagged with Houston Rockets!


Where's my red stapler?

Mommy and I went to visit Daddy at work the other day ... bring your Super Infant to work day!  You would have thought Charlie Sheen walked in the building with all of the excitement .. of course, winning!

Uh, Daddy ... who are these people?  Haha.  Oh wait, these are the awesome people that threw me a fun shower with the diaper cake and yummy cupcakes and more!  Thank you!

Here I am with Debbie.  She's a big fan of my blog!  Thanks for visiting.  Be sure to hit "follow" on my blog (at the top!).

Here I am with Hang.  She threw me the great womb shower.  Thanks Hang!

Here I am working at Daddy's desk (obviously).  Don't worry.  I'll take care of running those reports.

-Mad Max


Last week one of my cousins stopped by to visit ... well TW Mommy's first cousin, Jess.  She came down from Iowa ...she was on Spring Break from college.  I think the best Spring Break is spent with Mad Max!

Can't you tell we are cousins??

She said she might want to become a toy designer.  What are you going to design Mad Max?  Like Mommy ... my favorite toy store is Kidrobot!  I hope you come visit again soon.

-Mad Max

Wizards and Warlocks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Last week I had a meeting at the Houston Museum of Natural Science with TW Mommy and JCranc.  We are doing a YES Prep visual arts show at the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the HMNS in late April (date to be set soon!).

I ran into another Wizard at the Houston Museum of Natural Science ...

Here I am with a giant butterfly the size of a small fetus!

-Mad Max

Lunchin' with the Ladies

Last week TW Mommy and I joined "Auntie" ... Viola, Mandy, and Jennifer for lunch at Habaneros Mex Grill in Midtown.  You know we love Tex Mex.  This place was delicious!

"Auntie" Mandy, Mad Max, and "Auntie" Jennifer.

The ladies can't keep their eyes off Mad Max!

Mommy and I enjoyed some Spinach Enchiladas.

I passed out after all that wine (see behind me).  Let's get together again soon ladies!  I'll just have to check my calendar with my assistant aka Mommy.

-Mad Max


Mad Max Loves Art and Art We Love

Do you love contemporary art as much as TW Mommy and Mad Max?

Wouldn't you love some real contemporary art in your nursery or house?

Check out this interview with the founder of Art We Love.  Then go check out the Kids Collection on Art We Love.

Mad loves this piece by Seth Indigo Carnes.

-Mad Max

DIY Mommy ... Crafty McCraft

Okay ... Mommy and I aren't really a fan of "craft" ... (see: awesome art teachers!)... but of course who doesn't love D.I.Y.?  I enjoy designing my own hipster bibs to vomit on.

So Mad Max thinks you will love the Top 50 Craft Mom Blogs from Babble.

-Mad Max

Block Party

Who doesn't love Etsy?  You can buy super hip (super infant) items ... while supporting small businesses / artists.  Train Wreck Mommy and Auntie Tam always find the best stuff for Mad Max ... !

Mad Max is in the market for some Alphabet Blocks.  And of course black is a necessary color.  I play with black and wear black on the outside because I feel black on the inside ... I'm very hipster goth rocker like that.

Check out these awesome blocks by Tiny Giraffe.  My 3 month birthday is coming!  Hint Hint!

What creative finds have you bought from Etsy?

-Mad Max

Lovin' this Funny Baby


Happy Birthday to Grandma Johnson!

This past weekend we went to visit Gma and Gpa J's house for the first time to celebrate Gma J's birthday. Happy Birthday!

Hey, lurker alert!

We also went out to lunch for her birthday (and I got to see Auntie Dana and Cousin Ri).  Hey Daddy, where's our vegan meal?  Daddy, do you think we have the same profile?

Hey, TW Mommy you think we both need spray tans?  I know Daddy does, hehe.  And is it just me, or are these overalls too big?

Happy Birthday, Gma Johnson!  I hope you enjoyed your Sprinkles cupcakes!  I know Mommy and I enjoyed ours!  See you soon.  Love you.

-Mad Max
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