fun friday: Sadie's Week 14 Update

Hi Friends,

How was your week?

Sadie here ... I know what you are thinking.  How the ... did I become 14 Weeks?  And how the ... did I get so big?

Well, first time passes.  And second, Mommy's milk.  Hello people!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Sadie's Week 14 Update

Weight:  No clue.  How would I know that?  Mommy doesn't own a scale.  13 lbs?  14 lbs?  What is your guess?  But look at me!  This was the first week I am really overtaking my Pottery Barn Kids blanket area (more on that soon).  I'm huge!

Complete side note ... Mommy needs to work on taking some smiling photos of me.  She use to take my weekly photos on Monday ... on my (ding ding ding) weekly birthday.  But now that we are gone out of the house on average from 6:30 am until sometimes 5:30 or 6:30 pm she can't get any natural light to take photos!  She just takes them when she can on Sundays.

Height: 24 inches maybe?  Daddy said it doesn't really matter until I'm tall enough to ride a roller coaster with him.

Health:  Another side note, I can't remember if I told you, but I have a Southern accent (Max has a British accent).  So when you are reading this ... just remember to use a Southern accent.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Health... no real complaints except I've had a long on-going diaper rash (probably my worst one yet)?  Although it doesn't seem to bother me much.  The big people keep putting cream on me though.

Sleep: About the same as last week.  I'm doing better in the evenings, and I sleep from about 8 pm until about 3 or 4 or 5 am.  I sleep in my bassinet the whole time until I wake up.  Then Mommy sometimes likes to sleep with me.

Sleep at the Grandparents this week has been a huge struggle.  Hello, take me home! ... but there was a breakthrough on Thursday, and I seem to be doing better with getting swaddled.  I also like that Mommy took my Lambie seat to the Grandparents.  Do you have any advice for how I can take better naps at their house?  Short of shipping me off to a spa (which does sound nice)?

Thanks for putting up with me Ya Ya and Mimi!  My cuteness is worth it?

Diet: Mommy's Milk

Social: Last weekend if you remember correctly I spent some time with Mommy's friend M.  We went to the Mom Expo and lunch in The Woodlands.  On Sunday, I had my first trip (besides Houston Zoo Lights) to the Houston Zoo.

Clothes: 3 Months and 3 - 6 Months.  Mommy started packing away my Newborn clothes.  Tear, she said!  Mimi got the outfit I am wearing in these photos on our trip to Disney World last year.

Baby Gear: Thursday my Lambie seat (Fisher Price Little Infant Lamb Seat) was a life saver at Ya Ya's house.  It really brings me comfort!  What are your baby's comfort items lately?

I also love grabbing things more and more - so I like Mommy's Chewbeads!  We will have to take some photos.

Crying: I'm not really crying at any usual times at home.  I've cried a lot at the Grandparents, but things seem to be getting better towards the end of the week.

Likes: I like watching brother!  I like being with my Mommy A LOT.  I like kick kick kicking now.  I have strong legs.  Don't let these rolls deceive you.  I like scooting on the floor.  Just wait, I'll be rolling over soon (and running with Big Bro Max).

Postpartum: From Mommy - About the same as my last update.  Doing well so far with getting to the gym a handful of times a week.  But pretty much running on fumes - which has more to do with my life as it is currently than it has to do with postpartum.

Milestones: The biggest one this week was really using some leg strength.  I like to kick a lot when getting changed now.  I also can scoot myself on the floor by kicking.  I keep trying to roll over, but I haven't managed it yet.

What is Max Up To This Week?:

The real question is what is he NOT up to ... that boy has kept busy.  Mommy said he is growing like a weed (up and not out).  He also said a few sentences this week, but Mommy and I aren't remembering them (drink more java, Mommy), but Ya Ya wrote them down.

He also likes counting the steps as he goes up them at home.  Granted, not necessarily in the right order, but you'll get there bro!

And how was your week?  And if you have a little one ... how are they doing?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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Krystal said...

cute that she can scoot by kicking!! she is so adorable :) my wesley is a tank at 20 lbs and 4 months old today. love his little rolls though :)

Mad Max and Family said...

20 lbs and 4 months! That's crazy. I love chunky babies though. So cute!


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