We Need A Break After Spring Break.

Hi Friends,

How are you?  How was your weekend?  Were you on Spring Break last week?  How was yours?

We were absent from the blog world last week ... enjoying Spring Break with Mommy (me and Sissy). Mommy said we had two main goals last week: have fun with the kidlets (that is me and Sadie June) and purge / pack (and some other minor goals, but Mommy said we would have little time for anything else with our two main goals).

How about you?

We enjoyed so much that it would take us a long time to share it all with you (and the purging / packing ...see more on this below... is keeping us busy)!

The first Saturday of Spring Break we went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with Ya Ya and Pops (Sadie's FIRST Rodeo!).  We had so much fun!  I rode a pony, went to the petting zoo, saw all of the animals in the education area, went shopping, ate rodeo treats, went to the rodeo kids farm, and more.  Sadie had so much fun that she passed out in her Ergo.  Mommy really wanted me to wear my new cowboy boots and my cowboy hat, but she forgot she turned me into an urban baby.  The Wrangler shirt and jeans were about all this City Slicker could handle.

I also had SoccerTots both weekends, and park time.  (Slides are my new favorite thing).

Monday I went with Mommy, Sissy, and Ya Ya to the Kemah Boardwalk.  I had a blast!  It was my first trip there.  I rode the carousel, the hot air balloon ride, the plane - the plane - the plane ride, the train (which was probably my personal favorite), and we played games.  Mommy "won me" a puppy that looks just like Bean.  Won as in everyone walks away with a prize.  That's okay, Mommy - you did a great job!  I also played at their playground, ate lunch, and went shopping.

Tuesday we met Mimi and Auntie Dana and the cousins at Memorial City Mall for some fun.  I played in the play area, and the ladies tricked me into lunch at the American Girl store.  Luckily Mommy made up for it by letting me ride on the carousel.  Carousel!  TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Wednesday Mommy said she was going to stay in with us, but all of us got antsy.  Mommy's friend V came over, and we walked (yes you heard right), walked to Target and a few other stores.

Thursday we went with V to the MFAH to see the Prado show, and we had lunch with V at Shiva Indian Restaurant in Rice Village.  What did I think of the show?  Well, I personally liked looking for the dogs in the art.  Oh, and the hats.  Sissy on the other hand?  Disinterested.  Napped.  We were by far the youngest ones at the show!  Now the fun doesn't stop there ...

Friday we went with Mommy and her friends on a play date to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Did Mommy spoil us this week or what?  This was only my second time to CEC.  I can't wait to go back!

This past weekend was full of fun too.  Mimi, Peeps, Auntie D, and the cousins came to watch me play soccer.  We celebrated Mimi's birthday afterwards at Ruggles Green (City Centre), and played in their "grass" area.  Everyone is having a blast until you fall flat on your forehead.  Mommy made up for it - she bought us sweets at SWEET.


Enjoy a photo from the rodeo!  More photos to come soon.  As we mentioned before... very busy with purging and packing.  We are moving to our temporary home in less than two weeks.  Eep!  Mommy and Daddy are calling it our "resort" while our home is being built (aka an apartment with a pool - I'm not fooled).

With that being said, all of Mommy's technology is FULL - computers, iPhone, iPad, so we have a lot of work to do also on files with the tech so we can share more photos (easily).  Please be patient as we do these big transitions (moving - and organizing files!).

Stay tuned for our next stop this Wednesday, and Sissy's big update(s) on Friday!  Enjoy a photo from the rodeo.

How is your week so far?

-Mad Max

PS: You can also find us on Mad About Town.

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