next stop: The City (and Newborn) That Never Sleeps

Hi Friends,

What are your plans this coming weekend?

Mommy (and Sadie) and I are suppose to do our 3rd Annual Christmas Shopping (Houston Galleria) and Chuy's trip with Mommy's friend, J.

But our biggest plans are our first trip to New York City for our 3rd Annual Houston Rockets Road Game trip (Houston Rockets versus the New York Knicks ... bringing Linsanity back).  Be sure to read about our two previous trips: San Antonio and Oklahoma City.  We are huge Rockets fans, and we can't wait until the game.  We are just awaiting the arrival of our Harden beards.

Not only are we excited about the game ... but it's our (Mad Max and Super Sadie) first trip to NYC, it's during the holidays, and we get to see Tia Tam and Uncle M.  Mommy use to live in NYC, but she's really excited to show me all the IGHTS (lights... I guess that can also be sights).

Mommy and I worked really hard on our plans for our trip - baby and tot friendly.  Here are some ideas ... hopefully we can fit in everything Mommy wants us to see!  (We'll have a bigger re-cap of course after our trip).

Central Park Zoo (The featured zoo in Madagascar!)
Central Park Carousel (I love carousels.  Do all Super Tots feel this way?)
FAO Schwarz (The best toy store in the world ... Mommy loves to visit this store!)
Department Store Holiday Windows (Daddy's kind of shopping.  No spending - just look at the windows.  Not to be missed during the holidays in NYC.)
Rockefeller Tree (I'm not sure the Rockefeller Tree can rival Tia Tam's tree lighting though! ... more on that in a few.)

World Trade Center Memorial (Have you been to the memorial yet?)
American Museum of Natural History (Mommy is most excited about seeing the dinos with me and Sissy.)
Macy's Department Store Holiday Windows
Houston Rockets versus the New York Knicks Game

DUMBO Brooklyn (One of Mommy's favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods.)
Brooklyn Bridge Park (And one of Mommy's favorite parks.)
Jacque Torres Chocolate (Mommy and I love chocolate, and she said we can't go to Dumbo without stopping here).
Brooklyn Transit Museum (Thank you - A Cup of Jo - for this idea.  I love choo choo trains!)

Union Square Holiday Market (Mommy said this is one of her favorite parts about the holidays in NYC.)
Times Square (Mommy said this is one of her least favorite places on earth, but she really wants to show me the LIGHTS (IGHTS) and sights.)
Children's Museum of Manhattan (We probably won't make it here, but if we have time it's on our list.)

Whole Foods Market (We love Whole Foods Market (as you know ...) so Mommy knows where all of the locations are ... we will probably go to Whole Foods each day!  Not only can we get a meal, but we can get snacks while we are there.)
Ess-a-Bagel (The best bagels in the Big Apple.)
Peanut Butter and Company (Mommy and I are obsessed with peanut butter, and she said this place is very fun for Super Tots.)
Katz's Deli (The REAL and ONLY Katz's Deli, Mommy says.  And she won't quit talking about her potato pancakes she wants ...)
Sugar Sweet Sunshine (Mommy's favorite cupcakes in the Big Apple.  I love cupcakes too!)

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

The photo above is of Super Sadie (very very newborn Super Sadie).  She was already gearing up for the Big Apple out of the womb!

Image Credit: Tamra S
Photo above ... Tia Tam and Uncle M are really gearing up for the holiday spirit for me and Super Sadie.  It only took them 1,000 days, 100 hours, and 10,000 lights to finish Giles the 4th.  I wonder if you can see it from space?

So what do you think about our list?

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Traveling at all with tots or babies?  Traveling to NYC?

-Mad Max

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Max's Weekend Update: We saw IGHTS IGHTS IGHTS!

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

As usual, Mommy jammed packed as many things as possible ... our "weekend" was off to a great start on Friday because I celebrated my last monthly birthday before I turn two - Happy 23 Months to me.  We celebrated by just staying home, but we made a Gingerbread House.  Do you make one each year? It's a tradition that I'm starting with Mommy.  We found our Gingerbread House Kit at Target (for only $10.00!), but Mommy said next year she will probably buy a pre-made Gingerbread House at Whole Foods and buy our own decorations to decorate the house.  I guess Mommy didn't have fun putting it back together after it collapsed once.  Didn't read the directions, did yah Mommy?

All Images Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Mommy said "this is what happens when a toddler decorates the Gingerbread House ..." so you are saying it's pretty impressive, basically!

Weekend Update: 

This past weekend I went to a PJs and Pancakes Breakfast Birthday Party for a friend from my music class.  Isn't that a fun idea?  Oh, and I got my first KISS at the party.  It was hideous.  I didn't even KNOW HER!

Mimi came to visit me and my sister on Saturday, and then I went with Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Gramby, and Pops to meet SHAN-TA (Santa).  We also went to Lights in the Heights.  On Sunday we went to down to visit with Gramby and Pops again.  What did you do this weekend?

Whole Foods Market Citrus Challenge


Satsuma versus Clementine

We also are participating in a CITRUS SHOWDOWN this week (thank you, Whole Foods Market!). Have you been to Whole Foods to check out their satsumas versus the clementines?  Run, don't walk ... to check them out!  What do you think?  Satsuma?  Or Clementine?  Or both?

We'll be featuring them this week on our blogs - including taste tests from family and friends, recipes, and more!  In the meantime, be sure to read more about them and check out recipes and other ideas.  You can also enter to win (by tomorrow) your own case of citrus.

So which one did I prefer?  What do you think ... ?

Clementines!  Did my Mom ... or Dad pick the same one?  What about my grandparents and others?  Stay tuned!

Photo with Santa at Fundamentally Toys in Rice Village

So what did I think of Santa this year?  Well, you are seeing how close I am getting to the guy.  Do you think it's an improvement from last year?  I think Super Sissy did pretty well her first time.

Dinner at Blackwalnut Cafe.

And then ... our 3rd Annual Lights in the Heights outing (this time with Gramby and Pops)!

So what do you think ... ?

How was your weekend?

-Mad Max

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Fun Monday: Sadie's Week Six Update

Hi Friends,

How are you?  How was your weekend?  We have so much to catch you up on!  Max was hit or miss with his blogs last week, but we will do better this week (Sadie here) - or try at least.  Mommy has been very busy with many things ... taking care of me and my Super Bro, gearing up for our big holiday trip to NYC for our 3rd Annual Houston Rockets Road Game Trip (our focus this week on our blogs!), Christmas, Max's 2nd Birthday Celebration, and more of course.  Whew.

All Images Photo Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week Six Update: 

Weight: Mommy thinks I am definitely 8 lbs now.  Maybe pushing 9 lbs?

Height: Mommy guesses that I am longer (than before)!

Sleep: Not much improvement or change on this end.  Some nights are good, and some nights are not so good.  Well, I'm probably sleeping okay - not sure about Mommy!  I still nap a lot during the day, but I have longer awake times.  Mommy tries to keep me awake for "activity time" after eating time.

Diet: Mommy's Milk!

Clothes: About the same as last week.  The outfit in this post is also from Target (from Mimi - thank you!).  A lot of my hair accessories are too big or come off easily so I don't wear them too much.  And Mommy is so use to having a boy ... so she isn't in the habit of putting them on me yet, but today I wore one!  How do you like it?  I'm not sure I know (remember) where it is from, but it may be from Gramby.

Baby Gear: Mommy finally ventured out with a double stroller the week leading up to my Week Six update (it was passed down from Mimi).  It's a Chicco Stroller (the same as my car seat) that is similar to this stroller (this may be the same one).  Mommy said it's HUGE ... and a bit of a pain to push around (depending on the place), but she also said it's nice to help keep us confined in one place (aka in jail!).  What do you think?  Do any of you with more than one have a double stroller?

Crying: About the same!  I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I cry in my sleep.  I like to keep Mommy on her toes.

Likes: I'm not sure I have anything new to share.  I do like being held by Mommy a lot - esp at night sometimes!

Postpartum: From Mommy - Leading up to Week Six - about the same.  The lack of sleep is probably catching up with me, but I am hanging in there!  Week Six was a big week for me too because I had my postpartum check up, but we will talk more about that in the blog for next week.

Milestones: So many as always!  Sadie here ... I had a playdate with Mommy's friend Sandy and her kids N and A.  Okay, Max had a playdate and I slept ... works for me!  (Thanks for having us).  I also had my first outing (in the double stroller) with the Train Wrecks (Mommy and Max) at Rice Village.  We met Mommy's friend Sarah and her baby O.  We also had crepes at Sweet Paris Creperie.  Mommy got s'mores crepes, can you really go wrong with that?  And my brother wouldn't eat his (kids) Nutella crepes - is something wrong with that picture?  On the weekend leading up to my Week Six Birthday, I went to my first holiday (or any for that matter) parade near Gramby and Pops house!  I have some really fun milestones that happened after Week Six so stay tuned.

What is Max Up To This Week?

Big Bro Max started the Elf on a Shelf tradition recently (for the first time this year).  Do you participate in this tradition?  Max is calling his Elf "Shan-ta" (Santa) so Mommy thinks he is really just confused.  Either way, Max is having fun ... every morning he likes to say "hide hide hide hide" (because the Elf is hiding).  More on this Elf adventure soon!

We have lots more to share with you this week including our Weekend Update, Whole Foods Citrus Challenge and Recipes, our upcoming Houston Rockets trip and more!

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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next stop: IGHTS! IGHTS! IGHTS!

Hi Friends,

So I'm (Mad Max) learning new words each and every day.  Yesterday, I took out some kitchen pans and said .. "cook, cook, cook."  Mommy said "what are you making me?" ... umm, Mommy, I said "cook" what are you making me, please!?  Hah.  Joking.  I was cooking "ca" of course.  You figure that one out, kids.

So now with the Christmas and Holiday Season in full swing, I'm really enjoying the IGHTS (lights for those of you that need to work on your context clues).  We have IGHTS all over our Christmas tree.

Speaking of which (hang with me, please) ... what is your next stop this weekend?  Are you doing anything fun that relates to the holidays?  Anything that relates to IGHTS?

We are going to our 3rd Annual Lights in the Heights celebration (my 2nd post-womb).  If you are in the Houston area, do you plan to go?  Or do you plan to go to any of the other IGHT events?  Or what IGHT events do you have near you?

Other IGHT (Light / Holiday) events in the Houston area include ...

Houston's Zoo Lights
Moody Garden's Festival of Lights
Santa's Wonderland (College Station, Texas)
Christmas Train

Do you know of any other IGHT events?

And finally, Super Sadie ... to get you into the spirit:

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

I should also note that Mommy had such a terrible time getting this outfit on Sadie... so that's why she's really freaking out in this photo.  Sometimes she likes (see "doesn't mind") getting dressed, and sometimes she does ...

Starbucks Merits

This is sort of completely unrelated to IGHTS, but ... we think we are going to add something new to our Wednesday posts.  Mommy and her friend (Sarah) started something called Starbucks Merits.  Basically, they think Mommies earn and deserve free Starbucks now and again.  Don't you think?  I think so because when Mommy has a java drink, things are just better overall (although her drink of choice right now is a Soy Chai Latte or a Soy Peppermint Mocha).  So now they are "keeping track" of when they earn Starbucks Merits.  For example, Mommy feels like she earned two Starbucks Merits (which equals of course two drinks) on Tuesday because she ran a "quick" (took 10 minutes or less) errand with me and Sadie into Crave Cupcakes.  Mommy said ... two arms, two babies, one car seat carrier, car keys, a monkey, and a debit card ... super easy feat no?  Then she goes on "not to mention dealing with the car seats and carrying the cupcakes" (umm, Mommy, the nice Crave Cupcakes people carried them to the car.")...

So how have YOU earned a Starbucks Merit this week?

Note: This post was suppose to be written for our Wednesday post, but ... I (Max) have a lot on my plate these days!  So ... Happy Thursday to everyone!

-Mad Max

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Tiny to Teen: I'll Eat All The Candy Before It Becomes A (Gingerbread) House

Hi Friends,

First ... I must credit Mommy's friend Sarah H for the Blog Headline today.  Thank you.  You contributed without knowing.  Mommy owes you a Starbucks.

What type of dessert treats do you make or buy for the holidays?  Any traditions in your family?

My Mommy isn't much of a baker (yet), but her goal is to become more of a baker.  And she's been thinking a lot about our family holiday traditions and starting traditions with me and Sadie.  This year she said she is going to make Christmas cookies with me, and we are going to make a Gingerbread House together.  I have no idea what she is talking about, but it sounds like fun.  I saw the Gingerbread House Kit she got from Target today, and I was so excited.  I wanted to push it around on the floor like a train.  Seriously.

She said we are going to make sugar cookies (so I can cut the Christmas shapes and decorate them)... and maybe one other type of cookie.  Any suggestions on cookies or recipes?  She may look at her family recipe book too that Gramby made.  But I am (mostly) vegan so she may adapt it (or look for vegan recipes too).

We'll be sure to share info and photos once we make our cookies and Gingerbread House.

Do you make cookies?  Do you design a Gingerbread House?

Wish us luck!  We haven't ventured into the baking world together yet.  But together ... I'm sure we can accomplish anything.  The extent of my kitchen experience is pretty much limited to turning collapsable strainers into hats.  See my "hat" below (it's not a hat or is it?).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
Oh, and one last thing ... Mommy said next year we get to have a NORTH POLE BREAKFAST.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  She got the idea from following in my shoes.

Do you do a North Pole Breakfast?

-Mad Max

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Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Do You Believe In Vaccinating Your Monkey?

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Did you do anything around town / around your town?

Our first weekend of December was great as we gear up for the Holidays.  Did you do anything holiday-related this weekend?

Mommy and I had some Mommy and Me time on Saturday.  We went to the Teddy Bear Check Up at The Health Museum.  We had so much fun!  I brought my favorite friend, Monk (aka my Monkey) to get a check up from all of the doctors at The Health Museum.  I was playing the part of a shy tot because that's how you pull on all of the ladies ... of course.  I wasn't born yesterday!  But since I was playing the part of a shy tot Mommy couldn't get very good photos.  Sorry!  Maybe next time.  She also of course wanted to focus on me because of all the creep-o potential kidnappers in life, and I think one of them is that crazy looking Mr. Santa Claus.  I saw him at the museum, and I clung to Mommy for DEAR LIFE.  Have you SEEN that guy?  He has a hat.  I told Mommy that 1,000 times after we left.

Anyways ... we had a lot of fun at the event (see the links above for more details) ... so if you didn't make it this time be sure to go next time!

All Credit for Images: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Monk got a special name tag bracelet aka belt.

Despite being face down, Monk did surprisingly well on his first check up.  He's had a tough life too.  Remember the time he was left at the bar?  Or maybe I should say he's had a pretty sweet and adventurous life.

So what else did we do this weekend?  Well, we went to our first Christmas parade (the first being for me and Sadie) in Gramby and Pop's hometown.  It was great seeing Santa despite my scary experience with him earlier in the day at the museum.  And on Sunday, Sadie went to her first church service with us.  It's nice to have the whole family together for our Sunday traditions (we'll forgive you for that large man-like burp and crap in service).

And of course our Houston Texans are now 11 and 1.  FIRST DOWN (I like to scream) ...

How was your weekend?

-Mad Max

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Fun Friday: Sadie's Week Five Update

Hi Friends,

From Sadie: How was your week?  What plans do you have this weekend?  Can you believe it's almost December?  Are you doing anything holiday-related this weekend?  We plan to go visit Gramby and Pops and go to their local Holiday Parade in Pearland.  Do you have any local holiday parades that you go to?

All Images Photo Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week Five Update:

Weight: I'm thinking about the same as last week - around 8 lb is a guess?

Height: Maybe a tad longer than birth?

Sleep: I mentioned last week that Mommy is trying to do better with my scheduling, but well - she is failing miserably.  Hah!  Joking, Mommy.  I'm ALMOST 6 weeks now, so she's really going to lock it down then she says ... I'm awake more and more during the day - most of the time during the appropriate time (after eating).

I mentioned last week that I have a new nighttime routine (not ideal Mommy and Daddy says, but it works for now)... I do bath, story, and prayer with the family (then Max gets his bath, story, and prayer).  Then I get to sleep in my bassinet downstairs with Mommy and Daddy for a few hours.  (Since I'm a big cry baby ... but actually really I just want to watch Netflix too, okay?).  Then I go upstairs with Mommy and I (mostly) sleep in my bassinet (I have a portable Moses basket that is a part of my bassinet - ideal!: Kolcraft Contours Classique).

Mommy and Daddy said my biggest sleep problem is my (lack of) ability to hold in my paci.  Can anyone help me?  Mommy is threatening paci bootcamp.  Any tips?  She is thinking about ordering a WubbaNub, although I can't really sleep with that.  And I can't really hold anything yet.  So ...well, back to square one.

Diet: Mommy's Milk

Clothes: Okay now officially some of my newborn clothes are too small to wear (tears, Mommy says).  But we are only talking about some of the Carter's clothes, but they make really tiny newborn clothes.  The outfit I'm wearing in this photo shoot is from Target (the top is from Great Grandma A, and the "skinny jeans" are from Mommy).

Baby Gear: As I mentioned above, we are getting great use out of my bassinet.

Crying: About the same as before ...but I have been extra gasssssssss - y lately.  I think all that funny (bad) food Mommy ate over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Likes: I liked meeting all of my relatives over the holidays!  I also like tracking and following more.

Postpartum: From Mommy - I really treated myself to all kinds of treats over the Thanksgiving Holiday, but my maternity clothes aren't any tighter.  I'm thinking I need some new clothes as "in between clothes."  Any tips?

Milestones: From Sadie - I sure did have a week of milestones.  Leading up to Week 5 ... The biggest milestones was I celebrated my One Month Birthday and first Thanksgiving!  I also met many relatives and friends from out of town (see my previous blog posts this week).  And I went to Mimi and Grampi's for the first time the day after Thanksgiving.

What is Max Up To This Week?: As you can see above ... Max has been making art, working on his colors and shapes, and well - hiding.

My brother also has a new saying he loves to say ... "Mommy poop... Sissy poop ... Daddy poop ...." and so on.  Basically he likes to explain how everyone poops.  Well, thanks for telling us!

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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