Highlight of my 4 Month Bday: Eating My Hand

Mad Max here ... I've been so busy trying to keep Train Wreck Mommy afloat at YES Prep.  Keep swimming, Mommy!  Only four more weeks ...

I have a great posting to come back to ... my 4 Month Birthday was today.  And my brother, the feline ... (Hermann) - it was his 3 year old Birthday, and Auntie Eek - Happy Birthday to you!

Train Wreck Mommy LOVES to take 10.5 billion photos of me on my birthday.  Here are .0000000001 percent of those.  A few highlights ... and thank you to Super Daddy for taking care of me while TW Mommy went to the YES Prep Fine Arts Show.  And thank you to Gma and Gpa J ... and Cousin Corryn and Ri-Bear for visiting me on my Bday.  Way to show off your rolling skills, Ri.  I'm watching you!

Hoodie (Hoodie Bear) and I ... early morning work out.

Half smile for my Mommy ...

I'm so serious.  Aren't I, Mommy?

I love chewing on my hand lately.  Mom loves taking photos of me in my Super Rocker.

Ball.  Hey, you.

Each month on my birthday Mommy takes 1,000 photos of me in Daddy's running shirt.  Mommy ... the more photos you take doesn't make the shirt fit better.  Meanwhile, I like to entertain myself with my feet.

Oh, yes ... and thank you also goes out to my family for my wonderful 4 month gifts.  A Bumbo Seat and Tray ... toys that make noise, and more!  Now I must rest up for Mommy's big day tomorrow - her FIRST Mother's Day.  I love you, Mommy!

-Mad Max

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