Max Ernst, Mad Max, and More ...

I just wanted to share a quick preview of my first visit to an art museum ... The Menil Collection ... from this past weekend (we have more outside and legal photos to share soon).

I was really enjoying playing Mad Max the Art Critic until I fell asleep.  Nothing like nap time to make you forget a good outing.  One of my favorite artists is Mark Rothko, but here I am below with some works by Brice Marden (before Train Wreck Mommy almost got us arrested for taking illegal cell phone pics in the galleries ... hello!  Mommy use to work here.  I think Super Mad Max can take a few photos and give credit where credit is due).

-Mad Max the Super Art Critic ... what am I looking at?  What do I see ... ?  What does the gray mean? ... Is it just gray I see?  How does it make me feel?

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