At Least I Didn't Pee On My Hand ...

I may be swimming around in a pouch of liquid, but at least I didn't pee on my hand.  Mommy is so silly!

We had a doctor's appointment today, and Mom had to do her routine urine sample.  She's claiming my house is so big that she couldn't easily find the cup.  End result: Mom peed on her hand!  I'll remember that when she is complaining about my dirty diapers.  In fact, I am thinking about skipping the diaper stage.  I'm not sure how they will look with my newborn skinny jeans?

Then "Train Wreck" Mom almost started crying!  I can't take that woman anywhere.  They couldn't find my heartbeat right away ... and she flipped out.  My heart was strong of course at a solid 144.  Dad says I'm ready to start training for my first triathlon.

The nurse pushed and poked my house and told Mom my head was facing down ready for birth.  No wonder I feel like the blood is rushing to my head!  I'm upside down!  It's also more difficult to read the New York Times in this position.

Auntie Tam is coming to my next doctor's visit!  Let's hope Mommy doesn't embarrass the both of us by peeing on her hand again.

Here I am with Auntie Tam!  Well, you can see my house.

-Mad Max

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