Houston, We are in the Pelvis!

And other interesting facts of my day ...

It's been almost a WEEK since I've posted!  Between the holidays, Mom feeding my house yummy holiday food, Mom's lack of energy, Mom's addiction to working, and Mom's crying ... I can only find so much time to blog!  Let alone gather any photos for my blog to post this week.  I promise to update next time with photos too!  We are both just trying to pull ourselves back together now that we are back at work.

An even more exciting date count down... tomorrow will mark my one month away from my expected birthday.  Don't worry, I'm making a list and checking it twice (at Target, Pottery Barn Kids, and Giggle).

Today I had a doctor's appointment with Mommy.  We reached a milestone today ... she didn't pee on her hand!  Oh, Mommy.  Not because she is more skilled... I think she was just more tired, and it was pure luck!

Mommy didn't really like the doctor's appointment today ... (I will spare you the details..and what the scale said... Mommy said the scale lies), but we had some exciting news.  I'm wearing my helmet now aka the pelvis.  Not the most comfortable spot in the world, but the doc said it makes me closer to my birthday.  Who doesn't love birthdays?  I'm also at station -4.  What does that mean you ask?  Do you even need to know?  Doesn't it sound important?  You try doing that while you are living inside of Train Wreck Mommy's tummy!

I'm going to go help Mommy with her work and her Thank You cards.  Speaking of Thank You cards, I'm getting some early birthday presents this week!  Great Uncle Bill and Great Uncle Maria came to visit this weekend from OK.  They helped give me my car seat and stroller!  Thank you!  I tried to tell Daddy, "I'm at station -4!  I could fly home from the hospital!"... but Mommy INSISTS on being safe.  I also think it's funny that they plan on pushing me around in a chair with wheels... called a stroller!  Like I don't have strong legs like Daddy?  Maybe it's Mommy that needs the chair!


Painting My New House

Today I started painting my lambies on the wall with Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa A.  Well, Grandpa A did a good job of watching golf and sleeping, mostly!

Mommy and I drew them by hand!  No stencils needed here.  Pixar is already blowing up my fetus iPhone.  Mommy is a perfectionist though, so we didn't finish today (plus her cankles turned into well... cankles!).

Here is the beginning:

As you can see Lambie the Lamb also serves as a cloud!

My current house is not too noticeable from the back.  Or is it?

I said, "Knock, Knock, Knock!  Mommy, my house is hot in here!"  Mommy is painting my Lambs like my bedding lambs from Pottery Barn Kids.  I love Pottery Barn Kids!  (By the way, not only are the holidays coming up... but my BIRTH day is coming up too.  Hint, Hint.  Mommy likes to say ... her 1st Wedding Anniversary is coming up on 1/2/11... we know, we know, Mom.)

WHOA!  Mom had to sit down shortly after her feet turned into beached whale feet.

I'm not sure if I showed this yet (Mommy's memory is rubbing off on mine).  This is in my nursery too!  Great Grandma Lippiatt made this for Mom and Auntie Tam when they were babies!  Now it hangs in my nursery (then it will hang in my cousin's nursery at Auntie Tam's house... when my cousin arrives!).  I'm sure she loves seeing my nursery from heaven.

Here is one lambie so far.  Grandma A loves the chocolate color!  Me too.  We still have a ways to go on each lamb.  We are making three: one of Mommy, one of Daddy, and one of me!  Mommy was the plump one, but we switched that to Dad.

I can't wait until Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael come down to see my nursery!  Now I'm gearing up for going to a Rockets game with M & D.  Then we have our first Thanksgiving together.  It's Dad's favorite holiday!


HGTV with Mad Max

Move over Martha Stewart ... the Alcancia and Johnson crew is new in town!  Check out the progress we've made this week on my nursery.  I can't come home to an undecorated house!  My current house is so decorated right now (and tan!).

Grandma and Grandpa Alcancia put on my cloud curtains!  Mad Max loves looking at a sunny and cloudy sky.  All the books are saying that I can see now in the womb, but you try looking at the sky from inside of someone's belly!

Daddy helped put together my Lambie the Lamb bedding with Grandma and Grandpa A.  Mommy thinks she needs to take it apart again to make sure it's safe.  Oh, Mom!

Look at Lambie the Lamb checking out my spot in my crib.  Does that blanket say "Lambie the Lamb" or "Max"?  Something to think about Mr. Lamb.

Daddy is winding up my mobile.  Nothing like music and movement to drown out Mommy's snoring.  Daddy said Mommy snores like a Mario Williams the Texan when she is tired.

Grandma A came over yesterday to help more with my nursery.  Don't you love my fences?  We can't let those lambs escape.

It's Mad Max's room!  In case anyone forgets!

Party in my crib!  With Cowie the Cow, Piggie the Pig, and Devil the Blue Devil.  Grandma A says the Devil doesn't really "go" ... but you try telling that to him!

I like to call this Mad Max's Spa... or I like to say "Enter at Your Own Risk."

More soon ... we aren't finished with my nursery yet!

Who said a fetus can't paint (upside down)?

Mommy and I have been so busy this past week!

From school, to our 10.5 billion hour Birthing Class with Daddy (he only fell asleep 3 times!), Grandpa Johnson's Retirement Party, to the Texans / Rockets losing (again), preparing my nursery, and more!

More including meeting "Auntie" Ashley ... Sandy ... and Alicen on Sunday for some pottery painting at The Mad Potter on Sunday.  Mommy found a Lambie Bank for us to paint!!

Here are the before shots... oh Mommy, don't we look better in a spray tan?  Poor Mommy, I hope she forgives me for making her so bloated.

Mommy, My House, and "Auntie" Alicen

This is the Lambie before!  The Mad Potter lady said "are you painting him black for the black sheep of the family?"... (maybe because Mommy and I ordered a lot of black paint.. we are very goth!)... although she already knows my family too well, I'm not the black sheep yet!

"Auntie" Sandy and "Auntie" Ashley

Lambie after!  Didn't Mom and I do a great job?  It'll look even better after they fire it.  We also wrote Max on his bottom.  Most appropriate.  It took us forever to do his brown ears.  They gave us broken paint!


I'm moving from fetus to man baby!

Look what Mommy just read to me:

"If your little doughboy is, well, a boy, then you'll be pleased to know that this week his testicles are making their way down from his abdomen to his scrotum."

Mommy, I think this must be my most important accomplishment of the week!  I think I deserve another piece of yummy Mad Max Baby Shower cake.


Lambie the Lamb

Mommy is having a pretty hard time focusing on anything but me lately.  She doesn't realize I am a pretty independent fetus!  Despite my current living situation.

Daddy even put down his dust buster tonight, and he put together my Lambie the Lamb mobile!

Look at my Lambies!  And my Lambie quilt from Grandma and Grandpa A.  I love it!!!  They are on my crib from Grandma and Grandpa J.  Mommy got my Lambie mobile.  It'll be so nice to look at my Lambies instead of watching the blood rush to my head in my womb.

Lambie.  Homeboy!

Mommy is CK Obsessed with Lambs.  Check out my Lambie night light!  Silly Mommy.  Doesn't she realize I can get around in my womb without a night light?

Lori and Lauren... Auntie Tam's Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law got me a Max blanket!  It matches my blue wall perfectly!  Thanks L and L  The feline was already eyeing my soft blanket.  Back up Bro Herm!

While on the subject of blankets (apparently it's colder in Tejas than a fetus would first assume) ... I have to share my favorite blanket.  Great Grandma Lippiatt made it special for me (and Auntie Tam's future fetuses) before she went to live in Heaven last year.  She didn't even know me yet!  I love you Great Grandma L.  Piggie the Pig fits in great with my Farm Animal theme.

Look at my funny and soft Lambie blankets I got from "Auntie" Mandy!  I also got a mini thumbie blanket.  It's for a tiny fetus!  Mom is not sure what it is for, but she loves it.  So do I!

Speaking of blankets ... Mommy said it is time to go to bed ... aka go sleep sideways in the same position for several hours.

Bahhh ...


VIP Baby Shower Guests

Mommy said "Auntie" LAR and "Auntie" MC (my co-workers from YES Prep SE) have been very eager to be on my blog.  I don't blame them!

Here we are together at my Mad Max Baby Shower Celebration!  Well, you can't really see my whole house.  But I'm there in spirit.  Sleeping and recovering from the dance party.  Thanks for coming LAR and MC!

But just so you know, all of my Mad Max Baby Shower Celebration Guests were VIP. 

Mommy's Mad Max Baby Shower

Mommy said she might need a full week to recover from my Super Shower!  I think I need at least about a month and 1/2.  Auntie Tam may need a full two months! 

A super big thanks goes out to our hostesses: Grandma A, Auntie Tam, "Auntie" Stephanie, "Auntie" Eek, and "Auntie" Jessicana!!  And a big thanks goes out to all of our fans ...aka our party guests, including Daddy's Family (Grandma Johnson, Auntie Dana, Cousin Corryn and Rilyn, and Auntie Maggie), Mommy's friends, and more.

I'll provide a few photos and highlights, but all of the photos are on Mommy's Facebook page.

Grandma A did such a great job on my Baby Shower Book and Photo Album!  Take that Martha Stewart.

Look at my cake!!  It's my house.  Touch my swag, if you could ... Grandma A "Stewart" picked it out.  And check out my fabulous favor bags.

Oh, look at my diaper cake!  I think it's from "Auntie" Stephanie.  How funny.  The grown ups put my pampies with the food.  It looks so nice though.  Mommy kept me well fed at the food table!  Grandma A made Martha Stewart worthy cupcakes, and Grandma J also brought Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Mommy loves cupcakes.

Mommy, my house, plus the fam ...

Mommy, my house, plus Auntie Tam, and Mommy's cankles.

Mommy, "Auntie" Stephanie, and Cougar Baby Jocelyn!  Where's my house, Mom?

"Auntie" Jessicana the Mixologist.  She makes the Mad Max guests 'holla!!'  The hostesses served Buttery Nipples.  Aren't they funny making fun of my future food source?  Anything has to be better than this cord.  When was the last time you sat down to dinner and enjoyed a good meal through your belly button?

"Train Wreck" Mommy forgot to take a picture with her bestie, "Auntie" Eek.  Oh, Mommy!  And of course "Auntie" Eek wouldn't remember... she is carrying my friend the fetus!  I like to call him Bob in the meantime.

Here is Fetus Bob's big brother Dylan going for my cake food source!  Step back!  He was a big help to Mommy during my present opening time.  I'll forgive him.

Of course my party is not complete without a Max's House Dance Party.  Here are the winners!  Aren't they funny?  They may ask me to delete this picture.  I'm fired.

Here is Mommy so excited about clothes to dress me in!  Isn't she funny?  I've been going this long without clothes.  But ... Thanks to everyone for all of my gifts!  Mommy, Daddy, and I couldn't do it without you. xo from the womb...

Until my next party ...

Now Hiring: Fetus Assistant

Whew!  I've had such a busy week.  Who knew a fetus could be so busy?  I need a Fetus Assistant.

Auntie Tam came to visit this weekend.  She came in on the train wreck train!  At least... that's what Mommy says.  Mommy's been so tired ... and we've both been busy - so sorry to all my 10.5 billion blog followers.

On Friday, Auntie Tam went with us to our doctor appt.  At the doc, Auntie Tam said "don't pee on your hand this time!"... before we did our routine urine sample.  Poor Mom.  She tried her best.  She almost bent my house in half trying to bend over to see and make sure she didn't pee on her hand.  Fail!

My heart was a strong 152 (of course).  And Mommy was very excited because the doc said our house weight was good.  I heard her secretly think "I could have had a second donut this morning!"... The doctor also made a funny.  After Mom told her I was giving her a lot of pain, the doctor asked if she tink tinked on herself yet!  Maybe Mad Max isn't the only one that needs diapers??

Auntie Tam  even said "is she going to need to wear diapers!!!!"... I was LOLing in the womb.  The doctor said it probably wouldn't be that bad, but it might happen if she coughs or laughs.  I'll try not to kick you into a fit of laughter, Mom.  Auntie Tam tried to make a joke about the Duggars, but I think the doctor must not have heard her.  I heard you Auntie Tam!  I have pretty good hearing now.  I can even sing along to Mommy's hip hop.

Saturday was my big celebration!  More about my Mad Max Shower Celebration with Mommy soon...


Who am I?

Mad Max, I say!

Look!  Look at the new outfit Mommy got me!  And the colors match my nursery (poo poo brown and cream)!  You can get your very own personalized infant super suit at Neighborhoodies.


1st Annual Rockets Road Game Trip

I went with Mommy and Daddy to San Antonio yesterday for our 1st Annual Rockets Road Game Trip (we will do 1+ games a year!).  "Remember the Alamo," I attempt to scream from my fetus sack!

Look at me with my first Texas cactus!

Umm, hey guys!  We are no longer at war at the Alamo!

Mom and Dad on the Riverwalk.  Nice pic, Dad, but where am I?

There I am!  Mommy, can you make my house bigger?  It's getting cramped in here.

Here I am with a Davy Crockett hat!  Poor animal, Mommy says.

Now we're at the Rockets versus Spurs game.  The ENEMY mascot (Coyote) is beheaded on Mommy's head.  Gross!

Mommy and Daddy are collecting road team pennants from each of the trips.  Here Daddy is with the horrible Spurs pennant.

Mommy says she is going to start another family tradition.  She is going to try out the ice cream at each basketball stadium for each road game.  The Spurs got an A+ in my book!  This was before we were all on TV!  I'm just a fetus, and I already can't keep the cameras away.  I may have to start wearing a baseball cap like the celebrities.

GO ROCKETS!  We didn't win in Overtime, but next time we will get them.
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