Mad for Monday (Max's Weekend Update): OKC Bound

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your weekend?

Our weekend was fairly low key.  We were mostly just running errands and preparing for our 2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip to Oklahoma City this week.

But before we get to that ... we did celebrate Mimi's (Gma J) Birthday this weekend.  Happy Birthday Mimi!  Here I am below with Mimi relaxing before her Birthday lunch (it wasn't the best lighting, but it'll do).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara Johnson

We also ... went shopping at our fav place, Target, to prepare for our trip.  Since our glass kitchen table broke (completely shattered), we went looking for a new dining room table at West Elm and Crate and Barrel in Highland Village (Houston).  We'll be sure to share our new super table once we decide on a purchase.  We also grabbed lunch on Saturday at one of our favorite spots lately, Phoenicia (Downtown Location), an international food market.  Did your weekend involve any shopping our eating out?

Rockets Road Game Trip:
We are mostly gearin' up for our 2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip to OKC this week.  Each season we are going to go to visit a new city to see the Houston Rockets play on the road!  You may remember our 1st Anuual Rockets Road Game Trip to San Antonio last season.  At least I'll get to enjoy the trip out of the womb this year (although last year my womb made it on TV, so I need to top that).

And you may remember my blog announcing that our trip this year would be OKC: OKC Bound.

Be sure to read the two previous blogs for more information on our annual tradition!  You can also type Rockets in my Search box for more blogs about the Houston Rockets.  I am (of course) their #1 fan!  I don't know that my girlfriends and my favorite Clutch Bear will be in OKC, but a Super Baby can only hope.  If not, I'll be sure to check out the competition.  For research purposes only of course.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara Johnson

We are looking forward to bringing you information about our Rockets Trip when we return!  We'll be sure to give you OKC and Rockets scoop, and our tradition includes sizing up the team's competition (stadium and stadium ice cream!).

Does your family have any non-holiday type traditions?  Or would you like to start any?  Please be sure to share!

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Mad Max


Stephanie said...

I love taking our daughter to NBA games. We're big Blazer fans up here!

Mad Max and Family said...

Stephanie, sorry for the delayed reply ... one of those weeks here!

Yay for being NBA fans too. We had a great time at our road trip game (blog to come). Max fell asleep during the 1st Quarter though. Way past his bedtime! I couldn't believe he could sleep through the noise!

-Tara and Mad Max

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