I Am A Robot.

Mommy and I have been busy wrapping up our Maternity and Super Infant Leave ... but don't worry, many blog posts to come!

Last weekend we went with Daddy to the First Robotics competition to see YES Prep SE's 2737 Robotics Team.

I rode in my new super carrier with Daddy: the Ergo Baby Carrier (organic of course!).  Daddy, you did a great job.  You only dropped about a gallon of sweat on me ... just kidding!

What is your favorite Baby Carrier?  (I prefer to call mine ... my Super Infant Carrier).

Here we are below at the Robotics competition at the George R. Brown Convention Center with the super Robotics Guru, "Auntie" Rita.  Nice goggles, right?  They believe in safety.  I believe in living on the edge.

Train Wreck Mommy with Super Rita.

YES Prep SE's 2737 Robot!  Great job, guys!

Super Rita below with Super Brian.

Look at me with the Robot (Insert my British Accent Here).

Afterwards we walked through Discovery Green (my first visit to Houston's Downtown Park).  Daddy, don't I blend in with the art?  

Art bikes!  Some of our favorite things - art and biking.  Auntie Tam said I get a bike for my 1st Birthday.  I wonder if I can ride one then?

Gonzo's art bike!  He's a graffiti artist that came to visit the Wizards at YES Prep SE.

-Mad Max

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