My Office Hours and Being Threadless

Mommy's friend JCranc had one of her awesome HS learners create my new office sign!  My office is (of course) the Staff Lounge Bathroom.  I spend most of my day there.  They need to contact Mommy for an appointment.  I'll provide photos soon! ... I'm leaving you in suspense... (the photos Mom has right now are sideways ...upside down... she seems to like things like that, like me!).

As a side note, I was going to share a pitcher of ... this afternoon at the Staff "Mandatory Fun" Bowling Event with Mr. Bose, Mr. Schmidt (Foggy Bottom), Mr. Simmons (Tanner), and Ms. Ramirez (Brownie) but Mommy said "it's a school night."  Boring!  Thursday is the new Friday.

In other important news of the day, Mommy got me new hoodsies!  Here is a sneak peek of one of them:

Daddy has the EXACT same hoodsie!  Well, his is a t-shirt.  Threadless is Daddy's favorite website for his t-shirts.  I love matching Daddy.  I'm not big into matching Mommy.  Mr. Schmidt may label me as a "tranny fetus."


Anonymous said...

i love threadless! the hoodsies are cutee!

Max Stafford Johnson said...

Thanks for following my blog! Do you buy from Threadless Ms. H? I'm thinking about submitting my own design.

-Mad Max

Anonymous said...

MM - it has been years since I owned a threadless shirt. I've become cheap in my old age. I have my eye on a few threadless wall decals, though, for your little friend Isabel's new bedroom. Can't wait for the two of you to meet! You should most definitely submit your own design - surely you have some good stuff in your womb sketchbook. - ACH

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