Keep Mad Max Weird: Austin (Post 1)

Last week we went on a vacation to Austin (my first out of town overnight trip!), and Daddy treated us to the Four Seasons Austin (thanks to help from our good friend, Mer! xo).  Only Luxury for this Super Infant!  Austin was quite an adventure with Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero, Daddy... let's start with Ramona Eyes.

First we went to Kerbey Lane Cafe (and went several times) to munch on some veggie food with the hippies.  What?  No food for Mad Max?  How did I get these two chins then?  Ramona eyes at you!

Where is Mad Max?  There I am above on my bed at the Four Seasons.  Hah!  Who is on my bed?  Why that is Guadalupe of course!  My Chickpea toy from Toy Joy. Hippie Hipster Super Infant!  I still drink my Scotch though.  Irony.  We also enjoyed vegan ice cream at Toy Joy.  You heard me right, vegan. ice. cream.

By the way, this wasn't really my bed ... (some of the time).  The Four Seasons treats Super Infants right!  They brought me my very own crib, pail for my pee pee and poo poo pants, and bath items.

I went swimming for the first time with Daddy in the Four Seasons pool.  Daddy, Daddy, it's called w-a-t-e-r.  That starts with a "w."  Mommy keeps saying ... Max that starts with an "M."  Okay, Mommy ... that starts with a "T" for Train Wreck!

I love swimming with you, Daddy!

Resort life ... this is what I am talking about!

My first trip to the Flagship / Original Whole Foods in Austin.  This was the first of 5,000 trips on vacation!

I have my Super Hipster shades on from Auntie Tam.  Love you!

Look at Mad Max the Super Mad Scientist at the Austin Nature and Science Center.

Bird feet bigger than my feet?  I'm staying away from that flying poo.

Yes, that's right.  Dino bones were found in Tejas.  Mad Max the nerd.

Bear eating hand = Ramona eyes.

What happens after we leave the Austin Nature and Science Center and the 1,000 degree heat?  This.

Which also means we get to go to the Daily Juice!

What's in your drink Daddy?

More Austin posts to come soon!  What vacation are you taking this summer?

-Mad Max


Dad's Day!

I started this a while ago ... but with all the drama with our AC (I think the Grandparents were doing that so we had to stay with them), vacations, and my social calendar, I am just now finishing it up.  Enjoy!

I had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with my hero, my Daddy ... and both of my Grandpas!  How did you celebrate?  What are your favorite Daddy memories or things you like to do with your Dad?  I love my Daddy because ... he always makes me laugh, he flies me in the air like Superman, he makes me the best homemade food, and he pours a good Scotch!

Here I am above with my Pops and Daddy.  I love you Pops!  I can't wait to beat you at golf.  I mean play with you.

Pops loved the art I made him.  You can put your Scotch on that.

I'm watching Daddy intently to see if he likes what I made him ...

Train Wreck Mommy didn't get a good photo of Dad's present I made him (we will have to do that, Mommy!).  I composed him a SONG on the piano with Gramby.  My first song for Daddy is framed!  Along with my handprints ... we will be hanging it in our townhome soon.  Move over Bieber.  Or is it Beiber?

Superdad!  My Dad is so super that he flew out of Candelari's Father's Day lunch together to take care of the AC (for the 1,000th time).  Don't worry, Daddy... Gpa J made sure that your food did not go to waste.

I've been busy (obviously).  I made Daddy a framed photo that has an underwater theme.  My hero, my Daddy, is a scuba diver.  We are going to put a photo from my first swim with Daddy in the frame.

Vegan pizza!  Yum!  Nothing beats the mush the Train Wrecks feed me though.

Gpa J (Grampi) also got a handmade tile, but where are the photos?  Daddy is more of a Train Wreck than Mommy when it comes to photos.  Here I am sweating it out (as usual) in my pampies.  I love you Grampi!  I can't wait to save you when we go scuba dive (well, Mom said I can just snorkel).  Boring!

What Father's Day stories do you have to share?

-Mad Max


Where are you Mad Max?

Fans!  I'm sorry I've been away ... we (me, Train Wreck Mommy, my Hero Daddy) have been having so many AC problems, and we've been away from home a lot ...which means, Mommy doesn't always bring my laptop for blogging (with all of my photos and such!).

Also we took a great trip to Austin.  I even went swimming for the first time!  (More on that soon).

As soon as all is back to normal (hopefully as soon as possible this week) ... then I will kick back with a bib, nice Scotch, and blog.

In the meantime, please enjoy a recent blog from my Auntie Tam about Baby Shower gifts: Down That Little Lane.

Mad Max


Happy Father's Day and Sweating in my Diapers

I also call my diapers ... my pampies (even though I don't even wear Pampers).  I wear nothing, I say!  Haha ... (Actually I usually wear Seventh Generation Diapers that Train Wreck Mommy and Hero Daddy buy on

But I am getting off topic ... I'm sorry I was away for more days than I thought I would be.  Our AC went crazy (and it's 1,000 degrees outside, as Mommy would say)... so we had to take off to Gma and Gpa A's house for several days (thanks for putting up with the Train Wreck and her sidekicks!) ...and of course Mommy left my laptop at home.  Wow.  At least I am back.  I will share with you a photo from today when we returned home ... the AC was still broken (see: sweating in my pampies), but it is now fixed.

Happy F1RST Father's Day to my Daddy, my hero!  I love you!  And of course also Happy Father's Day to Gpa J (Grampi) and Gpa A (Pops)!  Love you both.

My real Father's Day positing will come soon.  I will show you how much Scotch we drank between all of us.  Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

How do you keep cool this summer ... ?  How did you celebrate Father's Day?

-Mad Max


Art Thursdays: Is That Hair On My Cheese?

As you may remember from last week, Train Wreck Mommy and I are doing "Art Thursdays" this summer ... (and from what I've heard ...this may continue beyond summer ... with all of her mumblings).  Be sure to check out our Art Thursday from last week if you missed it.

We went to The Menil Collection.  It was actually my second visit.  I'm really trying to hone my craft of being a successful Super Infant Art Critic.  I don't think I blogged about my first visit because Mommy of course was a Train Wreck when we went back to school.  But I will share with you a photo from our first visit at the Menil with Daddy.

Tomorrow I will go ahead and share a few more photos from my first visit.

I don't have any photos from the Menil to share from today because 1) Mommy is a Train Wreck, 2) We were alone, 3) It was 1,000 Degrees, and 4) There are some crazy rules about taking photos in the museum.  So that all adds up, right?

So a few highlights though from our Art Thursday at the Menil.

1) I saw a piece of hairy cheese.  One may ask ... how is this art?  What does it mean?  What is the artist trying to say?  Why is the hair so long?  But instead, I of course asked ... how might that hair look on top of my head?

Be sure to read more about the artist, Robert Gober, and the hairy cheese.

2) Considering the fact that it's been 1,000 degrees in Houston for what seems like at least two months straight, Upside Down, Arctic Realities was more than your typical art experience.  You must read about it and go visit for yourself.  The exhibition space is transformed into an arctic place of wonder ... displaying artifacts from of course arctic regions of the world.  Mommy and I were experiencing and discussing the masks when I was so comfy that I fell asleep in my sling, dreaming of a colder climate.

3) Mommy also treated me to a new book, Andy Warhol's Colors.  He is one of my favs.

And finally, I also enjoyed meeting and discussing art with Mommy's friends and old co-workers from the Menil - Jennifer and Amy.  I'm glad you got to see me!

Then we met Mommy's friend Brownie at Cafe Brasil, and we also went to check out the best bookstore in Houston, Domy.  We tried to be artsy with our photos:

We have some work to do, huh, Mommy?

And I did crazy eyes with Brownie:

Stay tuned tomorrow I'll share photos and memories from my first visit to the Menil.

Do you have art days with your Super Kids?  What do y'all do?  

Do you have any favorite cafes in your city?

-Mad Max


Happy Birthday Grampi

This past Sunday we went to visit Gma and Gpa J for Grampi's Birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Apparently feeding me a bottle is a modeling affair ... do I take photos when you eat, Mommy?

Let's focus people, focus.

I also had a small photo shoot with the cousins (Corryn and Ri-Bear) ... aka Mom took about 1,000 photos and Ri-Bear decided to show off her gymnastic skills.

Hey ... to the right of me, leg down, kid.

Nice modeling face, Corryn.

Wow, Mom.  What are we eating lately?  Look at my cheeks!

Hand down, Gus.  Hand down.  Love yah ladies!  Until next time ...

How do you like to spend family birthdays?  Do you have any awkward photos with cousins (inappropriately holding their legs in the air)?

Fans ... don't forget to COMMENT and click FOLLOW on my blog!  Mad Max loves yah.  And Mad Max loves other blog recommendations.

-Mad Max


I Love My Auntie Tam!

Mad Max has been away from the blog lately ... sorry about that!  I had a very busy weekend.  My Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael came to visit me this past weekend.  Then on Sunday it was Gpa J (Grandpi's) Birthday.  Then last night Mommy went out with her friends to Little Bigs and Liberty Station without me, and she wouldn't let me blog.  Mommy, you know Liberty Station is my spot!

First, Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael's visit ... here is our reaction when we saw each other (me ... and then Auntie Tam):

We did all kinds of fun stuff with each other all weekend.  Here we are at Gma A's (Gramby's) playing at my Gym:

Composing at my play piano:

I just started eating "big people food"... although it's bright orange and mushy, so I don't know what kind of big people eat this.  Despite my face, I love all of the homemade food my Daddy makes me!  You try it first, okay, Auntie Tam?

On Friday we went with Train Wreck Mommy and Gramby to eat at Barcenas Mexican Restaurant and we went to paint pottery at The Painted Potter.  I had to show Auntie Tam the ropes since I'm a pottery painting regular.  I'd show you our masterpieces, but that would spoil some surprises!  We also went to Carter's, and Auntie Tam picked me up all kinds of new stylish digs.  Thanks, Auntie Tam!

Auntie Tam also danced up a storm for me.  Boy was that a sight to see ... 

We celebrated her Bday a few weeks late with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.

I spoiled Auntie Tam with the Savvy Auntie Book, a Birthday Plate I made from The Mad Potter, and Mommy got her a Philosophy set.

Here I am below with "Uncle" Timmy and Auntie Tam.

And with "Auntie" Tara and "Uncle" Justin ... it was nice to meet y'all!  Congrats on your recent engagement.  Justin went to HS with my Auntie Tam.

Haha, Uncle Michael.  Are you going to fall?  Hold on tight!

Be sure to check out Auntie Tam's blog for her posting about our weekend together: walks with Bella.  Be sure to comment on both and follow us!

-Mad Max

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