Jeans Day

I love wearin' jeans like a Super Big Boy.  Thanks to "Auntie" Janice Lacerna for sending some of her Grandson's (Konner's) ol' clothes.  Aren't I lookin' fly?

-Mad Max

Fun at Gramby's

Gramby (Gma A) and I have a good ol' time all day when Train Wreck Mommy is makin' a difference.  Gramby likes to put me in silly monkey pants.  I like to grab my feet.  Patches the Giraffe is hangin' out too.

Love you!

-Mad Max

Middle Weight Champion

I went in for my 4 month doctor appt. check-up this month.  Mommy always says something about "shots" ... but I don't see much of a celebration going on at the doc.  Shots usually = me screaming in pain for a second, and then Mommy hugs me obsessively.  I'm fine, Mommy!

Prior to the "shots" (which do not arrive with lime, salt, or a beer on the side) ... I get my weight and height checked ... and a check-in with the doc.  For some reason we never end up in the fighting ring, but maybe next time.

15 lbs and 25 inches.  Watch out, ladies.  Is it time for Texans training camp yet?

Here I am below having a good ol' time with Daddy as we wait for the doc ...

So the doc walks in and says "so Maximino is neither maximum nor minimum - 50th percentile" ... (but Mommy and I both know that I am NOT average.)

A few highlights (besides flirting with the lady nurses and doc!) .... the doc said I was very advanced with my 6th Month Old trick (the old grabbing the toes trick) ... sometimes adults are easily impressed.  She also told Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy that I can start eating real food.  Finally.  When are we going out for sushi, guys?

Look for my blog soon about when Mommy and Daddy gave me "real food" ...

-Mad Max


GONZO247 and MAX2110

This past Friday GONZO247 of Aerosol Warfare and CKC StART came to visit us and all of the art classes at YES Prep SE.  He's a professional artist / graffiti artist.  Mommy and I love us some graffiti / street art... so of course I had to make an appearance!

Super big power clap and shout out to GONZO247 for the art he made me.  I'll have to make you some art someday in return!  And of course thank you for coming to visit us at YES Prep SE.  The students love you.

Here I am above with Train Wreck Mommy, GONZO247, and the art he made me.

Not the best photo of my art from GONZO247, but you get the idea!  Mommy is going to frame it, and find a place for it in my nursery!

And GONZO247 is having an art opening this Saturday evening in Houston .... so if you are in town, you should consider checking it out!  Maybe I'll see you there, GONZO247.

-Mad Max 

Mad Max and Mad Potter

Mommy and I are becoming regulars at The Mad Potter.  I love painting pottery with Mommy and friends.  We didn't post photos earlier because 1) Mommy is a Train Wreck when she works ... and 2) We didn't want to spoil any surprises.  I will post photos soon from when we made the Grandma's Mother's Day gifts!  Last weekend Sophia (the giraffe) and Patches (the giraffe) came with me:

By the way, have you seen my new trick?  See above.  Need I say more?

I finally got to meet "Auntie" Elizabethan!  Thanks for coming such a long way to see me, Elizabeth!  It was nice to meet you.  I can't wait to meet Anna.  Mommy and I met "Auntie" Jessicana, Elizabeth, Gaby (and Valentina! ... and her Super Fetus Becca), and Viola.  More pics to come, but we don't want to spoil any gifts.  Wink wink!

I love painting with Mommy!  I can hardly contain myself!  Obviously.

-Mad Max


Roll with Me ...

What did I do today?  I rolled from back to front ... now ... ask yourself, what did you do today?  (Honestly, I didn't see the big deal, but Mommy sure was excited!)...

See above.  One second Daddy and I were like this ... Daddy, Daddy, this is boring!  Don't you think?  (Well, obviously considering the fact that you are asleep).

Then the next second I was like this ... whoa, I hate it when I don't know how I got somewhere, don't you?  Train Wreck Mommy is trying to pretend that this was my first time, but Gma A / Gramby, we know differently, now don't we?

-Mad Max


Highlight of my 4 Month Bday: Eating My Hand

Mad Max here ... I've been so busy trying to keep Train Wreck Mommy afloat at YES Prep.  Keep swimming, Mommy!  Only four more weeks ...

I have a great posting to come back to ... my 4 Month Birthday was today.  And my brother, the feline ... (Hermann) - it was his 3 year old Birthday, and Auntie Eek - Happy Birthday to you!

Train Wreck Mommy LOVES to take 10.5 billion photos of me on my birthday.  Here are .0000000001 percent of those.  A few highlights ... and thank you to Super Daddy for taking care of me while TW Mommy went to the YES Prep Fine Arts Show.  And thank you to Gma and Gpa J ... and Cousin Corryn and Ri-Bear for visiting me on my Bday.  Way to show off your rolling skills, Ri.  I'm watching you!

Hoodie (Hoodie Bear) and I ... early morning work out.

Half smile for my Mommy ...

I'm so serious.  Aren't I, Mommy?

I love chewing on my hand lately.  Mom loves taking photos of me in my Super Rocker.

Ball.  Hey, you.

Each month on my birthday Mommy takes 1,000 photos of me in Daddy's running shirt.  Mommy ... the more photos you take doesn't make the shirt fit better.  Meanwhile, I like to entertain myself with my feet.

Oh, yes ... and thank you also goes out to my family for my wonderful 4 month gifts.  A Bumbo Seat and Tray ... toys that make noise, and more!  Now I must rest up for Mommy's big day tomorrow - her FIRST Mother's Day.  I love you, Mommy!

-Mad Max
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