1st Annual Rockets Road Game Trip

I went with Mommy and Daddy to San Antonio yesterday for our 1st Annual Rockets Road Game Trip (we will do 1+ games a year!).  "Remember the Alamo," I attempt to scream from my fetus sack!

Look at me with my first Texas cactus!

Umm, hey guys!  We are no longer at war at the Alamo!

Mom and Dad on the Riverwalk.  Nice pic, Dad, but where am I?

There I am!  Mommy, can you make my house bigger?  It's getting cramped in here.

Here I am with a Davy Crockett hat!  Poor animal, Mommy says.

Now we're at the Rockets versus Spurs game.  The ENEMY mascot (Coyote) is beheaded on Mommy's head.  Gross!

Mommy and Daddy are collecting road team pennants from each of the trips.  Here Daddy is with the horrible Spurs pennant.

Mommy says she is going to start another family tradition.  She is going to try out the ice cream at each basketball stadium for each road game.  The Spurs got an A+ in my book!  This was before we were all on TV!  I'm just a fetus, and I already can't keep the cameras away.  I may have to start wearing a baseball cap like the celebrities.

GO ROCKETS!  We didn't win in Overtime, but next time we will get them.

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