Big D Fans ...

Last weekend I had some special visitors come into town from Big D, "Auntie" Meredith and "Uncle" Randy ... and they also came with good news - they are going to have a future "cousin" for me to visit towards the end of this year!  Congrats!

Mad Max loves having Super Baby Friends in every city.

"Auntie" Mer is beside herself.  Of course!  We missed you Auntie Tam.

Thank you for my stylin' outfit and socks "Auntie" Mer and "Uncle" Randy!  I already wore them this past week.

We also went with Meredith, Randy and Gma and Gpa A to Candelari's.  Train Wreck Mommy said I wasn't ready for my own pizza yet.  Boring, I say!

But yum ... look at the sandwich Mommy and I had!

Look at Daddy's pizza ... pizza with no cheese!  Now that's funny.

It was so nice meeting you "Auntie" Mer and "Uncle" Randy.  I hope y'all come visit again soon!

-Mad Max


Tamra @walkswithBella said...

YAY!!!! My favorite ppl all in one place!! I'm so glad you finally got to meet the Lemerands. Aren't Mer and Randy so fab! Mer is a fashionista and she sure did hook you up! I just can't get enough of these pics. Thanks sis!!! Wish you were in more of them.

Mer- you are glowing!!!

btw - pizza looks amazeballs.

xoxo - auntie tam

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Auntie Tam! We missed you and Uncle Michael!!! Train Wreck Mommy hates being in photos. Maybe after we frequent Baby Boot Camp, she'll like it more.

Love, Mad Max

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