Christmas Update: 3 Bottles of Scotch Later ...

I have much to update you on!  Holiday Break ... Three Christmas celebrations ... my two front teeth ... and more!

I will give you a sneak peek ...

Christmas morning at home.  Radio Flyer Super Wagon.  Need I say more?

Ball.  One of my favorite gifts!  And check out my lovely Pottery Barn Kids stocking.

I look concerned.  I WAS concerned.  Hey ... hey guys!  I think we forgot some of my gifts over here.  (Christmas at Gma and Gpa A's (Gramby and Pops)).

Watch out, Blake Griffin!  Thank you for the Little Tikes Sports Center, Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael!

Here I am with Daddy at Gma and Gpa J's.  I'd say something witty here, but I think my Scotch is making me tired.

Mommy tried to get a photo of Mad Max and the Cousins.  Much of the photos looked like this.  Wow.

How are your holidays going?  I'll share more soon!

-Mad Max


Mad Max's Fav Milestone: All The Baby That's Fit To Print

I know you couldn't sleep for weeks waiting for this, but one of my biggest milestones of the year: I made the New York Times with my Auntie Tam.

We are in the article, "Video Chat Reshapes Domestic Rituals."  Check out our photo (you can even "enlarge" it, and check out our caption!)  Be sure to visit the link / article, leave a comment, share with others, etc.  Thank you!

Up next?  Hosting SNL.  

How is your holiday week coming along?  Any big news to share?

-Mad Max



Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy let me open my first Christmas gift on Monday evening from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Dudley.

I'm interested.  Yet, cautious.

Paper!!  Paper!  Paper!  Paper!




Aunt Maggie and Uncle Dudley, thank you so much for my Charlie Brown Christmas book and ornaments.  Mommy and I already read the book, and we put the ornaments on the tree.  We were looking for more Christmas books!

In other news ... I started dragging around my lambie blankie (from Auntie Mandy) on the floor.  Lambie Blankie and I want to go everywhere.  Daddy thinks I'm helping him mop!

Did you start celebrating the holidays yet?

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: All I Want For Christmas ...

Is a New York Times photo shoot ...

I probably had my biggest milestone of the year this weekend (or at least, it should rank up there) ... my first New York Times photo shoot this Saturday morning with Train Wreck Mommy and Auntie Tam (more to come on this!).

Here I am before the photo shoot realizing where I left my car keys.  Yes, I am wearing "My Auntie Knows Santa" onesy from Target.  Thanks Auntie Tam!

Mommy said I had a minor meltdown during the photo shoot.  Does this look like the face of a meltdown?  I'm watching you with my one asian eye and my one white eye.

Later this weekend ... Mommy decides to cage me in so she can get a photo of me in front of the Christmas tree.  I'm too busy to notice.  So focused that I go cross eyed.

I can't remember if you've seen my Christmas Stockings yet from Pottery Barn Kids.  But actually that is not the point of the photo.  Here I am visiting my brother, the feline, in prison.

Hey, buddy ... I'll pull a Jack Bauer and get you out of there!

I like giving my nativity scene a pep talk.  They have a big day coming up!

Later that weekend ... I finally was able to help my brother, Hermann, escape, but he seems to be trapped again behind the couch.  Don't worry ... I'm a Black Ops Baby!

This past week I started bringing Mommy and Daddy books to read.  I ask them to read them again and again and again!  I don't know why their eyes seem to glaze over.  We love reading our art books.

More soon!

How did you spend your weekend?

-Mad Max


Mad Money: Baby Jesus and Mr. Donkey

I haven't been very consistent with my Mad Money (Shopping) post, but I have to take care of Train Wreck Mommy.

The holidays are here, and your Super Babies can't be without their very own Baby Jesus!  I heart the Baby Jesus.  "I like the baby version the best!"

Here I am with my Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set from Target.  Baby Jesus can fly really far (Mary, not so much).  The manger is a bit clunky to carry around when crawling, but this is a great buy (thanks, Mommy!).  I really love Mr. Donkey and Camel.  I love carrying them around when crawling (clunk, clunk, clunk).  They don't do so well with carrying me around yet.

I find it slightly odd that the "Three Wise Men" are made up of women and all of the races of Brangelina's children, but more power to them!

Don't worry Jewish Super Babies!  Be sure to get your own Little People Hanukkah Play Set!

What holiday-related item did you get your Super Baby?

-Mad Max


Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands ...

Clap, clap!  Clap, clap!

On Friday, December 9th I smacked both of my hands together, and I clapped.  It was really good timing because of the fact that we are gearing up for our article in the New York Times (not to mention our upcoming photo shoot).  What a reason to clap!

Okay, maybe not the best pic yet, but I promise...  I was clapping.  All of that analyzing literature aka my alphabet mat, gets in the way.  More clapping pics soon!

What do you have to clap about today?  Be sure to follow and share with me!

-Mad Max


Mad Max the Guest Blogger: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ...

Today I am guest blogging at Auntie Tam's blog: walks with Bella.  Partly a "Weekend Update" ... and partly a Mad Max's Super Baby Holiday Gift Guide of sorts.

You don't want to miss it!

Here is a sneak peek ... let's just say: Baby's First Santa Picture?  Fail.

I hope you enjoy my guest post at Auntie Tam's blog: walks with Bella.  

More soon!  I have many adventures to share.

-Mad Max


NY Times Interview: Happy 11 Month Bday

Hello, fans!  I have much to update you on this week and coming weekend.

Yesterday I celebrated my 11 Month Birthday.  The last month birthday before the big 1.0.  Train Wreck Mommy is getting nervous.  Needless to say, it started out like much of the others ... with Train Wreck Mommy taking photos at some unknown hour before school.

She caught one of me before I was moving a mile a minute (Well of course she did.  What normal baby is awake at this hour, willingly?  Super Babies of course!).

Then the day took a turn for the better.

Auntie Tam and Train Wreck Mommy said that Auntie Tam was being interviewed today about me, Mad Max, by a reporter from my favorite newspaper the New York Times.  "What?  What did you say?" as I dropped my morning Scotch... All of those long hours I put in at the office in my Think Tank are finally paying off!

Then I laughed hysterically out of excitement, showed my asian eyes, and my one tooth (look closely).  As any Super Baby would do, really.  (Above at Gma A's aka Gramby's).

Later in the day, we got even better news.  The reporter was calling me later that evening for an interview (of course).  Straight.  To.  The.  Source.  (Actually she was interviewing Auntie Tam and I about our Facetime Video Dates.  A unique powerhouse.  Aren't we Auntie Tam?).

Mommy tried to take more photos with me in the evening for my birthday, but I was rolling with excitement.  Actually most of her 1,000s of photos looked like this.

Standing and climbing to get ready for my interview with the New York Times.

After Daddy's yummy eats, here I am drinking a nice Scotch before the interview.  It went well, and Mommy is thinking about hiring a publicist.

So what did our interview consist of, you ask?  You will have to stay tuned to find out more!  Let's just say that I think I really won her over with my whistling.  I'm not sure if she was a big fan of or slightly disturbed by my NY Times reading and Scotch drinking self.

I think this has been my best birthday yet.  Your first interview with the NY Times should count as an important milestone.

How has your December been so far?  Read any interesting articles in your favorite newspaper?

More soon!

-Mad Max


Weekend Update: Birthdays, Bottles, and Baby Jesus

I swear.  This is allowed. 

Look!  Look quick.  My asian and white eye are coming out.  We are both watching you.

On Saturday we went to Nathan and Alyssa's Birthday Party (4 years and 2 years) at Playscape.  Happy Birthday, kids!

Look at me go down the slide.

Um.  Whee?

Okay, Daddy.  Now this is what I am talking about.  Mommy was too scared to go on this one!

Can you find Mad Max?

We got this.

Hydrating after playtime.

Here are my friends enjoying some cupcakes (Yvonne and Corinne).  What's a 10 month old got to do around here to get a cupcake?

Happy Birtthday Alyssa and Nathan!  Thanks for inviting me!

Mommy was checking out their decor.  She's been working hard on my 1st Birthday Celebration!  How do you like these lady bug centerpieces?

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... Here I am in a Santa get-up.  Check out my first Nativity scene.  See it?  Over there?  On the floor?  Poor Baby Jesus!

What happened to the donkey?  What did you say?

So ... are you decorating for the holidays?

-Mad Max

Double Trouble

Enjoy a few photos of me with Cousin Ribear from last week ...

Sure I would look at the scary ducks that you are pointing at.  But.  I.  Can't.  See.  Them.

No words.  Mommy!  Mommy!  Look at this pink bib Gma J aka Mimi has me in!

If we stay very, very quiet ... we may blend in with the couch and the adults may not see us!  Right, Grampi?

More soon!

-Mad Max

Fun with the Mad Man

Mommy has been drowning in snot (yum! ... and so am I!), so she is behind on helping me with my blog. We are off this week and catching up with many things though!

I have a new game at the dinner table called "up" and "down."  Can you guess which one this is? 


A week or so ago it was cold enough to wear my hat from Auntie Tam (Baby Gap).  Daddy!  Daddy!  You could turn your chest hair into a hat.  Love you, Daddy!

As you may have heard ... I have a new trick called "one eye" (thanks Pops!).  Here I am doing one eye with Glowworm.

More soon!

Are you gearing up for Thanksgiving?  Will you play "up" and "down" at the dinner table?

-Mad Max
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