Middle Weight Champion

I went in for my 4 month doctor appt. check-up this month.  Mommy always says something about "shots" ... but I don't see much of a celebration going on at the doc.  Shots usually = me screaming in pain for a second, and then Mommy hugs me obsessively.  I'm fine, Mommy!

Prior to the "shots" (which do not arrive with lime, salt, or a beer on the side) ... I get my weight and height checked ... and a check-in with the doc.  For some reason we never end up in the fighting ring, but maybe next time.

15 lbs and 25 inches.  Watch out, ladies.  Is it time for Texans training camp yet?

Here I am below having a good ol' time with Daddy as we wait for the doc ...

So the doc walks in and says "so Maximino is neither maximum nor minimum - 50th percentile" ... (but Mommy and I both know that I am NOT average.)

A few highlights (besides flirting with the lady nurses and doc!) .... the doc said I was very advanced with my 6th Month Old trick (the old grabbing the toes trick) ... sometimes adults are easily impressed.  She also told Train Wreck Mommy and Daddy that I can start eating real food.  Finally.  When are we going out for sushi, guys?

Look for my blog soon about when Mommy and Daddy gave me "real food" ...

-Mad Max

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Tamra of walkswithBella said...

Such a big boy!! Gosh I am in love with your smile.

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