fun monday: Sadie's Week 17 Update

Hi Friends,

Sadie here ... How was your weekend?

This is my Week 17 update from LAST Monday.  And this past Friday I turned 4 months.  Can you believe it?  The Big 4 and no 0.  (Stay tuned for more photos from my 4 Month Birthday).

So first ... what did we do this weekend?  We had a big one!  Not only was it my 4 month birthday ... but on Friday part of Mommy's work day consisted of professional development of her choice so we went to the museums with Mommy.  We also first had lunch at the Black Lab (British food - thanks for waking me up guys).  Then we went to the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston and the Cullen Sculpture Garden (The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston).  Mommy said she could do this EVERY Friday.

Saturday we went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo parade with "Auntie" Alicen.  Big Bro Max loved the drums in the bands.  Thanks again guys for not waking me up for the parade!  Then Max had his SoccerTots later that afternoon.  Besides our usual this weekend ... we will probably just also head to the park later today (Sunday).

How about you?  What did you do?  (Stay tuned for some photos from my weekend!)

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 17 Update

Weight: We go to the doc today (Monday) for my 4 month check up.  I should know the details then.  What would you guess?

Height: See above.

Health: Wonderful so we think!  We should find out more at the doc.

Sleep: I'm doing about the same.  Definitely not great at the grandparents, but I am better at home with Mommy.  We hope things get better all around!  We are continuing to try CIO (cry it out).  In a few weeks, I am going to be transitioning into my pack and play bed at home (and we are giving away our bassinet to a friend).  And then I will transition to my crib.  We are moving soon to our temporary house (and our new home at the end of the year / beginning of the year) so we will get my crib then.  We need to find one first!  Any tips on modern looking white cribs?  That aren't too terribly pricey?

Diet: Same - Mommy's Milk only!  Nursing Moms ... what do you do to keep your milk supply up?

Social: Basically everything we stated above in our Weekend Update.  I don't know that I went anywhere last week when Mimi or Ya Ya were watching me.

Clothes: The clothes in this posting are from Carter's (we promise, not all of my clothes are from Carter's).  I'm still wearing 3 months + or 3 - 6 months.  I can probably fit in the smaller 6 months + soon.  But Mommy isn't going to get those ready yet.  

Baby Gear: About the same as last week... I'm really liking grabbing things - so my toys with texture.  I have some soft blocks that have texture that were Max's.  Mommy is also getting a lot of use out of her Ergo.  How do you wear your baby?

Crying: I had a few nights this past week where I woke up crying a lot.  Mommy was pretty sure it was a tummy ache of some kind.  I still cry a lot with the grandparents, but we are hoping that gets better soon.  Any tips?

Likes: I really like watching my brother (as always), talking a lot, when Mommy and others sing to me ...and now I like grabbing my toes!

Postpartum: From Mommy - my hair is definitely falling out - about the same as it did with Max.  I still feel like I need to do a ton more exercise, but I'm doing the best that I can.  I'm completely exhausted, but that has more to do with working FT at a demanding job and taking care of two babies (and everything else I need to do).  If you are in the postpartum world right now, how are you?

Milestones: I'm grabbing AND holding on to my feet now.  It just happened over this past week.  I'm also REALLY close to rolling over back to front.

What is Max Up To This Week?: Max is still talking and singing a lot.  His big milestone of the week was ... Mommy was reading a book to me, and he started filling in the words (had the books memorized).  He is also singing along to a lot of songs.

What about you?  How was your weekend?  What are you up to this week?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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next stop: We See Cowgirls In Our Future.

Hi Friends,

How is your week so far?  We meant to post this yesterday/ Wednesday, but Mommy is still running on fumes.  How about you?  Fumes or lots of steam?  What are your tips for not running on fumes?

So we wanted to take a look back ...and then look ahead.  We didn't share with you our fun past weekend yet.  I (Max) started SoccerTots up again!  Afterwards we walked around City Centre - it was such a nice sunny day!  Later after a late snack, we headed over to Discovery Green to check out some of the All Star Weekend celebrations.  And finally, we just wanted to share a sneak peek of Sissy's Weekly Photos.  (From this past Sunday).  You know she already turns 4 months on Friday!  Whoa.  We will share those 4 month photos next week.  Enjoy the photos below!  And read more about our next stop at the bottom.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

It looks like Sissy is running!  By the way, she was always with us - but asleep with Mommy so I guess she didn't get too many photos.  More next time!

So .... what are you doing this coming weekend?  Any big plans?  Our big plan of the weekend (besides Soccer and our other usual events) is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade (as long as the weather is nice).  It will be my first Rodeo parade (and Sadie's too!).  But this year is my third Rodeo (and of course Sissy's first).  Yeehaw!

Mommy just bought some additional items for our rodeo outfits for this year.  She bought me real cowboy boots from Sheplers.  And she bought Sissy a rodeo outfit (I already have shirts and Wranglers I can wear).  If you live in Houston .... are you headed to the rodeo?  Or if you don't live in Houston, have you been to a rodeo?  (If you ever come to Houston, it's one of the most fun times of the year here!).

-Mad Max

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fun monday: Sadie's Week 16 Update

Hi Friends,

Sadie here ... How was your weekend?

Mommy has been REALLY dragging lately ...but we are trying to catch up now with my Week 16 Update from last week!  I actually turn 17 weeks TODAY (Monday), and I am 4 months on Friday (Feb 22nd).  Where is time going?

First .... our weekend.  It was another busy one.  How about yours?  Mommy got her hair cut on Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon Max started his soccer again - GOAL... I really enjoyed watching him (well, I always enjoy watching him).  After soccer on Saturday, we went to enjoy some sun at City Centre ... and then we went to enjoy some more outdoor time at Discovery Green in Downtown Houston, and it was near all of the All Star Game action.  We also went to one of our favorite international grocery stores, Phoenicia.

Sunday was mostly our usual (church, Whole Foods), but Mommy and Daddy also celebrated Valentine's Day by going to the Houston Symphony (Mommy says - thank you, Daddy!  xo).  And thank you Mimi and PP for watching us.  Whew... hopefully we can share fun pics of our weekend soon.  But first ....

Sadie's Week 16 Update

Weight: Well, I had to go visit the doc for my first non-Well visit not last week, but the week before last at the end of the week for a bad diaper rash (Thursday I believe?).

They weighed me!  I was 13.25 lbs at the appt.  So I am guessing I am over that now.  Yikes.

Height: Not sure, but I have my 4 month check up coming up a week from today / Monday - I should find out then!

Health: Everything has been as good as gold except for the bad diaper rash ... We found out I had a yeast infection rash which is very common for itty bitty babies.  I'm still taking the meds, but it is pretty much all cleared up now!

Sleep: Things are going about as well as they had before.  Things are off and on better with the Grandparents.  I've had a few days last week where I slept really well for an extended period time in my bed at their house.  But it hasn't been happening each and every day all day, YET.

We are trying to stick to the CIO (Cry It Out) method for now.

Things are going pretty well at home!

Diet: Mommy's Milk Only!

Social: Well, not this past weekend...but the weekend prior we celebrated Ya Ya's birthday.  I went out to eat to my first German restaurant.

Also since I talked to you last, I had my first beauty salon visit with Ya Ya.

Clothes: Same as before - 3 months and 3 - 6 months clothes.  The onesie I am wearing in this photoshoot is from Carter's.  I'm also holding my Pottery Barn Kids bunny lovey in many photos.  Mommy probably would have dressed me up even fancier, but sometimes she just has to take photos when she has the opportunity to do so!

Baby Gear: Lately I am really loving anything I can grab (can't you tell from these photos).  That includes my lovies, rattles, toys, and more!  Well, most of all I probably love grabbing Mommy's hair.

Crying: Nothing new in this department.  I don't cry too much at home.  I cry more at the Grandparents / away from Mommy.  We are still hoping this continues to get better.  I sometimes have to cry a lot to finally go to sleep.  I sometimes cry in my sleep.

Likes: Everything the same as before ... AND ... I love sitting up, but I can't sit up yet, so that is the problem.  I love looking around.  I love trying to reach for things (like my toes!).  I love attempting to roll over.  And I love laughing!  Mommy has yet to capture it on video, but she is going to keep trying.

Postpartum: From Mommy - I am definitely losing hair now.  And the same update as before.  Although I fell off the wagon a tiny bit with the gym, but I will jump back in it this week.

Milestones: The biggest one would have to be rolling over without Mommy seeing!  I rolled over from tummy to back at Mimi and Grampis.  I think it only happened one time.

It hasn't happened at home yet!

I'm also grabbing my toes (or trying to) a lot more now.  And I love to talk a lot, but that isn't a new milestone.

What is Max Up To This Week?:

He repeats (or tries to) nearly every word lately.  He is singing a lot!  He will sing the end note of songs.

We also do the ABC song, and he can fill in some of the letters.

... so what about you?  How was your weekend?  And what are you up to this week?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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Happy "I Heart You" Week

Hi Friends,

Happy Valentine's Week!  Okay ... Valentine's is just a Day, but still.  Why not celebrate love all week?

Sorry that we've been a bit MIA lately ... first, our Weekly Updates with Sadie must have been messed up somehow - did we use the wrong photos?  Miss a week of photos?  Anyways, we will be back strong on Friday since we took photos on Sunday.

Also how was your weekend?  Mommy had a big test to take on Saturday morning so last week her week was thrown off do to either preparation or just worrying about preparation.  And what else did we do this weekend?  It was a full one at that.  We (mostly Daddy with the help of Mimi and Grampi) prepared the house to go on the market on Monday (we'll be moving to some temp digs while we wait for our new Super House to be built - more on that soon).

Mommy took me and Sissy to Whole Foods on Saturday to pick up some Happy Birthday treats for Ya Ya and some Valentine's Day treats.  Saturday we celebrated Ya Ya's birthday (Happy Birthday Ya Ya on Monday!  We lo-ve you!) by going to a German restaurant (great food and music) and of course eating chocolate cake.

On Sunday we had our family time at church and our Sunday morning Whole Foods visit.  We also went to the Children's Museum with Mommy, and met Mommy's friend A and her baby A there.  The most drama of the weekend?  The hand rail to a slide at the Children's Museum jumped out and hit my face!  No joke.  Mommy said I looked like the Walking Dead.  Blood was EVERYWHERE!  All over my face.  All over my hands.  Don't worry - I calmed down Mommy, cleaned up, and got right back on the slide.

I had my FIRST sleepover at Mimi and Grampi's on Sunday evening because they painted my room and it "stink."  But before I left Mommy realized I had a bad fever - eep.  Fast forward to my Monday doctor visit ... and I have a slight ear infection and viral infection.

Enjoy a few images below from the weekend (Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J).  Mommy said she needed more light for the images, but we will try again next weekend!  She said it was hard also with an active toddler (who me?).

And don't you love our Valentine's Day shirts?  They are by the talented KLZART on etsy!

And speaking of LO - VE ... are you buying flowers this Valentine's Day?  (Hint Hint, Daddy!) ... if so, you should consider buying them at our favorite market, Whole Foods Market.  Why, you ask?  More from Whole Foods Market:

Red roses on Valentine's Day send a classic message – eternal love.  However, last Valentine’s Day, 29 percent of shoppers chose to purchase other hues, too*.  Why?  There are many typesof love to celebrate – puppy love, friendship, family love, self love – and every rose color sends a special message, so choose wisely! 

From Max: Mommy loves red, but what a great idea to go with a non-typical color too!

Not sure which color to pick?  Here are just a few Whole Trade® shades to consider:

· Red – romantic love

· Yellow – friendship or congratulations

· White – “I miss you” (also truth and purity)

· Peach – “Thank you”

· Purple – love at first sight

· Yellow with red tips – friendship turning into love

When you show your mom, sister, coworker or sweetheart you care with bright, beautiful Whole Trade® roses from Whole Foods Market, you’ll be showing growers, farm workers and the environment you care, too.  That’s because our Whole Trade program guarantees:

· Fair prices to producers

· Safe and healthy working conditions for farm workers

· Environmentally-friendly growing practices

· High quality products

· A one percent donation of each purchase to Whole Planet Foundation for poverty relief

Image: Whole Foods Market

Image: Whole Foods Market
Mad Max

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next stop: FORE! (Four). But My Favorite Number Is 2.

Hi Friends,

How is your week going?

What plans have you made for this coming weekend?  Do your plans involve any special Daddy time? What about Grandpa time?

I'm looking forward to some special Pops time on Friday.  A few weeks ago he took me on my first trip to the golf course (well the putting area).  I got to use my new golf clubs I got for Christmas from Pops and Ya Ya.  This Friday he said we are going back to practice.  What do you say we get one of those go go carts, a bottle of Scotch, and hit all 18 hole this time, Pops?

Have you taken your kidlets to the Golf Course yet?

I know ... I know... Mommy said, "Be a big boy, and put down the pass!"... well, don't come begging me when paci companies want to sponsor me at Super Baby PGA.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

-Mad Max 

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last stop: It's All Fun And Games Until You Poke Daddy's Eye Out

Hi Friends,

How was your Superbowl weekend?  What did you do this weekend?

In celebration of our first blogging conference that we went to (Dad 2.0 Summit) ... we are focusing on everything Dads this week.  How do your kids celebrate their Dad?  (The irony is that MOMMY went to the Dad 2.0 Summit - and she appreciated the invite, thank you!).

Have you been to a blogging conference?  What did you think?  Would you recommend any to us?

Dad 2.0 was in Houston this year, and Mommy was invited to attend.  She couldn't attend all days or as much as she would have liked (due to work and taking care of Sissy).  But she did get to enjoy some of the conference on Saturday, and Mommy said she was really inspired and impressed.  The Four Seasons Houston was a great location ... they had an impressive breakfast spread, she enjoyed talking to several sponsors (especially Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food ... that's right up my alley, baby what?), enjoyed talking to bloggers ... and most of all enjoyed the speakers.

She was very impressed by the Key Note speaker Brene Brown, and she got a signed copy of her book Daring Greatly.  The subject of much of her talk was about being vulnerable (and being vulnerable as a positive thing)... what do you think?  When were you last vulnerable?  Or are you always vulnerable?  Mommy also got to enjoy the Keynote Conversation - Brands and Commerce.  This subject is very familiar to Mommy since she use to work in the ad world in NYC.  Mad Men anyone?

All Images: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Here I am enjoying some of that yummy Ella's Kitchen "Baby Food."  Hey, I say it's also great as Super Tot snack food!  But Sissy, just you wait until you try these.  Daddy actually made my baby food (and the same goes for when Sissy eats), but we think these would be a great addition to have on hand. They are made with quality organic food, and they are easy and fun to use!  I like to call these "squeezies."

Have you tried Ella's Kitchen?

Do you think I just stopped at one flavor?

Daddy Time

The weekend was unusually amazing in Houston (as in not 1,000 degrees as it is March - November) was in the 70's, not humid, and sunny!  We enjoyed a lot of Daddy park time.  On Saturday we went to Hermann Park, and I rode my BIKE not trike (skkut bike).  Big Boy Max here.

I also counted acorns, and raced Mommy to the tree.  Beat.  Her.  Every.  Time.  You'll get there, Mommy.

Sunday we enjoyed park time at Stude park.  I practiced my soccer skills and went down the slide 1,000 times.

Our weekend was mostly great if you take out the part where I stabbed Daddy's eye and he had to go to the emergency clinic.  No, but seriously ... I accidently poked his eye, and Saturday night he finally listened to Mommy and went to the emergency clinic (because who wants to sit in the ER for hours?).  Luckily he went ...and they gave him some meds.  He should be cleared up in a few days.  Any ER trips for you this weekend?  I hope not!

Above is a sneak peek at Sissy's Weekly fotos ... she had a HUGE milestone this weekend.  She laughed and laughed Sunday evening.  The question now is - is she laughing with us or at us?

She also likes grabbing things a lot now... Mommy says a lot more than I did as a baby.  She's training to grab for Daddy's wallet - speaking of Daddy time!  In the photo above, she has some toys from a Bright Start play mat, and her teether Chewbeads are next to her (Mommy has a Chewbead necklace too!).

Sissy was FINALLY awake on an outing.  Not a whole lot to see here, Big People (she says ... in a nice Southern accent).

And finally on the flip side ... MOMMY (not Daddy) was busy this weekend doing some research for Mother's Day Out programs for me in the Fall.  Did your child do a Mother's Day Out program?  If you live in the Houston area (well, down south east by my Super Grandparents - Friendswood or Pearland) ... are there any you would recommend?

And how was your weekend?

-Mad Max

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fun friday: Sadie's Week 14 Update

Hi Friends,

How was your week?

Sadie here ... I know what you are thinking.  How the ... did I become 14 Weeks?  And how the ... did I get so big?

Well, first time passes.  And second, Mommy's milk.  Hello people!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 14 Update

Weight:  No clue.  How would I know that?  Mommy doesn't own a scale.  13 lbs?  14 lbs?  What is your guess?  But look at me!  This was the first week I am really overtaking my Pottery Barn Kids blanket area (more on that soon).  I'm huge!

Complete side note ... Mommy needs to work on taking some smiling photos of me.  She use to take my weekly photos on Monday ... on my (ding ding ding) weekly birthday.  But now that we are gone out of the house on average from 6:30 am until sometimes 5:30 or 6:30 pm she can't get any natural light to take photos!  She just takes them when she can on Sundays.

Height: 24 inches maybe?  Daddy said it doesn't really matter until I'm tall enough to ride a roller coaster with him.

Health:  Another side note, I can't remember if I told you, but I have a Southern accent (Max has a British accent).  So when you are reading this ... just remember to use a Southern accent.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Health... no real complaints except I've had a long on-going diaper rash (probably my worst one yet)?  Although it doesn't seem to bother me much.  The big people keep putting cream on me though.

Sleep: About the same as last week.  I'm doing better in the evenings, and I sleep from about 8 pm until about 3 or 4 or 5 am.  I sleep in my bassinet the whole time until I wake up.  Then Mommy sometimes likes to sleep with me.

Sleep at the Grandparents this week has been a huge struggle.  Hello, take me home! ... but there was a breakthrough on Thursday, and I seem to be doing better with getting swaddled.  I also like that Mommy took my Lambie seat to the Grandparents.  Do you have any advice for how I can take better naps at their house?  Short of shipping me off to a spa (which does sound nice)?

Thanks for putting up with me Ya Ya and Mimi!  My cuteness is worth it?

Diet: Mommy's Milk

Social: Last weekend if you remember correctly I spent some time with Mommy's friend M.  We went to the Mom Expo and lunch in The Woodlands.  On Sunday, I had my first trip (besides Houston Zoo Lights) to the Houston Zoo.

Clothes: 3 Months and 3 - 6 Months.  Mommy started packing away my Newborn clothes.  Tear, she said!  Mimi got the outfit I am wearing in these photos on our trip to Disney World last year.

Baby Gear: Thursday my Lambie seat (Fisher Price Little Infant Lamb Seat) was a life saver at Ya Ya's house.  It really brings me comfort!  What are your baby's comfort items lately?

I also love grabbing things more and more - so I like Mommy's Chewbeads!  We will have to take some photos.

Crying: I'm not really crying at any usual times at home.  I've cried a lot at the Grandparents, but things seem to be getting better towards the end of the week.

Likes: I like watching brother!  I like being with my Mommy A LOT.  I like kick kick kicking now.  I have strong legs.  Don't let these rolls deceive you.  I like scooting on the floor.  Just wait, I'll be rolling over soon (and running with Big Bro Max).

Postpartum: From Mommy - About the same as my last update.  Doing well so far with getting to the gym a handful of times a week.  But pretty much running on fumes - which has more to do with my life as it is currently than it has to do with postpartum.

Milestones: The biggest one this week was really using some leg strength.  I like to kick a lot when getting changed now.  I also can scoot myself on the floor by kicking.  I keep trying to roll over, but I haven't managed it yet.

What is Max Up To This Week?:

The real question is what is he NOT up to ... that boy has kept busy.  Mommy said he is growing like a weed (up and not out).  He also said a few sentences this week, but Mommy and I aren't remembering them (drink more java, Mommy), but Ya Ya wrote them down.

He also likes counting the steps as he goes up them at home.  Granted, not necessarily in the right order, but you'll get there bro!

And how was your week?  And if you have a little one ... how are they doing?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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