Houston Rockets #1 Fetus Fan!

I'm a little late with my blog posting.  Mommy's been busy "working" all week (on the computer!) ... not to mention everything else going on in my fetus life like adding on more pounds!  How much do they want me to weigh at birth??  I have to find my way out of a small space!

Also Mommy has been an even worse complainer this week.  "I can hardly walk!  The pain!  The pressure!"... walk, I say!  At least you can stretch out your legs!  I don't think she realizes what I am going through.

But ... I still love Mom and Dad more than anything.  We went to the Rockets Home Opener on 10-30-10!

Look at me with Clutch Bear!!!  Wow, does my house look strikingly similar to Clutch Bear's Belly?  Thanks Mom for the awesome comfy house.

Here I am with Yao.  I may be born at 19 inches.  Watch out, Yao.

Mommy LOVES Clutch Bear.  She said she's going to sign me up for Clutch Bear's Kids Club.  Will you accept a Super Fetus, Clutch?

Beatles Clutch!  They put on a great show.  Takes me back to the 60's.

I saved the best pics for last!  Look what Daddy bought me!  I may just come out of the womb wearing my new Rockets outfits.  I love you, Daddy.

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Tamra said...

AWESOME ROCKETS OUTFIT!! Mad Max you may be the smallest by size fan, but obviously the biggest by spirit!!! Can't wait to see Mommy pull you out, like Kourt Kardashian!

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