Christmas Update: 3 Bottles of Scotch Later ...

I have much to update you on!  Holiday Break ... Three Christmas celebrations ... my two front teeth ... and more!

I will give you a sneak peek ...

Christmas morning at home.  Radio Flyer Super Wagon.  Need I say more?

Ball.  One of my favorite gifts!  And check out my lovely Pottery Barn Kids stocking.

I look concerned.  I WAS concerned.  Hey ... hey guys!  I think we forgot some of my gifts over here.  (Christmas at Gma and Gpa A's (Gramby and Pops)).

Watch out, Blake Griffin!  Thank you for the Little Tikes Sports Center, Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael!

Here I am with Daddy at Gma and Gpa J's.  I'd say something witty here, but I think my Scotch is making me tired.

Mommy tried to get a photo of Mad Max and the Cousins.  Much of the photos looked like this.  Wow.

How are your holidays going?  I'll share more soon!

-Mad Max


Tamra said...

Future NBA star! Waiting to see the rest of the pics! x

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

I've been practicing everyday, Auntie Tam!

I know, Mommy is a little slow with the pics... keep out her! More blogs soon.

xo, Mad Max

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