2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip: OKC Bound

The Oklahoma City Thunder single game tickets finally went on sale today!  My Hero Daddy bought our game tickets for our 2nd Annual Rockets Road Game Trip for March.

You may remember our goal to see the Houston Rockets in a new city each year!  You may remember my first trip last year to San Antonio versus the Spurs.  Even though I (my house) was on TV, it wasn't as exciting for me.  Mommy's shirt usually got in the way of seeing the sights.

Wow, my house makes your head look small, Mommy.

The Thunder are Daddy's 2nd favorite team.  They are number 1 in the NBA ... more importantly, I am the Rocket's number 1 fan as you already know.

You can look back through all of my posts tagged with the Rockets!

Remember when I won Clutch's contest?  Wow, too bad I didn't win the ability to hold up my head and work out my chin!

So Mommy and I need to think more about preparing for the trip ... at least she already got me some Rockets surprises the other night at their shop ...

What else should I wear?  Pants optional?

But Train Wreck Mommy already started thinking about making sure I traveled in style ... What do you think about this (loved by celebs) Super Baby Suitcase by Beatrix NY?

My first question is .. will it fit my Scotch, NY Times, peanut butter, and pampies?  Really, that is all I need.

When is your next trip?  Where are you headed to?  How do you travel in style?

-Mad Max

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