fun friday: Sadie's Week 13 Update / Happy 3 Month Birthday

Hi Friends,

Sadie here!  How was your week?  We apologize for missing some days ... Mommy is still trying to get use to the new schedule.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 13 Update / Happy 3 Month Birthday

I turned 13 weeks on Monday,  Jan. 21st, and I officially turned 3 Months on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd!

Weight: I'm at chunky monkey weight now.  Maybe over 13 lbs?

Height: We are guessing about the same.  Maybe a tad longer.

Health: Zero complaints!

Sleep: Sleep has been really great at home!  I haven't had as many fussy evenings this week (Mommy went to the gym in the evening Tuesday and Wednesday).  And I pretty much sleep through the night now.  I sometimes (but not always) wake around 4 amish to eat which is very close to when Mommy has to get up for work (and feed me anyways).  Mommy isn't doing any dream feeds right now.

Sleep at YaYa's is a totally different story.  Two days now I just cry and cry, and I am not getting much sleep.  They are trying different bottles to see if that helps me.  Just pass this gal a glass of wine, please!

Diet: Mommy's Milk

Social: Mommy is working now so we don't have a whole lot of time to socialize anymore.  But, Mommy had "mandatory fun" aka bond with your co-workers on Wednesday afternoon, and they got to choose what they wanted to do in small groups.  Mommy took us to meet some co-workers and baby friends at the Children's Museum of Houston (my first visit).  What did I think of the place?  Well, I fell asleep quite nicely while Big Bro played choo choo and such.  But when my bff arrived (Baby O), I perked up ... when my bf (boyfriend) arrived (Baby J) I just played hard to get.  Baby J's Mommy said I look like an American Girl Bitty Baby.  What do you think?  (See Photo Below).

Me and BFF O (and my Belly Button)

Train Wreck Group Shot

Baby O, Baby J (aka BF), and Me

American Girl Bitty Baby
Clothes: 3 Months and 3 - 6 Months

Baby Gear: My Monkey Lovie and Lambie Lovie ... Mommy said she'll take photos soon and share them.  I love grabbing things now!

Crying: I've been crying a lot this week as I am getting use to being away from my Mommy.  We hope things get better soon!  Other than that... just normal crying.

Likes: I like when my brother acts like a monkey (this is the same thing my Mommy did for Tia Tam when she was a baby).  This makes me smile a lot!  I also like when my Daddy makes faces at me, and when my Mommy sings to me.

Postpartum: From Mommy - Trying to take back my life !  Went to the gym 3x this week ... my goal is 4 - 5x per week.  I try to do small workouts at home in the evenings when I don't go to the gym.  Hair is starting to fall out - joy!  Hand / finger pain (I've really noticed this at school) - joy!  Some weird back pain too - double joy!

Milestones: We had a few really fun ones this week / month!  Well, they sure did entertain Mommy and Company.  I'm really starting to notice my brother and his antics more.  I love watching him and turning my head to watch him.  He acted like a monkey for the first time this month and made me smile.

Also last Friday (1/18) I blew a lot of bubbles for the first time!  I was like WTF is going on...and Max just said "bubbles!  bubbles!"...

Then tonight Mommy was holding me, and I looked down and I saw FEET... WTF are those??  I was so excited, and I really wanted to grab them ... but I just got frustrated.  Mommy said she was holding Max the same way when he discovered his feet and played with them.

Above: My Pottery Barn Kids Lambie Quilt

What is Max Up To This Week?:

Missing his Mommy, I'm sure!  One thing is he is really starting to grow up (tall)... Mommy is FINALLY packing away some clothes that are probably too small for him now (18 months).

What are you up to this week?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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