Happy "I Heart You" Week

Hi Friends,

Happy Valentine's Week!  Okay ... Valentine's is just a Day, but still.  Why not celebrate love all week?

Sorry that we've been a bit MIA lately ... first, our Weekly Updates with Sadie must have been messed up somehow - did we use the wrong photos?  Miss a week of photos?  Anyways, we will be back strong on Friday since we took photos on Sunday.

Also how was your weekend?  Mommy had a big test to take on Saturday morning so last week her week was thrown off do to either preparation or just worrying about preparation.  And what else did we do this weekend?  It was a full one at that.  We (mostly Daddy with the help of Mimi and Grampi) prepared the house to go on the market on Monday (we'll be moving to some temp digs while we wait for our new Super House to be built - more on that soon).

Mommy took me and Sissy to Whole Foods on Saturday to pick up some Happy Birthday treats for Ya Ya and some Valentine's Day treats.  Saturday we celebrated Ya Ya's birthday (Happy Birthday Ya Ya on Monday!  We lo-ve you!) by going to a German restaurant (great food and music) and of course eating chocolate cake.

On Sunday we had our family time at church and our Sunday morning Whole Foods visit.  We also went to the Children's Museum with Mommy, and met Mommy's friend A and her baby A there.  The most drama of the weekend?  The hand rail to a slide at the Children's Museum jumped out and hit my face!  No joke.  Mommy said I looked like the Walking Dead.  Blood was EVERYWHERE!  All over my face.  All over my hands.  Don't worry - I calmed down Mommy, cleaned up, and got right back on the slide.

I had my FIRST sleepover at Mimi and Grampi's on Sunday evening because they painted my room and it "stink."  But before I left Mommy realized I had a bad fever - eep.  Fast forward to my Monday doctor visit ... and I have a slight ear infection and viral infection.

Enjoy a few images below from the weekend (Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J).  Mommy said she needed more light for the images, but we will try again next weekend!  She said it was hard also with an active toddler (who me?).

And don't you love our Valentine's Day shirts?  They are by the talented KLZART on etsy!

And speaking of LO - VE ... are you buying flowers this Valentine's Day?  (Hint Hint, Daddy!) ... if so, you should consider buying them at our favorite market, Whole Foods Market.  Why, you ask?  More from Whole Foods Market:

Red roses on Valentine's Day send a classic message – eternal love.  However, last Valentine’s Day, 29 percent of shoppers chose to purchase other hues, too*.  Why?  There are many typesof love to celebrate – puppy love, friendship, family love, self love – and every rose color sends a special message, so choose wisely! 

From Max: Mommy loves red, but what a great idea to go with a non-typical color too!

Not sure which color to pick?  Here are just a few Whole Trade® shades to consider:

· Red – romantic love

· Yellow – friendship or congratulations

· White – “I miss you” (also truth and purity)

· Peach – “Thank you”

· Purple – love at first sight

· Yellow with red tips – friendship turning into love

When you show your mom, sister, coworker or sweetheart you care with bright, beautiful Whole Trade® roses from Whole Foods Market, you’ll be showing growers, farm workers and the environment you care, too.  That’s because our Whole Trade program guarantees:

· Fair prices to producers

· Safe and healthy working conditions for farm workers

· Environmentally-friendly growing practices

· High quality products

· A one percent donation of each purchase to Whole Planet Foundation for poverty relief

Image: Whole Foods Market

Image: Whole Foods Market
Mad Max

PS: Be sure to also find us on Mad About Town.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

You have been busy! Those valentines pictures are adorable. Sadie is getting so big!

likeschocolate said...

Your babies are adorable. Love the matching t-shirts.

Mad Max and Family said...

Thank you!

Yes, too busy...too busy in fact that I didn't have as many blogs this week. And I've also been falling asleep somewhat accidently from exhaustion at 9 pmish and accomplishing nothing!

Yes, thanks - the shirts were a great find on etsy!


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