Never Leave Home Without It

So Train Wreck Mommy took me to the doc today after I had a fever last night.  (Oh, Mommy ... nothing a little Scotch wouldn't cure!).

Mommy said we had an "interesting" visit because "we" forgot the "paci" in the car.  What do I say?  I said it was very b-o-r-i-n-g without Daddy.  The highlight?  Mad Max is now weighing in at ...

18.85 booyah.  Heavy weight cage fighter.  Take that, fever!

After my weigh in everything went downhill.  We looked out the window.  Boring.  I tried to climb the chairs, and Mommy held me back.  I wanted to go on the floor, and Mommy shouted "dirty!"... Mommy gave me magazines, and I ripped them up ... "They are not ours, Mino."... Mommy put me on the waiting table, and I had fun for about 10.5 seconds with the paper.  Mommy gave me puffs, but she didn't think it was fun to throw them on the floor.  And so on.

End result?  The doc said I was "super cute"...but "ohh that's a horrible ear infection."

Mixed signals.  Just cut to the chase, doc!

How are you?  Sick yet this "fall"?

-Mad Max

And we are cousins ...

So Mommy and I realized that our "Mad for Mommy" blog was actually suppose to be created Thursday nights.  Wow.  We are lucky we even know what day it is lately.

But do please cut us some slack... we've been so under the weather that I had to visit the doc today.  More on that soon.

In the meantime, enjoy some shots of Trouble 1 and 2.  Ribear got a red wagon for her F1RST Birthday.  Happy Birthday Ribear!  Mommy said I am going to get one for Christmas.  Wow.  Mommy, you are great with surprises!

I think we need to pimp it out.  Thoughts?

We are going to so fast my hair is blowing in the wind!

Beverage holder without a beverage.  Fail.

Do you have a Radio Flyer?  Or did you have one when you were younger?

-Mad Max

Mad for Mommy: Letter of the Day

On Thursdays, we are aiming to do a "Mad for Mommy" blog (Mommy Tips).

Tip: Be sure to incorporate letters, words, and reading every day!

Mommy and I make this easy.  For example, you can make a letter of the day.  You can use letters as your floor mat (found at Lowes), or you can eat your letters.  As you can see in photos below sometime last week our letter of the day was W or maybe it was M, either way.

How do you incorporate letters, words, and reading into your day?

-Mad Max

Weekend Update: Melting, Riding, and Climbing (Part II)

Happy Birthday, Cousin Ribear!  Cheer up, kiddo!

Train Wreck Mommy and I apologize for being behind on the blogs this week.  Mommy is still feeling under the weather, and I had a fever last night.  Not to mention the piles of work Mommy keeps mentioning.

But last weekend we went to the Houston Zoo to celebrate Cousin Ribear's F1RST Birthday!

Cousin Corryn.  Slightly upset.  See, she is related to Mommy!  Hah!

Gma J aka Mimi got a double stroller.  I'll let Birthday Ribear lead this time.  Wow, let's see where that leads us!

Aren't we quite the pair?

It's only about 1,000 degrees outside, guys.  Let's see how much longer we can melt!  Zoom in, Mommy.

Me, Mad Max ... in all of my glory.

My F1RST carousel ride!  Whee!  All by myself.  Let's teach Daddy the "zoom" button, Mommy.

Daddy!  Daddy!  Look behind you!  A real live Sophie or Patches.

I am having a dreadful feeling that this is going to end up on Awkward Family Photos.

In addition to going to the Houston Zoo last weekend, I also worked on my coffee table climbing skills.  Booyah!

Mommy!  Mommy!  Look at all those papers / projects you need to grade that have been sitting there.

Teeth?  Who needs teeth?  Max eats coffee table.

What did you do last weekend?  What are your plans for this weekend?

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Part I

As promised ... last weekend:

Mad Max the Rock Climber.  Or Transformer Coffee Table Climber.  Either one. 

Hey, brother!  Wake up!  Dinner time.

And of course ... Teddy's 3rd Birthday Party.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Teddy!

Urban Cowboy.

I ride my horsey to Auntie Tam's.

YES SE Wizard Boys: Luke, Harlem, Blake, and of course Mad Max.  Teddy?  Where are you?

Bein' a Cowboy, of course.

I hope you had a good weekend.  The next blog update will be this weekend.  What did you do this weekend?

-Mad Max


Update: Holdin' down the Ranch

Where has Mad Max been?

Train Wreck Mommy and I have been under the weather since Sunday ... and of course Train Wreck Mommy is now trying to catch up on work.

Mad Max will be back soon with many blog stories and updates!  In the meantime, enjoy Cowboy Mad Max ... just one of my fun adventures from last weekend (Teddy's (a fellow SE Wizard) 3rd Birthday Party.  Pony Rides?  The Answer is YES.)  More to come!

Umm, I'm not sure about the hat, Daddy.

I ride my horsey.  I ride my horsey.  I ride my horsey to Auntie Tam's.  I ride my horsey.  I ride my horsey.  I ride my horsey to Auntie Tam's.  Hmm, Texas urban babies ride horses?  I'm not sure about the red flannel (although Thank You, Auntie Janice!) ... I may prefer black.  Like Mommy.

-Mad Max


Mad for Mommy: Ball Pit

On Fridays I will provide my weekly "Mommy Tips" ... Mad for Mommy!  As we all know, if anyone needs tips ... it is Train Wreck Mommy.

I'm borrowing this idea from Gma A aka Gramby.  Shout out to Gramby.

If you've been to the Children's Museum of Houston you may know that they have a few small ball pits in the Tot Spot area.  Seriously, what can be better than a pit full of balls?  Okay, yes, maybe sharing some baby espresso with Hemingway, but since we don't have a pit with Hemingway at the Children's Museum, I don't think that counts.

Me eat balls.  Me hungry.  (By the way, why doesn't Cookie Monster use proper grammar?  Ponder that.)

Yay!  Nothing like being caged in with a bunch of plastic balls!

In all seriousness, this is loads of fun.  At least 15 minutes of fun.  Okay, maybe 5 minutes of fun.  If you have a portable crib / playpen and some balls (ahem) - you have a ball pit!  (Thank you Chicco, Auntie Tam, and Uncle Michael!).  Now, obviously, you should probably add more balls than we did (hint, hint, Mommy)... then step 2, add baby ... step 3, take photos of baby in jail ... step 4, baby eats and throws balls.

Quality family fun.

How do you like to spend time in your playpen?

-Mad Max


So many dates ...

So about a week ago (I am losing track ... oh, Mommy, you are rubbing off on me!) my "miracle baby" friend (Anna) came to visit with her parents.  (Thanks for the swing set, Anna!)...

Anna is a cool cat ... she's a miracle baby, so how can you get any better than that?

But it felt much like an awkward first "we met on date" ...

Um, yah so... see the latest headlines on the Wall Street Journal?  I know, I know, not looking pretty.  Eat any good baby biscuits lately?  Oh, you eat big people food now?  Wow, awkward.  

Luckily things got better after we bonded over a few drinks... I mean, blocks!

Come visit again soon, Anna!  Thanks for coming from East San Antonio aka Katy!

-Mad Max

Mad Money

My new Tuesday blog is titled "Mad Money" ... Mad Max will bring you and your Train Wreck Mommy some shopping tips (from the perspective of a tragically hip and stylish Super Infant) ...

Now some of you may have been recently checking out my cool blocks - they are soft, but not too soft... they have interesting textures without being overloaded ... they have many colors from the color wheel ... and pictures like an apple that is channeling it's inner Magritte.

Oh, block!

My hero, my Daddy ... got them for me at FUNdamentally Toys.  It is a boutique toy store in Houston.

What is your favorite toy store?  Do you have any favorite boutique toy stores in Houston and elsewhere?  Find any interesting new toys lately?

-Mad Max


9/11/01: We will never forget.

Yesterday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 I wanted to wear one of my favorite bibs to honor our heroes: FDNY firefighters.  Here I am above in my bib, enjoying some organic puffs.

My TW Mommy and I love NY.  Mommy use to live in NYC, and she was there when the bad terrorists attacked the WTC.  Mommy said next time we visit NYC (probably early 2012) we will go visit the new WTC Memorial.  I would have worn my I Love NY outfit, but I grew out of that long ago (time to make a request to Auntie Tam).

How did you remember 9/11/01?

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Remembering and More

This weekend marked the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001.  For those of you counting, I was not born quite yet, but my Mommy explained that it was a very sad but important day in our recent history. Stay tuned ... in my next blog, I have a photo dedicated to 9/11/01.

In the meantime ... my Weekend Update:

Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy took me to the Houston Zoo for my weekend outing.  Daddy is trying to point out very important animals in the Children's Zoo.  I am just trying not to gag on the skunk smell.

Finally!  A photo with Mommy!  Mommy, look ... I am almost as big as you.

This weekend at home I started to show off my monkey (climbing) skills.  Honestly, what I was really trying to say was ... um, Mommy!  Mommy!  It's time to update the blog.  Let me go ahead and get the laptop.

Sunday also marked my F1RST (not counting Pre-Season) Texans game.  I'm practicing my kicking skills by kicking some blocks and balls at home.

Hey, brother!  Hey, feline ... let's having a crawling race.  Your fur can't handle me right now.

Giggle fits with Daddy (not a modeling session).

"Cousin" Reid and "Cousin" Dylan stopped by on Sunday with "Auntie" Eek too (Auntie Eek, we forgot to take a photo together!  Oh, Mommy).  Wow, check out Dylan the scene stealer.  Need I say more?

Um, you boys can go ahead and pose for a photo.  I'm taking off this way.  I heard Daddy pouring me a Scotch.  (Come visit again soon, Robertson crew!!)

And how did everyone else spend their weekend?

-Mad Max


Mad for Mommy: Facetime with Auntie Tam

Mad for Mommy is my new Friday blog!  I'm going to give Mommy Tips to all Train Wreck Moms in my Mad for Mommy blog.

So first Mommy tip ... not sure how to keep in touch with family and friends (and foes) that are far away?  Auntie Tam and I do weekly Facetime dates.  We love to laugh at each other, cause trouble, and try to touch each other through the screen (Mommy gets nervous and says "my iPAD!  Careful!  Gentle!"...

How do you keep in touch?  Give us tips too!

-Mad Max


Happy 8th Month Birthday (To Me)

Happy 8th Month Bday to me!  Thanks for wishing me a Happy Bday before 6 am, Mommy.

Birthday outfit you say?  I think not.  PJs all the way.

Did you just say no Scotch for breakfast (and on my birthday)?

What did I do for my birthday yesterday?  I took over the world.  I laid on the floor and had deep philosophical thoughts.  I studied my shapes and colors.

Yes, this is me, with Pops and Mean Bean.

Hey, cous ... watch it.  Train Wreck Mommy says your licks have a viral infection that only Jack Bauer can stop.

Train Wreck Mommy and I are back!  Look for another blog soon.  What is the highlight of your week? Any birthdays you are celebrating this week?

-Mad Max
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