Mad Money: Baby Jesus and Mr. Donkey

I haven't been very consistent with my Mad Money (Shopping) post, but I have to take care of Train Wreck Mommy.

The holidays are here, and your Super Babies can't be without their very own Baby Jesus!  I heart the Baby Jesus.  "I like the baby version the best!"

Here I am with my Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set from Target.  Baby Jesus can fly really far (Mary, not so much).  The manger is a bit clunky to carry around when crawling, but this is a great buy (thanks, Mommy!).  I really love Mr. Donkey and Camel.  I love carrying them around when crawling (clunk, clunk, clunk).  They don't do so well with carrying me around yet.

I find it slightly odd that the "Three Wise Men" are made up of women and all of the races of Brangelina's children, but more power to them!

Don't worry Jewish Super Babies!  Be sure to get your own Little People Hanukkah Play Set!

What holiday-related item did you get your Super Baby?

-Mad Max

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