Call 911! Call 911!

Last week was eventful to say the least.  I was enjoying a relaxing evening at home last Wednesday evening with Train Wreck Mommy, My Hero Daddy, and My Brother the Feline ...when BAM ... meet projectile vomiting Max, full exorcism, Max after his first frat party, etc.

It went on and on and on and on.  Mommy started to smell really bad.  Like throw up!  

Fast forward a few hours (and me refusing to take liquids), and we ended up in a horror house aka the ER at Texas Children's Hospital.  Now I have nothing against the hospital, but let's say the ER was umm, interesting.

The Train Wrecks didn't take many photos that night.  They were too busy worrying about me.  Hey, Mommy!  I'm a Super Baby.

Luckily, they put me on what they call "Fast Track" (I'm guessing because I'm a Super Baby), so I ended up in the special waiting room for several hours.

Ohh, Mommy.  This throwing up is horrible.  I may not drink Scotch again.  I threw up into several different blankies in the waiting room.  I think you have to be bleeding from the head for them to take you quickly.

Daddy, lets escape.  Please!  What hour are we on?  I feel like I'm trapped in 24.

Shortly after this pic was taking (several hours later) a doctor finally saw me, and I finally took some liquid.  Boy that liquid tasted good!  The doc said I had some kind of bad bad stomach virus.  Lovely.

Later in the week ... I'm on like Day 1,000 of not really eating well.  But look!  Look at me!  I ate one puff.

I have good news to report though.  Finally ... now on Sunday, I'm eating *almost* (but not quite) normal again after the ER visit.  I need to bulk up for the holidays!

How was your week?  When was the last time you went to the ER?

-Mad Max

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