Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Downtown Days

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How was your Monday?  Ours was great!  First day of summer.  Train Wreck Mommy managed to run us both into the ground aka a nap.

Also like the typical start of summer ... I did a street arrest with a local HPD Officer and his police horse, Astro (among other things today).  Oh, and Mommy and I hung out with Homeland Security this morning.  All in a days work, I tell yah!

Read more about our adventure at our Chron blog today: Mad About Town.  Also don't miss our Downtown Days tips for Tots and Wee Ones!

I'll leave you with a photo from today ...

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara Johnson
Wondering what I am thinking?  Yah, me too.  Hah!  Read more about this photo at our Chron Blog: Mad About Town.

-Mad Max


Stephanie said...

That picture is TOO CUTE! What a sweetheart!

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks Stephanie! He sure is ... Thanks for stopping by!

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