Double Digits: Happy 10 Month Bday

Last Monday on 11/7/11 it was my 10 Month Bday!  Happy Birthday to Me, Mad Max!  (Yes, once again, Mommy and I are a bit behind).  Mommy tried to take 100s and 100s of photos, but many of them looked like this above.  (What do you expect at -5:30 am or whatever it was ... !  I didn't even have my morning Scotch and newspaper time yet!)

And some photos looked like this.  Feet.  Monkey feet.

Some photos looked like this.  When I'm really excited I throw my hands in the air.  Yay!  Don't you?

About to whistle.  Obviously. 

Later at Gma J's aka Mimi's.  Strike a pose?

I also celebrated my 10 Month later that night with Lambie.  Lately my hobby is to claw out his eyes.  Train Wreck Mommy says, "no!  no!  Poor Lambie."  Well, Mommy ...if he didn't have eyes, he wouldn't be staring at me at night, now would he?

How has your November been so far?  I'll be sure to share more soon!

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

clawing out his eyes!!! max you crack me up! thanks for the laughts. love you. - auntie tam

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