Weekend Update: Happy 7 Month Bday To Me!

How was your weekend?

Mine started off with a date with several YES Prep Baby Ladies at the Children's Museum of Houston for our F1RST YES Family Meet Up event.  Then it ended with my (7 Month) Bday.  Could I ask for a better weekend?

Two Ramona eyes on you Train Wreck Mommy.  You and the Creepy Kid behind you.

Playing with my maraca at the Children's Museum.  Where is Auntie Brownie when you need her?

F1RST ball pit.  Mommy was asking me about the colors I see.  I was too busy seeing how many germs I could pick up to concentrate.  Yes, Mommy ...that is a PRIMARY color.

I'm thinking a drum set is in my future for my 8th Month Bday.

Here I am below on my Sunday morning Bday shots:

I love biting my bottom lip and spitting everywhere.  I mean, who doesn't?  Really?

HOARDER.  I'm a toy hoarder.  I also love (as you can see) dumping all my toys out and throwing them around my room.  Poor OCD Daddy.

Okay, are we going to eat, or are we going to lift off into space?  That is the question.  And I thought the space program ended?  Just kidding ... I love my 7 Month Bday present, Mommy and Daddy!

Mino does not see food.

Food.  Is.  Coming.

Sweet potatoes and prunes!  Can you ask for a better meal?  I think not.

I can hold my own spoon while watching you with my one white eye and one asian eye.  Beat that.

Please do share - how was your weekend?  Have any dates?  Visit any museums?  Fly into space?  Eat some prunes?

-Mad Max

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