Sadie's Week 18 Update / Happy 4 Month Birthday

Hi Friends,

How are you?

My (Sadie's) Week 18 / 4 Month Birthday update is overdue!  (I wanted to post it this past Friday).  I don't know about you, but we are all running on fumes around here for various reasons ... and Max was sick at the end of last week (and still fighting a cold now).  The GOOD news is Mommy's Spring Break starts this next week!  Much needed.

Needless to say, our weekend was somewhat uneventful because of Max's sickness last weekend.  We had to miss soccer, but we found the apt we will be staying in temporarily while our house is being built.  We are moving (as long as everything goes through with the house) at the end of the month.  I don't know if we even mentioned to you that our house was sold in ONE DAY.  That must be a record!  Mommy is starting to think of ways to organize / decorate the apt to keep us all sane without spending too much time or money on it.  Any suggestions?

Other than that, we mostly stayed at home since Max was sick.  Oh, Mommy and I did have a baby shower on Sunday.  Have you been to any celebrations lately?

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 18 Update / 4 Month Birthday

First, I PROMISE I smile AND laugh.  But sometimes I like to be real serious.  And Mommy just takes my photos when she can - she is watching my goose of a 2 year old brother, yah know!

Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz (We saw the doc on 2/25 for my 4 month check up so we know my stats exactly!  I'm right around average for both weight and height.)

Height: 24 1/2 inches (Over half way to be able to ride roller coasters!  Says my Daddy ...)

Health: Tip top shape.  We are hoping I don't get what Max has!

Oh, by the way... this photo session shows that Mommy said - no more blanket next time.  Mommy said that I am getting too big and active, and I just make a mess of it!  See above.

Sleep: Same.  Same.  Same.  Oh, one thing is Mommy talked to my doctor about my nap issues at the Grandparents house during the week.  The doc said (who is a believer in CIO) CIO is ONLY for the nighttime.  The baby should decide when the baby is ready to sleep during the day.  She also said I need at least 3 quiet times a day (at least 45 min each) whether I sleep or not (put in a crib / pack and play etc).  What do you think about this philosophy and advice?  The Grandparents keep trying their best!  I'm still sleeping well through the night most nights.

Diet: The doc said I can have food now!  Way to deprive me, Mommy and Daddy ...haha.  I'm still doing Mommy's milk only.  They want to wait so it doesn't affect Mommy's milk supply.  However, Mommy did let me try a teeny tiny bit of her sweet potato the other day (well two days) - delicious!

Social: As mentioned above, I wasn't too terribly social last weekend (or with the Grandparents).  I did however meet some of Mommy's co-workers (and see some of my baby friends) at the baby shower last weekend for the first time.

Mommy likes to call the photo above - Grumpy Cat!

Clothes: Still the same.  But some of the 3 months only clothes are getting too tight.  Mommy is going to break out the 6 months clothes soon - probably this week (Spring Break) when she is purging and packing.

Baby Gear: I started using the Bumbo at Ya Ya's house!  Finally.  Able to sit up.  We need to get a new bumbo for our house, but we may wait until we move - we'll see.

Crying: Nothing out of the ordinary really.  More at the Grandparents.  Sometimes at night.

Likes: I love when Mommy and other people sing to me.  I also love rolling over a lot now.  And I love grabbing things and grabbing my toes!  I'm trying to eat them.

Postpartum: From Mommy - about the same as my update last week.  Things have been CRAZY for me lately - and exhausted, but I'm going to get back into the swing of the gym and such Spring Break week.  I'm going to try not to let other things interfere in the future so I can stay in the routine of it.

Milestones: I rolled over back to front (the harder way) on 2/24!  My doc said that was ahead of schedule since that happens around 5 or 6 months.  I'm quite the mover though.  I also keep grabbing my toes, and I'm trying to put them in my mouth.

A few photos below from my 4 Month Doc Appt:

Hey Ladies, isn't this the best scale ... ?  I weight zero!  Haha.

Mommy asked brother to lay (or is it lie?) on the floor near me to take a photo.  This is what he did.

What is Max Up To This Week?: Max has had a lot of milestones lately himself.  Last night (3/6) he said "I love you!" twice on the phone to Mommy!  And Max says new words and phrases daily.  We can't even keep up.

What about you?  How have you been?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

PS: Be sure to check us out on Mad About Town.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Aw she is getting so big! Glad everyone is healthy and I am sure she is looking forward to trying more new foods!

WhisperingWriter said...

She is adorable!

I loved the Bumbo for my daughter.

Krystal said...

she is just deliciously adorable! btw i agree with the quiet times, for sure. if wesley only sleeps 30min i will leave him in there for another 15-30 minutes if he is quiet and happy. sometimes he is just jabbering to himself, and a lot of times when i finally go in there he is half asleep. so i know he's resting. also, sometimes if we're out on the town he'll kind of zone out in the stroller....and then doesn't need a nap!

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