From Womb to World

I'm Mad Max the Super Fetus.  First known as Mini ... next Blue ... and now Mad Max (and sometimes Mighty Mad Max).

I'm scheduled to go from Womb to World in a little over two months (1-1-11)!  So it is time to start preparing for my arrival through my blog (we all know Mom can't find the time to keep up with her blog!).  I would have been blogging since the very beginning in April, but ... not only is the high speed Internet connection low in my womb (aka my house), Mom's hurling (that lasted until late July) was really disruptive.  And it's hard being a fetus.  You wouldn't believe how tiring it is growing all of these body parts!  And Mom thinks teaching is difficult.

I won't be blogging too much over the next two months, and I'll need to add the bells and whistles later.  I'm currently very busy adding my fat.  Just ask Mom, it's very tiring!  Luckily Dad is an awesome cook, and he keeps me well fed.  Check out the homemade scones he made this weekend.

I'm also very busy helping train wreck Mom!  We make a difference daily at YES Prep SE, and Mom has an extensive To Do List.  One of my favorite hobbies is getting my nursery ready.  That is where "Lambie the Lamb" lives.  And who doesn't love Lambie the Lamb?  In fact, Crazy Train Grandma and Grandpa Alcancia bought me a present yesterday - a Lambie the Lamb swing!  I hope the feline doesn't find it and use it for cat naps.  Daddy put it together today.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa A!

I'm also excited about my new crib (from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson - thank you!)!  I hope it's more roomy than my current house.

This is a photo of my current house at Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael's Rehearsal Dinner.  Mom is feeding me a mocktail and apps!

Mom says it's time to go lesson plan.  Oh, Mommy!  Until next time ... stay tuned for updates on my kicking (Dad is training me to be a professional NFL kicker), my lamb nursery, and other adventures.

-Mighty Mad Max

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Anonymous said...

this entry makes me smile :). keep blogging, max!

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