10.5 Billion Hour Breastfeeding Class

This morning I went with Mommy and Daddy to Breastfeeding Class at the hospital.  Daddy was thrilled!  Mommy has to take a class on how to feed me?  So silly.  I'm ready for reservations at a Bobby Flay restaurant!  Or maybe Nobu?

Here is their Doll that is suppose to look like me:

Wow, am I tan or what?  I am also a little bit shiny, and I have a lot of wrinkles.  I hope I don't come out looking like that!  Marc Jacobs is expecting me in Milan for the Baby Runway Fall 2011 Collection.

Daddy picked Mommy a fake breast that was chocolate colored.  Looks like I would be taking a mouth full of cloth!

I might end up with Blue Eyes like Daddy ... there is a chance!  Here's hoping.

Doesn't Daddy looked thrilled?  I know, I know, George / Jorge ... aka the doll baby isn't quite like Mad Max, but there is no reason to be scared of him, Dad!

I think I saved the best pic for last.  Mommy is being silly holding George / Jorge in the same position as I am in!  Does that look comfortable?  No!  I think Mommy should stand on her head all day.

I've had a really busy day.  After our class, I went shopping with Mommy at Target... and then I went with Mom and Dad to the Houston Rockets Home Opener - RED RISING!  I took a photo with Clutch Bear!  Of course ... Daddy bought me some awesome Rockets outfits.  A blog update and photos to come soon.

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