Tiny to Teen: I'll Eat All The Candy Before It Becomes A (Gingerbread) House

Hi Friends,

First ... I must credit Mommy's friend Sarah H for the Blog Headline today.  Thank you.  You contributed without knowing.  Mommy owes you a Starbucks.

What type of dessert treats do you make or buy for the holidays?  Any traditions in your family?

My Mommy isn't much of a baker (yet), but her goal is to become more of a baker.  And she's been thinking a lot about our family holiday traditions and starting traditions with me and Sadie.  This year she said she is going to make Christmas cookies with me, and we are going to make a Gingerbread House together.  I have no idea what she is talking about, but it sounds like fun.  I saw the Gingerbread House Kit she got from Target today, and I was so excited.  I wanted to push it around on the floor like a train.  Seriously.

She said we are going to make sugar cookies (so I can cut the Christmas shapes and decorate them)... and maybe one other type of cookie.  Any suggestions on cookies or recipes?  She may look at her family recipe book too that Gramby made.  But I am (mostly) vegan so she may adapt it (or look for vegan recipes too).

We'll be sure to share info and photos once we make our cookies and Gingerbread House.

Do you make cookies?  Do you design a Gingerbread House?

Wish us luck!  We haven't ventured into the baking world together yet.  But together ... I'm sure we can accomplish anything.  The extent of my kitchen experience is pretty much limited to turning collapsable strainers into hats.  See my "hat" below (it's not a hat or is it?).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
Oh, and one last thing ... Mommy said next year we get to have a NORTH POLE BREAKFAST.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  She got the idea from following in my shoes.

Do you do a North Pole Breakfast?

-Mad Max

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is super cute!!

Mad Max and Family said...

I know! He's such a cutie, thank you.

And it DID look like a hat.


Alexa said...

Haha...I love him. That picture is classic!

Mad Max and Family said...

Hah, thanks! Yah I caught a good one there.


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