thematic tuesday (at home): What Are Your At Home Goals With Kidlets?

Hi Friends,

Is your week off to a nice start?  We are feeling a bit like this (see photo below) tonight (Monday) ... so you can say that is less than to be desired.  Needless to say, we felt so much like the photo below that we almost didn't make this blog today - but we are here!  (Part of that feeling has to do with Mommy being back at work ... part of it has to do with Sissy being fussy tonight (Monday) ... etc).  We hope you are fairing much better.

By the way, do you know who is in the photo below?  Do you think it's me (Max) or Sadie?

We are starting a new blog posting on Tuesdays ... thematic tuesday (at home) - this posting will relate to themes, and things you do at home with the kidlets!

All Images: Mad Max and Family

Today we wanted to ask ... what goals do you have with your kidlets this year?  Are there any goals that relate to things you want to do with them at home?

Mommy is still working on our (her) goal list for the year, but she knows that she wants us to continue to make art together.  How do you make art at home?  We also want to focus more on learning colors, exploring colors, painting, mixing colors, etc.  So she wants to do several projects that involve those areas.

Are you interested in hearing any project ideas?  Let us know!  (We did a "special" painting project for Christmas gifts, and we may do one again soon ... I don't want to spoil any surprises though!).

The project above is simple for Super Tots.  We used an "Alex My First Painting Set."  It comes with the primary colors, is simple to use for Super Tots (keeps the paints contained, mostly), and easy to clean.  It does seem to waste a lot of paint unless you take the time to try to put the excess back, but the paint is cheap so it is probably not a great loss.

Mommy and I like to practice mixing our colors, expressing ourselves, and we like to reuse material (here we painted on newspaper!).

Is painting on your list of goals to do with your kidlets at home this year?  Or what is on your list related to the arts (or even not related to the arts)?

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

And don't forget  ... Dad 2.0 is coming up in a few short weeks.  Will you be there?

-Mad Max

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Stephanie said...

My goal this year is to get Avery into more programs OUTSIDE of the house. We do a lot of things in and around our home, and I'd like her to be able to start ballet or pottery, or both. And my husband would like her to start martial arts. I don't know about that one, but she loved soccer, so maybe that again, or even swimming.

Mad Max and Family said...


Yes, I love doing things outside of the house too! What types of things do you do at home? Since I am (mostly) a FT working Mom I feel like we are hardly ever home when I am working - even on weekends out and about. But I do love having those days at home! Max has done music class, swimming, and soccer. We definitely want to do martial arts w/ him when he is probably 5 (my Dad who use to teach it said wait until then). It's so much fun watching them experience new things! Plus I think I am more of a "get out of the house" type person.


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