I CRAVE Mommy's attention.  Mommy loves to talk to me (sing to me, rock me, and shake my house), but today ... Mommy was a HUGE complainer ... "oh!  my back!  my back!  my achin' back!"... "my feet!"... "Mad Max, look at Mommy's huge feet!"

I tried to shout some encouraging words...but I got a mouth full of odd liquid.

Things turned around in the afternoon!  Mad Max loves Elective Rounds Meetings.  Mommy's friend JCranc had CRAVE cupcakes.  I love Crave Cupcakes!  I think more than Mommy.  Look at me at the Electives Round Mtg (well, my house):

My house is all sideways upside down in this photo like I am most of the day!  Oh, Mommy... pull it together!

And then we had Pumpkin Carving!  Maybe "Train Wreck" Mommy shouldn't be holding the carving knife!

I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow at YES Prep SE's Mandatory Bowling Fun!  I heard Tina the Terrific Teacher may go ... She needs to pull herself together too.  She's been sitting on Mommy's crate asking for coverage for MONTHS now.

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