Makin' My Rounds

This school year I am spending some time at Gma J's (Mimi's) too.  Yesterday was my F1RST day at her house!  I'm sure Train Wreck Mommy cried more than I did.

Here I am above lookin' like Daddy (don't you think?) and beggin' for food like Mommy.  (Love you, Mommy!)

Hey, Sophie ... let me chew on your best leg and show you all the toys at Mimi's house.

And we are cousins ... hey kid, check out that creature behind me with the big eyes.  No, not your sister ... the other one.  Thoughts on it?  Should we let it stay?

And how is your week going?  How do you make yourself feel comfortable in new places?  Emotionally eating?  Chewing on your favorite giraffe?

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

you are getting so big max!!!! I love that Sophie joins you everywhere. how did you like the big eyed creature?

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