A Baby Cougar's Party

A few weeks ago I was invited to my first birthday party for Jocelyn's 1st Bday ... (Jocelyn's a cougar baby!) ... Jocelyn stole the show of course (being that it was ... her birthday), but I liked to impress the ladies with my gym skills.  Jocelyn's party was at The Little Gym.

Here I am above with Birthday Girl Jocelyn ... her Mommy "Auntie" Steph ... and of course Train Wreck Mommy.

Um, Dad ... I don't think this is the balance beam.  I can take it though.

Here I am above sitting down with Daddy, party guests, and the super excited high-pitched teenage workers.  Scary.

Jocelyn can hula hoop ... that's right!

Watch my balance beam tricks below.

High bars.  'Nuff said.

I met "Auntie" Tiffany for the first time at Jocelyn's party.  We had a great time throwing blank stares at each other in response to the teenage party throwers antics.  Blank stare.

Jocelyn, come visit Tejas again soon!  Happy Birthday!

-Mad Max


Tamra of walkswithBella said...

I see a future Olympian! Your Dad is hilarious, he had you doing double backflips in diapers! Thanks again for your fabulous guest post!!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Haha, and thanks for letting me guest post, Auntie Tam. When are we going to do it again? Thx for visiting my blog! More updates to come soon.

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