Weekend Update: Recovery

I had a pretty low key weekend with Mommy and Daddy since I was recovering from my sickness.  I didn't start eating well until late on Sunday afternoon.  Nothing like starving yourself to death on the weekend!

But Gma and Gpa J did come visit (Mimi and Grampi).  Daddy made us (well them) "nachos" with "vegan cheese" yum!

I also went with Mommy and Mimi to Target.  Thanks for the new farm fridge toy, Mimi!  I love creating cow ducks!

I love looking for knives and dangerous things in the kitchen!

Today I watched the Texans with Daddy like always ... played ball and went to music class with Mommy.  And tortured my brother the feline (aka chased him around and yelled "ohh ohh!").

I love my Clutch Bear beads.  This is my thinking face.  Obviously.

How was your weekend?  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!  It's my 10 month Birthday!  (11/7/11).

-Mad Max

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