Fun Friday: Babyccinos

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Happy Friday!

Do you like to treat yourself with anything on Friday?  I know Mommy likes to treat herself on the way to school (umm, every now and again) with a Grande Soy Chai.  Ahem.

... and most importantly, what is second best to Scotch for a Super Baby?  Babyccino.  You heard me right, Babyccino.

Check out this Super Tot enjoying a Babyccino:

Image Credit: Abra Jeanne

Babyccinos are described as decaf espresso topped with steamed milk and froth, and they can also be described just as steamed milk with foam.  Apparently, they can be annoying for baristas (hey, Super Babies need a jolt too), but they are spreading all over Brooklyn like hipsters and art studios.  (Before Brooklyn ... Babyccinos gained in popularity in Australia).

Like many trends, this one is causing quite an uproar (just Google "Babyccino"), but Mommy and I are all for it.  Train Wreck Mommy said she won't let me have the espresso, more for her? (or soda for that matter ...which has more caffeine than decaf espresso).

I hope this trend hits Houston.  Hey, Houston!  Mommy and I like to frequent Inversion, Brasil, and Black Hole.  Let the TOT FROTH begin.

What do you think of this Babycinno trend?

-Mad Max

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