Thursday's Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Rolling Out The Red Carpet (and more!)

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Train Wreck Mommy and I have been quite busy, and we have a few exciting things to share before bringing you "Thursday's Kids, Tweens, and Teens" ...

  • We want to give a huge Shout Out to Danielle of Dandy Designs Boutique for our new blog design!  We feel Super Stylish now.  Thank you so much.  What do you think of our new look?  And while on the subject of our new design, please be patient as we add content / change things around on our blog and Social Networking sites.  Keep checking back for more!  (And thank you Grace from Stripes and Sequins for recommending Danielle!).
  • Big News: Train Wreck Mommy and I found out today that we will start blogging for Houston Chronicle (MomHouston) very soon!  Stay tuned again for more information soon.
  • Last (but not least) ... we are excited to announce that Auntie Tam's company ever swoon is launching next week.  Don't miss the big launch!  We will be in touch with more soon.

Design by: Small Shop Studio

I think Auntie Tam's logo and business cards are a nice transition to continuing our Oscar's Week.  On Tuesday we brought you a blog posting that related to the Oscar's and Wee Ones and Tots.  

Today Mommy and I will bring you Red Carpet / Red Room styles for Kids and T(w)eens.

A great place to start might be with red walls ... how can the kids not love that?

Image via Pinterest

And to top red walls: red frames within red frames on red walls!

Are red walls too much for your kiddos?  Mommy and I would recommend the blue + red accent combo.  Blue isn't just for boys!

Image on Pinterest via BlissLiving Home

Okay, we must go back to the red walls ... because check out this chalk board headboard against the red walls.  Kids of all ages should love that.  Super Mad Max is sure.

What do you think about a red room for your kids?

-Mad Max

What is Your Next Stop?: Rodeo Time!

Howdy Family, Friends, and Fans,

What's your NEXT STOP for culture with your family?

What's a big event in your city?  Every city has a big event that many people look forward to each year ... (and often many events).  One big event in Houston is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (if not, the biggest event).

You may remember my first Rodeo last year:
My First Rodeo

And then earlier this month I gave some Mad Style tips for the Rodeo:
Rodeo Shopping Tips for Wee Ones and Tots

Image Credit: Train Wreck Mommy

The Rodeo officially started yesterday, and I am almost ready.  My FIRST Wrangler's from Cavender's arrived as did my Cowboy hat from Cavender's so I'm almost ready.  See my hat above.  What do you think?  I have a big head, so it almost fits perfect.  Please excuse the photo ... I was very cranky, and we were rushing to bedtime (or rather, the Parents were very cranky and rushing me to bedtime!).

Here are some quick tips from Mad Max for your Rodeo experience (before, during, and after) with your Family!  You can also relate these tips to similar events in your city.  Feel free to share back your own ideas.  

Wee Ones and Tots: Visit your local library or bookstore and read baby / toddler books that relate to Texas and / or Farm Animals before your visit.  You can talk about what you might see at the Rodeo that relates to what you are reading (my favorite stop at the Rodeo is the baby animals!).  Once at the Rodeo, point out what you saw in your books you read together (and you can even bring the books with you!), "Remember when we read 1 2 3 Texas and we saw a longhorn?  Look at the REAL longhorn!" (and you can elaborate).

If you have a walking Tot ... I suggest you read up and then explore their Kids Areas and Activities: Kids Country.

Kids: Before you go, I suggest that you read up on the Kids Country to see all of your options, and Mutton Bustin' might be one of the favorites with the kids.  Be sure to expand the experience and talk about the reasons and importance for some of the Rodeo activities with your kids before you see them.  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a great resource.

You can also make your own map prior!  The Rodeo is huge, and sure you can navigate with their maps and such ... but why not make your own Western Map prior?  Your kids can put down the important parts of the Rodeo that they would like to visit.  Here is a great resource you can follow to make your old map: Unplug Your Kids.

Image Credit: Unplug Your Kids

T(w)eens: Mad Max is going to guess that one of their favorite parts of the day may be at the Carnival.  But before you hit the carnival, why not explore all of the great food (unique to our area) prior!  Don't skip the gator, we are Bayou City after all.  As in inspired by the Rodeo's own Foodie Awards, create your own categories and explore the food with your family's taste buds (I suggest you share dishes!).  Make like you have your own Food Network TV show!  You can even create a sheet prior to take your notes, or use your smart phone.

After Your Visit: Be sure to take a lot of photos during the visit!  When was the last time you made a collage of photos with your family by hand (not a scrapbook and not on the computer?) ... Print out a set of the photos, and make a Rodeo collage together.  Have fun with revisiting the memories (ask your kids why it was their favorite memory!), and you can even be creative and make your collage in the shape of a horse or longhorn!

What tips do you have for the Rodeo?

What big events do you look forward to in your city?

-Mad Max


What is Happening to Mad Max?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

If you've looked at my blog lately, you may notice it looks different!

Mad Max and Family is going through a redesign, and we are excited to share with you the end result (and more information about it!).  Also there may be some new links without info, but be patient!

Stay tuned... we are still working.  We'll be in touch soon with an update.

-Mad Max

Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Goo Goo Gaa Gaa and Glam

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your Monday?

Did you watch the 84th Oscar Academy Awards on Sunday night?  I don't know about you, but I wore my tux to bed!

What was your highlight of the show?  What did you think about the winners?

I personally enjoyed the appearance by The Muppets and the performance by Cirque du Soleil!

I, of course, went to bed in my tux Sunday night, and Train Wreck Mommy was kind enough to roll out the red carpet.

Image found on Pinterest via Amazon

I love how the red bow tie stands out to match the red carpet to my crib (even though my crib is usually black tie only).

And what about the idea of a red nursery or toddler room?

Image found on Pinterest via Nietylkodzieciaki

RED CARPET.  Need I say anything more?

Image found on Pinterest via Emmas

I'm loving the red crib and wall paper, but note to Family, Friends, and Fans ... don't put shelves above where your Super Baby / Toddler sleeps! (same as above)

Image found on Pinterest via A Baby Space

Mommy and I are also loving the idea of red with some baby blue.  And check out that blanket!  Buildings.

Would you use red in your Tot's or Wee One's room?

-Mad Max


Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Babies and Byzantine Frescoes

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?

I had a busy weekend with Train Wreck (I just accidently typed Treck .... a combination of Train and Wreck, maybe I should use that for now on?) Mommy and My Hero Daddy out and about the city.  There was a lot going on this weekend in Houston (the biggest probably being the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo).

Did you get some culture in where you are ...?

A few highlights ... 

  • This past week / weekend I was finally upgraded to an (almost) big boy bath.  But they are still keeping me hostage in an odd contraption.  At least it has toys on it (but I'm not fooled).  And at least I can brush my own teeth.  Wow, check out that head of mine (bigger to hold my big brain). See below.

Laughing at the ducks in Hermann Park.

Checking out the meerkats in the Houston Zoo.

And the highlight of the weekend ... saying goodbye to the frescoes at The Byzantine Fresco Chapel.

The frescoes at The Byzantine Fresco Chapel (The Menil Collection) are returning to Cyprus.  The last weekend to see the frescoes in all their beauty here in Houston is THIS coming weekend.  You can read all about the frescoes at The Byzantine Fresco Chapel website and about their journey home to Cyprus in this New York Times article.

Mommy was kind enough to turn me upside down so I could enjoy the frescoes too.  If you are in Houston, you MUST see them before they leave.

Do you have any cultural gems where you live?  What are your favorites?

Also highlights from this weekend ... 
  • NBA All Star Weekend (I passed up the dunk contest this year to give Air Bud a chance).
  • Oscars: We will be celebrating the spirit of the Oscars and film this week at Mad Max and Family.  Be sure to come back and visit, and let us know what you thought of the Oscars.
-Mad Max


Fun Friday: Sh*t Urban Moms Say

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your week?

If the highlight of your week was an empty box ... then I feel you (or rather, Mommy feels you.  She is the one with the upside down frown week).

A dose of Fun Friday will help.  Did you jump on the Sh*t ___ Say vids yet?  If not, get on YouTube immediately.  I think I should make a Sh*t Super Babies Say.  Yes, it may consist of ohhh ahhh!  Dada and so on, but don't judge.

Sh*t Urban Moms Say

Thank you Babble for sharing this vid this week!

What do you think?  Do you say this sh.... ?  Or hear Moms say it?

I particularly liked the Whole Foods mention.  I can't wait until my Whole Foods trip on Sunday, Mama and Dada!

Happy Fun Friday!

-Mad Max

Where in the World is Mad Max?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

I'm sorry I'm a few days behind on blog postings ... Train Wreck Mommy and I are having ... well, a train wreck week.

This basically sums it up:

Face down from per exhaustion.  Yes!

I will be back for my Fun Friday posting.  Stay tuned!  There is a lot happening with Mad Max and Family.

How is your week going? 

Have a great day.

-Mad Max


Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Birthday Wishes

Hello Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your President's Day?

We found some President's Fun on Babble with "The First Kids!"

The Garfields.  Check out those collars!  
(See the link above for more info).

Birthday Shout Outs Today (well, for Presidents Day ... I'm related to the Train Wrecks you know!:

We also have a few important birthday shout outs today (we've had a busy birthday month, starting with Gramby!) ... 

Happy Birthday George Washington!  Enough said.

Happy Birthday "Auntie" Crancer!

Remember this pic from a little over a year ago?  Wow.  If only I could STILL pretend like I am sleeping.  Hah!  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday "Cousin" Bells!

We love you!  We hope you had a great time.

In the spirit of Bella's birthday ... and Tots and Wee Ones, Mad Max will bring you the following:

Image found on Pinterest via Rubenacker on Etsy.

Wouldn't this be grand for a Super Nursery?  I think so.  I am also a fan of the primary colors featured.  It would look great in a Rocket Ship themed nursery or a Boston nursery!

And a Boston Terrier book is a must in your nursery.  May I suggest the following ...

Minerva the Monster via Amazon.  

Bella is quite the sweet (but sneaky) monster (as am I), so this is the perfect fit.

How was your President's Day?  

Any animal birthdays that you are celebrating soon?

Happy Birthday George Washington, Crancer, and Bella!

-Mad Max


Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Superhero!

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?  Are you still enjoying the weekend through Monday?  Daddy and I are enjoying Monday off (sorry, Train Wreck Mommy!).

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this weekend ... but every weekend is a Superhero kind of weekend as a Super Baby Transitioning to Toddler (more on the Superhero below).

A few personal highlights ...
  • I learned how to feed Mommy (and Dada) last week.  Thank goodness.  They looked hungry.
  • I went to Happy Hour with Mommy in a Hurricane and had a date with not one but two ladies (Original Ninfa's).
  • I stood up on my own without holding onto anything (see: Super Baby).
  • I started to bear crawl.  It makes the ladies turn their heads.
  • Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero Daddy had a (late) Valentine's date which means I had a party in my crib (They ate at Crickets Caffe and saw a movie at Edwards Houston).
  • I started doing my music class hand signals and body movements more at home.
  • And of course ... I drank, a lot, ... ate, a lot, and slept.  Would you expect anything less?

Drinking.  Scotch?


Sleeping it off.  Repeat.

Meanwhile ... Mommy ordered me a Big Boy Superhero Cape and Accessories from Totsy.  Moms and Moms-to-Be: do you use Totsy yet?  If not, run.  Don't walk to Totsy!

The one Mommy ordered was similar (but not exactly) like this one:

The Superhero Cape was found on Pinterest via Discovery Denim.

When my Supercape comes in from Totsy, I'll be sure to share photos.

The Super Kid was found on Pinterest via We Heart It.

So you might ask ... what occasion would this be used for?  Do you NEED an occasion to wear a Superhero cape?  I think not.

But, two things ... 

One, did you know that Train Wreck Mommy can dress like a Super Mom too?

Two, at least one Superhero party is a must for all boys (and girls!).  We just read about this DIY Superhero Party in Parents Magazine.

Hudson's Birthday Party via Domestic Charm.

Mommy and I plan to send in photos from my 1st Birthday Zoo Bash to Parents Magazine too!

How was your weekend?  Any Superhero type events in your life right now?

-Mad Max


Fun Friday: Godfather Baby?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

TGIF.  Thanks for stopping by.

Mommy's friend (Rita) posted this photo below on Train Wreck Mommy's FB page.  Mommy and I literally LOLed.

Rita said this reminded her of me / Mommy.  Ummm .. (her thoughts were in regards to Scotch and mustaches).  Now we wouldn't be caught dead at McPlay Place, and I heart apples ... but I get it.

Image from Jokideo on FB.

So then we tried to find more images like these ... and we are enjoying the ones below:

Both images above were from Runt of the Web.

Where do you find your laughs on the 'net on Friday?  Do share!

-Mad Max


Thursday's Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Keep Calm And ...

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Thanks for visiting!  I want to give a special shout out to Train Wreck Mommy's co-workers!  Several of them told Mommy today that they read my blog (wow, do you need another prep? haha) ... in all seriousness, thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to comment!

So today is my Kids, Tweens, and Teens day ... I asked Mommy to help, but she let out a huge sigh.  One of those days, Mummy?  So I told her ...

Image above found on Pinterest via Keep Calm Shop on Etsy.

I suppose there is a lot of teenage angst this week because of VDay.  I would say my suggestion today is to cure that with a nice glass (or two) of Scotch, but I'm sure not everyone agrees with that for their child.  Go figure.

But I'm also sure that your tastes are still refined so you are obsessed with mustaches as much as we are  ...!  And most importantly, they are a big obsession with "kids these days" too.  Just ask Mommy's 8th Grade Advisory.

Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Make your younger one have extra smiles this week, or cure a little t(w)een angst with some mustache humor!

Mommy is also considering a Mustache Bash for my 2nd Birthday.  Thoughts??

Image above found on Pinterest via Sweet Perversion on Etsy.

Oh wait, there's more!

Image above found on Pinterest via Dark Silence in Suburbia.

Okay, how can your kids, tweens, and teens, not enjoy a tiny bit of mustache fun (check out Pinterest for even MORE ideas)!?  They will probably start secretly making them in their rooms while they listen to music and journal (and weep and text)!

Now I will leave you with something fun I just found on Pinterest via Simply Swanky: mustache bash ideas!  And what a fun blog find too.  I'll have to check it out some more!

Thoughts?  Mustache bash?  Mummy and I have some other themes up our sleeves though ... 

What do you think about our mustache obsession?  What is your Pinterest obsession lately?

-Mad Max

What is Your Next Stop?: Happy Birthday Washington!

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

We have another holiday coming up quickly (and Train Wreck Mommy is quick to point out that she doesn't get that holiday off): George Washington's Birthday or better known as President's Day.  Wouldn't that be nice if your birthday was a national holiday?

I feel like I am looking Presidential here.  No?  Okay, minus the reindeer pjs, right?  And well, maybe my expression.  Okay, I need to work on my Presidential look.

So how are you enjoying President's Day Weekend with your family?

May I offer some quick tips for how you might want to enjoy President's Day with your family?  Think: President's and History.  You can consider visiting a place that is in someway connected to Presidents or at least the history of your city.

If you have an art museum near you that has art from North America, such as at the MFAH, this might be a great place to start.  You might even find President George Washington himself!

You can find this work of art at the National Portrait Gallery.  Do you want to learn more about this portrait?  Visit: George Washington: A National Treasure.  They even have a Kids section and Family Guide.  The White House website also has information about EACH President!

If an art museum isn't possible this week, consider visiting a historical place near you (if it relates to the Presidents, great!  If not, that's okay too).

In Houston you might consider visiting The Heritage Society in Downtown Houston on Saturday or Sunday.

Mission: The Heritage Society, a museum complex at Sam Houston Park, collects, preserves, exhibits, and celebrates the diverse history of the Houston region.

Nichols-Rice-Cherry House is shown above.  And there is plenty more to see at The Heritage Society! (including 3 Family Days a year!  They are also working on Family Programming for the Family Baker House.)  Visit their website.

So how can you visit a historic place with your family?  First, you should check their website to see what family activities are available ... now some more ideas:

Wee One Tip: Pick one important aspect about the historic place (for example: a person).  Talk and describe to your Wee One about everything this person did or might have done in the historic place.  "This is where so and so slept!  Doesn't he / she have a big bed?  Listen to the sound the floor makes when we walk towards the bed."  

You may look like a crazy person but really who cares.  You should see how ridiculous Max and I look at Target when we are shopping (especially when we sing Adele together).

Tot Tip: Depending on the Tot and setting, it may be difficult to take tots around a historic place (they may want to touch items, but they may not be allowed to).  Check to see if the place you are visiting has a hands-on exhibit!  If not, you may consider spending more time visiting the areas outside and around the historic place.  Talk and Find: How many objects can you find that are similar to objects you already know and use?  How are they different?  Make it a game.  Who can find more?

Kid Tip: Read (from their website is fine) some about the historic place together before you visit it.  What interests your child MOST?  Is it the person that was associated with the place?  Is it the time period?  Consider focusing on that aspect during your trip.  If this person was our friend, or if we lived during this time period - what would it be like??

Tween Tip: Tweens love music.  Ask or help your tween (ahead of time) to find some music that relates in anyway to patriotism NOW.  Listen to the music!  At your historic place, ask what type of music people listened to during this time period, or what type of music people made.  When you get home, find music that is similar.  Compare!

Teen Tip: Teens often love expressing all of their emotions through writing or texts.  Buy some postcards in the gift shop, and as a family, "pretend" to write postcards to the people that lived or were associated with this historic place.  You can even make it a friendly family competition with a prize.  Who can make it the most original?  ... Or try something similar, but with texts on your phone.  Who can write out a message to Mr. So and So that lived at this historic plantation.  Why would you say that to him?  Your teen might groan at first, but in the end, they will probably have fun (especially if a friendly competition and prizes are involved!).  And most likely if it is a clever text competition, they will beat you every time.

How are you celebrating President's Day Weekend?  If you need more tips or book ideas, please let me know.

-Mad Max


Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Family, Friends, and Fans,

How are you celebrating today?

I started celebrating a tad earlier yesterday evening.  Mimi and Grampi (Gma and Gpa J) sent a few Valentine's surprises home with me (thank you!), and Mimi made Train Wreck Mommy some yummy cherry pie (that my brother, the feline, likes to eat too) and vegan pumpkin bread for My Hero Daddy.  (Double yum!  They say thanks again!).

Mimi did a great job of wrapping gifts.  Isn't wrapping paper the best?  Bag + Tissue Paper = Mad Max is fascinated.  Umm, Mummy, where are my pants?

Thank you for my Eric Carle Bath Squirts!  I used them last night.  And I am happy to report that they can swim.

And thank you for my Vtech Rhyme and Discover Book.  Lights, singing, and literature go hand in hand!

How are you celebrating with your loved ones today?  What about your TOTS and WEE ONES?

Besides my suggestions above, I would have to say lots of kisses (hugs) and chocolate go well for Valentine's Day (even for the tots and wee ones).  Now generally tots and wee ones probably don't eat a whole lot of chocolate (vegan for me), so here are some ideas ... what are yours?

For your Tots ... 
Mommy and I like Melissa and Doug's Cupcake Kit - thank you Cool Mom Picks (and we actually got this set for Cousin Corryn for Christmas)!  I'm not sure that my Daddy would be too keen on me playing with a cupcake kit ... so how about another option for the boys ...

Where else could you bake with chocolate?  The ultimate: Pottery Barn Kids - Red Retro Kitchen Set.  Be sure to check out their site for some more fun baking options.

My Hero Daddy, this set would match my Radio Flyer wagon and car perfectly!

For your Wee Ones ... 

Mommy and I generally aren't big Hershey fans (as far as quality of chocolate), but really who could pass this up?  Now if we can just dip that baby in some peanut butter.  Get in my belly, baby!  We found this newborn hat on cloth and crown's Etsy page.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'd love to hear how you are celebrating.  Feel free to comment!

-Mad Max


Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): Birthdays = Cupcakes

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?  Any big celebrations?  Vday Celebrations?

The highlight of my weekend was celebrating Gramby's (Gma A's) birthday with Pops (Gpa A), Train Wreck Mommy, and My Hero Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Gramby!

Happy Birthday, Gramby!

We celebrated by hanging out with Gramby and Pops ... and we went to dinner.

Here I am above helping Gramby open her gift.  You're welcome, Gramby!

We got Gramby a nice gift set from Origins - their Ginger products.  Use this stuff and your skin can be as soft as mine!  Seriously.

We also got Gramby a nice Papyrus card from Target.  These are Train Wreck Mommy's favorite cards.

Most importantly birthdays are not complete without cupcakes ... wouldn't you agree?  Unfortunately Train Wreck Mommy tipped over the box (ahem, big surprise), so I don't know that our Crave Cupcakes were looking fabulous enough for photos.  But we always buy Crave Cupcakes for important events ... Mommy and Daddy's Wedding ... my 1st Birthday ... and more!

Here's a photo of my (mini) 1st Birthday Crave Cupcakes.

What are your favorite cupcakes?  Do you like cake or cupcakes to celebrate birthdays?

Happy Birthday again, Gramby!  I love you.

-Mad Max

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