Weekend Update: Birthdays, Bottles, and Baby Jesus

I swear.  This is allowed. 

Look!  Look quick.  My asian and white eye are coming out.  We are both watching you.

On Saturday we went to Nathan and Alyssa's Birthday Party (4 years and 2 years) at Playscape.  Happy Birthday, kids!

Look at me go down the slide.

Um.  Whee?

Okay, Daddy.  Now this is what I am talking about.  Mommy was too scared to go on this one!

Can you find Mad Max?

We got this.

Hydrating after playtime.

Here are my friends enjoying some cupcakes (Yvonne and Corinne).  What's a 10 month old got to do around here to get a cupcake?

Happy Birtthday Alyssa and Nathan!  Thanks for inviting me!

Mommy was checking out their decor.  She's been working hard on my 1st Birthday Celebration!  How do you like these lady bug centerpieces?

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... Here I am in a Santa get-up.  Check out my first Nativity scene.  See it?  Over there?  On the floor?  Poor Baby Jesus!

What happened to the donkey?  What did you say?

So ... are you decorating for the holidays?

-Mad Max

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