Party Animal and Swingers

I've been having so many new adventures lately.

A few weeks ago we went to my buddy Ben's baptism.  Can you see us?  Look closely.  Mommy!  Mommy!  Where is Train Wreck Mommy, my photographer?  This isn't working well.  

It was also Ben's F1RST Birthday party that day.  Happy Birthday, Ben!

By the way, Ben blogs too: little baby ben.  Check it out!

Then we went across town the same day to Super Miracle Toddler, Anna's 2nd Birthday.  Her Mommy ... "Auntie" Elizabeth is a super party planner (great job!!).  Train Wreck Mommy and Elizabeth use to plan events together at Dante's Inferno (MFAH).  Auntie Elizabeth, I think TW Mommy is going to get in touch with you ... she already started planning my F1RST big event.

Mad Max and my Birthday Girlfriend ... haha!  Happy Birthday!  By the way, I loved your Disney theme.  Rumor has it I get to go visit the Big Crazy Mouse next year!  Let's have a play "date" soon.

Right outside of Anna's party there was something called a "swing set."  Mommy was so excited (umm, I don't think you will fit, Mommy).  I ... was well, cautious about this experience.

Daddy, I don't know about this.  Where is my Lambie Swing?  Chains?  Chains, you say?

Haha, this is so much fun I turned into a small Asian man!!!  Or Quasian as Auntie Tam would say (Quarter Asian).

More adventures soon ...

What parties have you attended lately?  Enjoyed a park or playground recently?

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

You look so dapper in your tie Mino!! Uncle Michael is very proud, you tied your tie perfectly! Uncle Michael takes his ties very seriously, so he likes how you are already dressed for success!

Miss you. Love you - Auntie Tam

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