Weekend Update: Birthdays, Bottles, and Baby Jesus

I swear.  This is allowed. 

Look!  Look quick.  My asian and white eye are coming out.  We are both watching you.

On Saturday we went to Nathan and Alyssa's Birthday Party (4 years and 2 years) at Playscape.  Happy Birthday, kids!

Look at me go down the slide.

Um.  Whee?

Okay, Daddy.  Now this is what I am talking about.  Mommy was too scared to go on this one!

Can you find Mad Max?

We got this.

Hydrating after playtime.

Here are my friends enjoying some cupcakes (Yvonne and Corinne).  What's a 10 month old got to do around here to get a cupcake?

Happy Birtthday Alyssa and Nathan!  Thanks for inviting me!

Mommy was checking out their decor.  She's been working hard on my 1st Birthday Celebration!  How do you like these lady bug centerpieces?

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... Here I am in a Santa get-up.  Check out my first Nativity scene.  See it?  Over there?  On the floor?  Poor Baby Jesus!

What happened to the donkey?  What did you say?

So ... are you decorating for the holidays?

-Mad Max

Double Trouble

Enjoy a few photos of me with Cousin Ribear from last week ...

Sure I would look at the scary ducks that you are pointing at.  But.  I.  Can't.  See.  Them.

No words.  Mommy!  Mommy!  Look at this pink bib Gma J aka Mimi has me in!

If we stay very, very quiet ... we may blend in with the couch and the adults may not see us!  Right, Grampi?

More soon!

-Mad Max

Fun with the Mad Man

Mommy has been drowning in snot (yum! ... and so am I!), so she is behind on helping me with my blog. We are off this week and catching up with many things though!

I have a new game at the dinner table called "up" and "down."  Can you guess which one this is? 


A week or so ago it was cold enough to wear my hat from Auntie Tam (Baby Gap).  Daddy!  Daddy!  You could turn your chest hair into a hat.  Love you, Daddy!

As you may have heard ... I have a new trick called "one eye" (thanks Pops!).  Here I am doing one eye with Glowworm.

More soon!

Are you gearing up for Thanksgiving?  Will you play "up" and "down" at the dinner table?

-Mad Max


Double Digits: Happy 10 Month Bday

Last Monday on 11/7/11 it was my 10 Month Bday!  Happy Birthday to Me, Mad Max!  (Yes, once again, Mommy and I are a bit behind).  Mommy tried to take 100s and 100s of photos, but many of them looked like this above.  (What do you expect at -5:30 am or whatever it was ... !  I didn't even have my morning Scotch and newspaper time yet!)

And some photos looked like this.  Feet.  Monkey feet.

Some photos looked like this.  When I'm really excited I throw my hands in the air.  Yay!  Don't you?

About to whistle.  Obviously. 

Later at Gma J's aka Mimi's.  Strike a pose?

I also celebrated my 10 Month later that night with Lambie.  Lately my hobby is to claw out his eyes.  Train Wreck Mommy says, "no!  no!  Poor Lambie."  Well, Mommy ...if he didn't have eyes, he wouldn't be staring at me at night, now would he?

How has your November been so far?  I'll be sure to share more soon!

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Recovery

I had a pretty low key weekend with Mommy and Daddy since I was recovering from my sickness.  I didn't start eating well until late on Sunday afternoon.  Nothing like starving yourself to death on the weekend!

But Gma and Gpa J did come visit (Mimi and Grampi).  Daddy made us (well them) "nachos" with "vegan cheese" yum!

I also went with Mommy and Mimi to Target.  Thanks for the new farm fridge toy, Mimi!  I love creating cow ducks!

I love looking for knives and dangerous things in the kitchen!

Today I watched the Texans with Daddy like always ... played ball and went to music class with Mommy.  And tortured my brother the feline (aka chased him around and yelled "ohh ohh!").

I love my Clutch Bear beads.  This is my thinking face.  Obviously.

How was your weekend?  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!  It's my 10 month Birthday!  (11/7/11).

-Mad Max

Call 911! Call 911!

Last week was eventful to say the least.  I was enjoying a relaxing evening at home last Wednesday evening with Train Wreck Mommy, My Hero Daddy, and My Brother the Feline ...when BAM ... meet projectile vomiting Max, full exorcism, Max after his first frat party, etc.

It went on and on and on and on.  Mommy started to smell really bad.  Like throw up!  

Fast forward a few hours (and me refusing to take liquids), and we ended up in a horror house aka the ER at Texas Children's Hospital.  Now I have nothing against the hospital, but let's say the ER was umm, interesting.

The Train Wrecks didn't take many photos that night.  They were too busy worrying about me.  Hey, Mommy!  I'm a Super Baby.

Luckily, they put me on what they call "Fast Track" (I'm guessing because I'm a Super Baby), so I ended up in the special waiting room for several hours.

Ohh, Mommy.  This throwing up is horrible.  I may not drink Scotch again.  I threw up into several different blankies in the waiting room.  I think you have to be bleeding from the head for them to take you quickly.

Daddy, lets escape.  Please!  What hour are we on?  I feel like I'm trapped in 24.

Shortly after this pic was taking (several hours later) a doctor finally saw me, and I finally took some liquid.  Boy that liquid tasted good!  The doc said I had some kind of bad bad stomach virus.  Lovely.

Later in the week ... I'm on like Day 1,000 of not really eating well.  But look!  Look at me!  I ate one puff.

I have good news to report though.  Finally ... now on Sunday, I'm eating *almost* (but not quite) normal again after the ER visit.  I need to bulk up for the holidays!

How was your week?  When was the last time you went to the ER?

-Mad Max

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